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I got a custom brace (not pictured lol) for my messed up wrist and for some reason I was super excited for it to come in. Clearly I get excited very easily 😂

Sunday funday getting my glam on @thecollab_sa yesterday. Such lovely ladies! 💕 @makeupbyfacefactory @glamhairdontcare

You may of noticed that I did the @ragnarrelayuk this weekend with an incredible bunch of runners on behalf of @runnersneed and @2xueurope and somewhere amongst the 176 mile race I managed to pop a drone up in the air and film this little vid.
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#RagnarRelay #RagnarWhiteCliffs #RagnarUK

I love a good stretch! Pre-workout warm up. I'm much kinder to my body these days. I've put it through a lot over the years! We could all do with being kinder to ourselves #healthybodyhealthymind ❤️❤️

#Repost from @chrisduncanfitness by @multisave_app
♿️One of favorite lower body exercise. I absolutely wrecked myself with these once I was done filming. If they aren’t currently in your routine, get them in there!
The clips marked with an "❌" are the incorrect examples I see most often & there are several things wrong with them. It may seem slightly exaggerated to some, but this is what I see on a daily basis.
1️⃣Shoulders and spine rounding forward. This is actually quite easy to do whenever you’re holding weight in front. I would advise filming yourself from the side to make sure you aren’t
2️⃣Partial range of motion – probably because the weight is too heavy or you don’t have adequate mobility for the exercise.
3️⃣Performing the exercise too fast with no control.
The video marked with a ✅ is how I perform the exercise & how I teach it to clients.
1️⃣Stand 4-5 inches in front of a bench with your feet shoulder width apart from each other. The body should be facing forwards away from the bench (A good way to measure this is by take 3 paces)
2️⃣Lift the dumbbells and hold them by our side with a neutral grip.
3️⃣One foot should be moved backwards so that it  rests on the bench, whilst the other foot is positioned in front.
4️⃣Stick your chest up, pull your shoulder blades back and down and ensure your spine is not rounded forward.
5️⃣Gradually lower the leg until it is low enough to feel a contraction. Ensure that the knee doesn’t hit the floor and the knee should be over your toes.
6️⃣I like to pause at the bottom for 1-2 seconds and focus all my energy into exploding through the front foot.
7️⃣As you exhale your breath, lift your leg back to the starting position.
8️⃣Once performed for desired number of reps, return to the starting position and perform with the opposing leg.
💎BONUS TIP: Having a random man vaccuming in the background has been shown to improve coordination, focus and can even produce more muscle gains. Try it out.
🙋‍♂️COMMENT below if you have a video request or suggestion.

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{ M E D I T A T E } It's been a little while but I have a new blog post up on what meditation is and the benefits of it. Did you know meditation is an integral part of the 8 limbs of yoga? Plus - it can make you happier, and it literally changes your brain. 💪 Find out more through the link on my insta homepage - in my bio. 🕉
{Traveller print leggings by @yogacycled_wear - I love the high waist and how soft they are! Best of all they're made of recycled plastic bottles. Use code 'Kirstie10' for 10% off}

Some people's faces when I start talking about macros 🙄 😂 I get it. It can be overwhelming and may not seem worth the time or energy (and that's FINE, really! Just keep scrolling) •But to those who are interested in dialing in on certain goals, it is an invaluable tool 👊🏼 Talking about some common misconceptions on the blog today! *link in bio* Let me know if you have any more questions 🤷🏼‍♀️
---------------------------------------------------1️⃣Tracking macros is only for people interested in losing weight ❌
2️⃣Online calculators are accurate and effective 🚫
3️⃣Tracking is complicated and restricting (yeah, I hate eating whatever I want. It's the worst 😉)
4️⃣ Counting calories is just as effective as counting macros ❌


Pace and stamina are definitely improving. New route today which was fun, note to self though; in a head on between a bike and a tractor the tractor is likely to win! Thank heaven for soft verges or that could have hurt a lot more! .
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Life is meant to be lived. Healthy living is the best way to live life. A healthy individual feels more in control of their life and obtain more enjoyment from the activities they participate in.

5 double stroller miles 🏃‍♀️ to free up tomorrow I decided to get my run in today, despite it meaning running with an extra 50+lbs 😓 the littlest napped {he has a cold} & the middle one cheered me on "go faster mommy. Why you slowing down?" 😒
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Who loves Pesto?🌱 I know I do, and my hubby even more 😁 On the blog, there is a delicious recipe for my Homemade & Easy Walnut Basil Pesto you don't want to miss! 💁

Also, I am feeling great about my workout & my nutrition plan 🙌 A mix of Weight Training & Socafit is just what I needed, and following @paosfitworld Macros is the best thing I could be doing for my body 💕

Now I can't wait to see results 🙊

Fact or fiction? One hour of Pilates can give you a whole week of peace of mind. Find out for yourself tonight at 7 p.m. at The Yard with @Pilathon and their fan-favorite Mat Pilates session. Register for class via the events link in our bio. (PS: It's a fact). #wynwoodyard #pilates #miamifitness

Going Vegan for October! 🙌🏿😯😎🤔👍🏿
Some of you are aware that I switched to a strict vegan diet whilst detoxing off Zomorph 🙄 Did you know about the Take the Great Vegan Challenge 2017 🙌🏿😁 http://www.govegan.org.uk/register/
So in an attempt, I’m eating all my meat/fish/dairy products. Better than to waste... 🤔🙄😶
Today’s salad consists of Wild Rocket salad 🥗 Vine tomatoes 🍅 Cucumber 🥒 Red Onions ~ Sweet Peppers 🌶 Sultanas ~ Cashew 🥜 Goats Cheese🐐 🧀 Drizzle of Balsamic Vinegar 😋
#CRPSCKS #Fuel #Study #CRPSAwareness #in #ComplexRegionalPainSyndrome #Natural #Vegan #Studying #ChronicPain @CRPSCKS #Awareness #Challenge #October #HealthyBodyHealthyMind #FoodIsMedicine #BecauseIAmGoodLikeThat

I mean….it is technically pumpkin season right🎃?!
Even if the weather down here in Tampa seems like it’s the middle of summer ☀️, we’re still diving head first into the fall state of mind🍁🍂! Pumpkin everything please💁🏼🙌🏼!!
What better way to start your busy day than with a couple of our mini pumpkin bread loafs😍?!
Click the link in our bio to purchase directly!

On the left: I was depressed, I drank daily and was completely lost. On the right: I love myself, I am at peace with the past and am excited for the future. Oh how much can change in a few years. Start with your own truth, be blunt with yourself and make a change for the better. Happiness is what you make of it.💯

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😲Check out Susannah and David's 16 week nutritional cleansing results!! 😃I think its awesome that a couple can use each other to stay accountable and committed to kicking some health goals, it doesn't happen very often as there is usually one thats a skeptic to begin with! David says that he has NEVER looked like this before, and realises that anything is possible for them both with the right nutrition and commitment. Its never too late to start.... Epic stuff!! 👫💪#kickingass #kickinggoals #transformationtuesday #tuesday #transformation #nutrition #mindset #healthybodyhealthymind #research #socialproof #peerreview #fit #fitfam #intermittentfasting #fasting #fatloss #weightloss #energy #performance #healthyageing #husbandandwife

Bom dia meu povo!🙆
Hoje eu acordei cedo e já rolou treininho de costas, tríceps, abs e #35tododia de cardio.
Café da manhã saindo mais tarde hoje, era para ser tapioca, mas acabou e esqueci de comprar, assim que vou de aipim (40gr) cozido e depois grelhado na sanduicheira com um pouco de manteiga de coco, ovos mexidos com orégano (1ovo inteiro, 2 claras ),kombucha ( bebi antes ) e black coffee ☕
Um bom dia abençoado para todos nós!
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Wellness from the inside out. #EverydayHerbal 📸 @blytheivory

The only thing you have to give up are the excuses you make which hold you back! Your efforts determine your results, so work for what you want! 💣💕 .

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Thank God for quick workouts when you have short nap dude! #sahm #healthybodyhealthymind #40isthenew30 #gethealthy #behappier #gethealthier

9.26.17 Mkay, until I can figure out how to mute the sound ON the editing app I use and then record my voice, we're pressing pause on my commentary. Sad, I know. 😉
Leg circuit with the leg press:
1️⃣ 8-12 reps with heavy weight on the leg press
2️⃣ 20 kettle bell/plate swings
3️⃣ 10 elevated Glute bridges + 10 froggy style Glute bridges 🐸
▶️▶️ repeat 3-5 times without rests. 👊🏻🍑👊🏻🍑 #bodybywhitney #legworkout #gluteworkout #hiitbywhit

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