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You only pineapple once 🍍🍍 #yopo #pineapplelover #healthyclothes

Muchas Gracias a @babynoomie por este outfit , ropa 100% Algodon pima De Peru , la mejor marca especializada en ropa De Algodon para bebes #actitudeviernes #babycool #grandetalle ... Es viernes y @babypaulorl y @babynoomie lo SABEN !! #healthyclothes

Do you know the differences between organic and conventional cottons? Here's some info showing you the benefits of choosing organic!😊🙌🏼💚 #knowthedifference #organiccotton #organiccottonclothing #respectmothernature #loveourplanet #gogreen💚 #healthyclothes #supportethicalmanufacturing #om_artwearz

When your love of banana gets serious...
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#breastcancer testimonial

Thank you to one of the partners for sharing!

In 2015, I discovered I had Breast Cancer. I didn't dare to see a doctor as the economy wasn't good and I didn't tell my family as I didn't want them to worry, In February 2016, I had 4th stage Breast Cancer. The doctor told me to go for chemotherapy. However, due to religious beliefs, Master told me not go for chemotherapy and I didn't do so.
Because I couldn't do chemotherapy, the doctor didn't schedule any follow-ups. So I tried making my own chinese medicine concoctions. That time, I knew that #negativeion products could help me because my sister gave me a bra 1 year ago and I felt that it helped but it was too expensive to purchase. Before using #negativeionproducts, my left breast had sunken in and there was a hard lump. Every night, I didn't sleep well because of the pain. That kind of pain is indescribable. As I have a 2-year old daughter to look after, I wanted to make sure that I live on.
Thank you to my sister's persistence and family for giving me a sum of money to invest. I changed the #negativeionclothes regularly, changing and washing it every 3 to 4 hours. The 1st night, I felt less pain. The 2nd night, I started to sleep well. On the 3rd day, the hard lump in my breast started to soften and shrink in size. My whole body started perspiring a lot, especially my left hand. Both my legs and my head had a lot of perspiration, similar to a lymphatic detox. On the 4th day, I saw that my left wrist was meatier. Previously it was skinny. Now, it has been more than 1 month and everyday I see different good reactions. I kept wearing it diligently. My friends say that my complexion is getting better and I feel that I am more energetic, have a smaller tummy and feel more relaxed.

I am thankful for the chance to use #negativeionclothes.

For more information, please click the link in our bio or visit http://bit.ly/negativeionclothes

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Testimonial for #Thyroid #tumour (Thank you to our Hong Kong partner for sharing your testimonial and photos)
__________________________ 🌹 I am thankful for my friend's trust in me.

Within 1 month of using high density #negativeion products, her thyroid tumour shrank significantly. Her last operation was 20 years ago but it relapsed (Figure 1 - photo before), resulting in discomfort for her, day and night. It also affected her appetite.

Thankfully, she encountered #negativeions. Her mood started to improve and she also had more confidence and hope in life, without feeling like she is a ticking time bomb, which could be detonated anytime. Hualing did not expect that over 2 years (Figure 2 - taken today), her tumour has been controlled without any other interventions.

Her simple trust resulted in a miracle.

For more information, please visit http://bit.ly/negativeionclothes

来自香港伙伴的甲状腺肿瘤分享~ 🌹感恩多年的闺蜜因为对我的信任 。

她的甲状腺肿瘤在这一个月内通大量全套使用产品,肿瘤缩细好多,上次做手术已经20年了,今次复发(图1⃣之前照的),日日寝食难安,有幸遇上负离子,改变她的心情,越用越有信心,越用越觉得人生有了重生希望,不像以前总觉得有个计时炸弹随时引爆,华玲自己预计两年时间才有这样的效果(图2⃣️今天照的),想不到这么快,惊叹不已🤗😘🌹🎉 相信就有奇迹!!! 欲知更多详情,请浏览 http://bit.ly/negativeionclothes

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Stella is so funny 😂☀
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So happy to read about how Felicia got a new lease of life with the help of #negativeionclothes and is now #cancerfree

Felicia is from Jakarta, Indonesia. She was diagnosed with brain cancer when she was 6 years old. From Sep 2011 to August 2012, she went through 8 chemotherapy sessions. Her condition was not good after undergoing chemotherapy. Her weight was 15.4kg and she was all skin and bones. She was also pale and weak, with no appetite to eat. Her red blood cells reading, magnesium and other readings were abnormal. The doctors weren't able to help.
In November 2012, Felicia started to wear high density #negativeionclothes. Her mum could see the difference on her lips (now red) and her appetite is better. Felicia is no longer weak and she is able to run around.

In Mar 2013 Felicia went for an MRI and CT scan. The doctor declared that she was clear of cancer. Her weight has since improved to 19.6kg.

For more information, please visit http://bit.ly/negativeionclothes

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Las rebajas más naturales en todo lo que el bebé o tú podéis necesitar.Apuesta por productos sin tóxicos. #pelelestyle #ropasana #healthyclothesforbabies #healthyclothes #mamanatural #cosmeticosbebe #sintoxicos #bebésano

Welcome July! 🙌✨🌿 Bien, bien, bieeenvenido Julio.
Bralette disponible en negro, marfil y carne. 🌸

Testimony for #connectivetissuedisease, #APS (Anti-phospholipid Antibody) and #lupus by Hao Yue:

My wife, Xin Ru, fell sick after giving birth to our first born. For 8 years, she had to take steroids to control her medical condition. It got so bad that she had to take 30 steroids a day, causing severe side effects. She couldn't exercise in the sun and her life got very inconvenient. The side effects ranged from Vasculitis, anasarca, osteoporosis, severe hair fall, dryness and a rise in her blood sugar levels. The doctor said there was no way to treat the root of the problem.

After knowing Ya Lin, I invested approximately $20,000 in #negativeionclothes. Our initial thought was that it would be good if we could stabilise her condition and take less medication. The miraculous thing was after my wife wore #negativeionclothes in large quantities for 1.5 years, she didn't have to take anymore medication! It's been 2 years that she has been drug-free, and her readings each month are in the normal range.

For more information, please visit www.negativeionclothes.com

病症: 未分類結締組織(類似 SLE), APS 抗磷脂質症候群,SLE紅斑性狼瘡。


我老婆倖如從生完第一胎之後發病, 8年以來都每天都要吃類固醇來控制病情。後期更是嚴重到每天30顆的頪固醇 導致許多嚴重的副作用產生。不能在大太陽下活動,生活上極度的不方便 副作用:血管炎,全身浮腫,骨質疏鬆症,嚴重掉髮,乾燥,血糖升高。醫生說不會根治。


欲知更多详情,请浏览 www.negativeionclothes.com

We are proud to say that all of our clothes have the strictest certification within the textile industry, namely the GOTS certification. Which means that we produce organic, chemical-free and the most pure, natural and social responsible clothes possible.
Do you know the GOTS certification? And if so, are you aware of just how comprehensive it is?

Right now you can watch a short explanatory video on our Facebook page. Link in bio.

Have a great & green weekend everyone 💚

Shu Min's daughter recovered from facial #scars from a car accident with the help of #negativeions

Sharing by Connie Chan on her Facebook account:
The lady in the photo is our partner, Shu Min's daughter!
She was involved in a car accident previously and was seriously disfigured as her face was facing downwards during the accident. Her mum piled on the #negativeion blanket, hat, underwear before sending her to the hospital. Even the doctor was amazed at her daughter's speedy recovery!
On the 10th day, most of the redness and swelling had subsided. Originally, the doctor predicted that she would need 3 months before being able to resume work. However, with the use of #negativeionclothes, she only took 1 month plus to recuperate before going back to work!
The best part is, right now, there are no traces of the scars from the car accident on her face anymore!
For more information, please visit http://bit.ly/negativeionclothes

轉Connie Chan臉書分享


欲知更多详情,请浏览 http://bit.ly/negativeionclothes

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Verano 〰 verano 💫 verano 💦 !! Keep fresh with linen clothes. ✴ Manténte fresca con ropa de lino.

Amor textil ♥ "Los hilos y tramas se mezclan para contar nuestra historia. // Threads weave to tell our story."
Vía. @etniamx

We are stars, wrapped in skin. The light you are looking for has always been within. ✨✴.
Somos estrellas envueltas en piel. La luz que estás buscando siempre ha estado ahí. ✨✴

Nahuales 🐺🌀 Fresh clothes ✴ Ropita fresca.

Yoga enhances the beauty and suppleness to add the charm and elegance in every movement.
#Suavecouture #InternationalYogaDay #Healthyclothes #Indianfashion #Indainwear #Healthday #Ethnicwear #Glamour #Luxury

Tuesday in bloom 🌸🌼🌺🌵✨

Everything a happy moment needs 🎸✨ Long pants and jumpers ✌✴ .
Pantalones anchos y jumpers 🙌 ¡Arriba la comodidad!

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