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Need new ideas in the gym? Two FULL workouts are in my latest video with @fearstofit including all exercises from our chest + arms lift as well as exercises from our leg day. In this video: Barbell stiff leg deadlifts, glute machine kickbacks, single leg stiff leg deadlift on the reverse hack squat machine. We ran through a full bikini posing routine as well and she’s looking so bomb! We’ll be coming out with some more videos together soon // YouTube: Samantha Paparo // Kendall's YouTube: Fearstofit #fitgirlfriends #teamunico

Sunday-Shape ✔️🌟🙌🏻 Don't use the weekend as an excuse to give up your goals 😘 #fitnessaddict #abs wünsch euch noch einen entspannten Abend und einen schönen Start in die neue Woche! ❤️ #makethebestofit

Spider-Man is real 🕷
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How do you eat your Avo??
It's #AvoMonday 🥑 and the sun is shining ☀️ so the lovely Kerstin from @curlew_and_dragonfly got my attention with these Avo Lime Popsicle beauties, and is the next feature in #JosTeaParty141k 💚 Kerstin made two gorgeous Chai bowls for her @kintrafoods inspired entry. I've been in awe of her photography for a while now and can easily recognise her photos as soon as they pop into my feed. So make sure you head over and let the drooling begin 💚 So much delicious food to admire and try. Plus she's so lovely as well 💕

Check this out. Real life Spiderman.
#bossgainz #fit #train #exercise #strength

Seriously crushing on chia jars from @anettvelsberg 😍 how pretty are they!!👏🏻💕

For what it's worth, it's never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you're proud of, and if you find that you're not, I hope you have the strength to start over. -Fitzgerald. I was never satisfied with myself until I really started to take control and learn to be happy within. I'm also a huge literature nerd behind all of my fitness posts 🤓

Almost Crop Top Szn. 😂


A por el lunes! 💪💪

Here goes nothing! I have been putting off posting this because it terrifies me, letting everyone see my weight gain, I realized though that this is actually my progress and I should be proud of it. This isn't even my worst before pictures, I couldn't take them when I was at 240lbs. I feel much better that I've put my Heath first now, eating properly (and not just a crash diet) and I cut my smoking way back (about 2 cigs a week) and trying to exercise more. I have to say though it is tough to get into that lifestyle so I know it will be a slow and steady process. So the big reason I'm posting this is to hold myself accountable, to myself and everyone who sees me progress pictures. Also I am lucky I do have fantastic friends who will support me through this endeavour!

#mealprep für die Arbeit 😋. Heute gibt es Soja Joghurt mit Vanille Protein, Amaranth und ganz viel Obst dazwischen geschichtet. Bisschen Kokosblütensirup drüber und los geht's 😍🍓. #vegan #breakfast #breakfastonthego #healthyfood #healthychoices #healthylifestyle #whatveganseat #veganmealprep #protein #veganprotein #fresh #fruit #breakfastinajar #fitfam #startyourdayright #restday

Healthy & Super Delish Food! Our 1st day of healthy lunch package for "Lily" batch : Dory Karaage; Carrots and Tempeh Stirfry with Oyster Sauce; with Carnation Mashed Potato 💗 Don't miss out our pre-order for the next batch 💗
For pricelist, terms, & conditions :
📱 0856 95601572 / 0858 90072918
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Stay tune to hear more from us! 😊 #anakjajan #healthyfood #healthy #healthyliving #healthychoices #jktfoodbang #cateringsehat #jualmakanan #cateringjakarta #cateringjkt #jualmakansehat

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