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Eat the rainbow 🌈 With mini rice pandas!! 🐼🐼 Oh my gosh this is too funny, Remy @veggiekins made these little bundles of joy and is my inspiration Friday😂🙌 Seriously though have you seen the YouTube videos of baby pandas playing together, the best thing ever😂 One of my favorite animals!🐼
Cheers to the weekend✌️
#bento #sushi #energy
#panda #foodstyling

The recipe for this ombre chiapudding parfait is on the 👉blog now and this time it's in English AND German as well 😆. Head over to grab it (link in profile)! And I would love if you'd leave a comment on my blog because I am thinking about translating my entire website into english but it's only worth the effort if you are really interested in getting my recipes 😅. Or maybe you are happy with just staring at my pics 👀. This chiapudding may be served in a jar or a bowl, you may layer or just mix it. Swipe to see the 2 other pics of the same recipe. This jar btw is obviously inspired by sweet Mon @singh.monisha. Have a lovely evening 😚! 👀😅👀😅👀😅👀😅👀😅👀😅👀😅👀😅👀😅👀 Das Rezept für diesen Ombre Chiapudding ist jetzt endlich auf meinem Blog!! Wenn ihr dem Link in meinem Profil folgt, kommt ihr erstmal zur englischen Version, aber gleich im ersten Satz gibt es eine Verlinkung zum deutschen Rezept. Ihr könnt dieses Chia Parfait entweder im Glas schichten oder locker vermischen, wie auf den anderen beiden Bildern. Ihr könnt natürlich auch gern einen Kommentar auf meinem Blog hinterlassen! Ich wünsch euch was (einen schönen Abend zum Beispiel 😅) 😘😘

Hy everybody 🙋 Looking forward to the first weekend off since a month, so it's gonna be meeting friends, spending lots of time with my partner and eating snacks all day 😄 Like this plate of delicious fruits I recently had. Isn't it amazing that nature provides us with such beautiful snacks 😊?
I will most likely enjoy a weekend offline, so enjoy yours too and see you on Monday 🙋.
#vegandy #eattherainbow #fruits #berries

💖Rosewater Strawberry Smoothie Bowls. Refreshing recipe link in profile!
💖We need a relaxing rosewater smoothie after yesterday's events - friends Taline @talinegabriel and Edgar @edgarraw IG accounts were hacked. Thankfully Taline has since gained entrance to her account, while we are still waiting for @instagram to help restore Edgar's account.
💥It is jarring to encounter evil on this platform, but warming to see the huge community response rush to help - no apathetic bystanders in this community! 👍

Anyone else love a random mixture of fridge leftovers? Tonight I got in and threw together a tasty combo of sumac spiced roasted aubergine, trout, roasted broccoli, avocado, and some whole grain rice with pomegranate seeds!
Tonight I'm having a chilled night in with me, myself and I before a busy but seriously exciting two days at @befitlondon_ 🙌🏻 if you're going to be there, please say hi and try not to miss me 😂 (I'm fairly small)! Happy Friday everyone ❤️ #Dinner #EatWellEveryday #EverydayFitness

Started my morning with <just half of> this thickkkkk toast and it totally hit the spot 🙌🏼Fueled and ready for a good early AM sweat sesh at @soulcycle 💦 and then home to hang with the 👶🏻. Eats: two slices paleo bread from @knowfoods topped with @eatnuttzo organic seven nut + seed butter, melon, strawberries, and cacao nibs from @navitasorganics. That's all folks! TGIF!!!!! 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓

🌱☀️🍓 Nothing more needed!
Maby a cookie 😏🍪

Happy FRIYAY!!!! 🤗 On a super early train this morning to work an event, & all I am dreaming about is this brunch from when I was visiting California last month ☀️ This was an egg/veggie/quinoa bowl, a turkey panini, & an iced matcha latte 😍💚 It's going to be sunny & in the 70's today!!! I just might have to get an iced matcha later 😜 I can't wait to get back & hang out outside!! Anyone have fun plans for this bootiful weekend?!? 🤘🏻 #alaynaflan


29.04.2017 วันเสาร์สีม่วงงง เสิร์ฟมันจูเผือก เอ๊ะไหนแป้งน้อออ มีเผือกเป็นชิ้นๆให้เคี้ยว หวานน้อยมากกก 💜💜
NF ~50-55 kcal/piece

Our Grim Reaper burger is served on a black sesame brioche bun with a homemade beef patty, cheese, double bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, aioli and topped off with some Carolina Reaper hot sauce. The perfect hangover cure - come and claim yours if you're feeling like death this morning. 📷: @rainbow_foodie

Good morning, Good Grain! Energy before yoga 😘
#breakfast #healthybreakfast #healthyfood #enjoyinglife #lifeisaboutanoption #weekend

Today I ate:
@burgerking Nuggets for breakfast. #healthybreakfast #healthyeating #healthy

Morning...Happy Weekend guys.....Dont forget take your #breakfast before do any task or work....Enjoy your time with good time and avoid negative attitude or habit...
#morning #weekend #leisure #lifestyle #positive #attitude #time #healthybreakfast #healthylifestyle #foodlover

Spesial menuju pelanggan di Crown Golf, BGM, Lotus Palace PIK, Greenbay, Golf Lake, Green Court, Cemgkareng, Puri Indah, Tomang, Tn Abang, Pejompongan, Jelambar.
#telurkampungmerah #telurkampung #telurmerah #telursetengahmatang #kopitiam #sarapansehat #healthybreakfast #breakfast #kedaikopi

Let us help you avoid this from happening to you. Get your spine checked! Happy Friday!

Yummy weekend brekkie prepared by hubby. Omelette baked beans and toast #goodmorning #weekend #healthybreakfast #sunshine #startthedayright

"'Because if you start the day with a nutritious breakfast, you're giving it you're best shot!" Yeah you're right but sorry Kellogg's and Andrew Gaze, no bowls of cereal here this morning, I'm stealing the words from your ads for my massive weekend fry up! Yeah baby!!! 🍳🥓🥑

There's just something about sweet potatoes, black beans and avocado. They just taste better together. All three are heavy foods, so I try not to have this too often but when I need a really filling, powerful meal I throw this threesome on top of a little brown rice and spinach, sauté some veggies and squeeze some lime. It's literally the best. For anyone that doesn't cook and wants to start, here's a tip: learn how to sauté, learn how to roast and learn how to make rice (or get a rice cooker). Those three methods alone will get you VERY far in the kitchen, and could possibly change your health and life. 👩🏻‍🍳👨🏽‍🍳

Happy Saturday morning! .
Enjoy the weekend. We are taking a little time as a family, it's so needed!
Image @linasber #chiapudding #healthybreakfast

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