We're back TONIGHT at St Paul's Church Hall, Harmans Water, Bracknell
HIIT for beginners 7 pm (25 minutes). Pay as you go £3.
Fitness Pilates 5 week course starts tonight 7.30 pm - 8 pm.
5 week course £30 (places limited)
or pay for 5 weeks of HIIT & Fitness Pilates for only £40 (saving £5)
Hope to see you all tonight. To book comment below or DM me
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Where ever you are in your journey remember the most important thing is that you have started & that you are still fighting the negative voice in your head and moving forward! You have totally got this you AMAZING WARRIOR!!!!! Keep fighting the fight! ❤✨

The winner of our @dietnowuk competition is...@brummiemummie! Congratulations Maria, you are the lucky winner of this tasty bundle! Please e-mail us at info@thrivo.co.uk with your contact details and we'll send your fantastic prize your way!
Thank you to everyone who entered and have a happy and healthy week!
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A more modest loss this week, but still tracking well! I’ve had a few extra carbs this week, some drinks with friends etc. so I’m super happy with 0.6kgs down!
And... over the 10kgs lost mark now!

The best thing that you’ll do for your life is getting in shape. You’ll learn the basics of accountability, self-discipline, focus and the power of showing up.
As soon as you change your body, you’re mind is going to get stronger. As your mind gets stronger your discipline will increase.
And as your discipline increases, your success will escalate. It is about the daily routine, no shortcuts, not fad diets, no miraculous supplements. Show up, do what needs to be done and IT’S DONE.


Thoughts 💭 for this late evening... I had periods in the last few years where I just felt miserable, depleted, a lack of self worth. I got stuck in this bottom hole where I was doing what I HAD to do for everyone else but never doing anything really beneficial for myself. Obviously these feelings manifested into more than just feelings and actually just became my way of life; from how I acted, reacted, and felt in different situations would all stem from the negativity I let take over me. I finally just got to a point where I was tired 😓....I was tired of being angry and miserable all the time for no real reason. What I was really angry at was myself. Angry that I let myself go.. that I stopped loving myself.. that I put my health and body at risk by eating poorly and smoking.. all the things I was doing in my life were poisoning my body and my mind. I’m not saying it was easy, but I knew I HAD to make changes or I was going to be unhappy forever. And as many of you have been seeing...I am already such a better version of me. 🤗. 👊 You have to want change for change to happen. 👊 You have to be willing to put the hard work in. 👊 You have to make the time and sacrifices! This is your life and only YOU can decide how you live it. I know that for rest of my life I’ll continue to be a healthy and happier me. Besides happiness and positivity love company just as much as misery.. so make sure you are spreading the right kind of energy.. hopefully some of the positive vibes I’m putting out there inspires others to find the strength to do the same! ✌️ & ♥️

I’m doing strength/resistance training today. Aim to do 30 minutes of some form of exercise daily, whether it be a walk, run, short gym session, pilates class it does not matter. Exercise truly is a form of medicine, which is why in my line of work we promote exercise for our cancer patients and run exercise classes even during chemotherapy treatment. There is a lot of evidence to show exercise improves cancer prognosis, reduces chemotherapy side effects, and reduce co-morbidities for patients post treatment. We recommend a minimum of 150 minutes of exercise/week for everyone. What exercise have you done or are planning to do today? 🏋🏼‍♀️🤸🏾‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🏊‍♀️🚴🏾‍♂️ #exerciseforhealth #exerciseismedicine #healthybodyhealthymind #exercisedaily #findthirty #bodyfittraining

#openyoureyes #beautifulswitzerland🇨🇭 L'Eveil des sens ... Chaque jour devrait commencer avec un immense soleil et un sourire intérieur 🌞

Prenez la vie de manière positive et elle vous le rendra 💖

#goodvibes et bon début de semaine à tous 💋

#namaste 🙏

A good proprioception system is one of the key element in trail running and it can literally turn a tentative runner into a confident, aggressive, controlled landslide of a runner. And the good news is we can train this system.
Bad news is that following injury to joints and ligaments these receptors are also damaged, which means the information that is usually sent to the brain is impaired. As a consequence the joint feels odd or just doesn't feel right and our ability to balance is diminished. And that can cause some serious trouble on trails 😫
My injury happened too close to the @utmbmontblanc and I was looking for different ways to speed up my recovery. That’s why I started using @naboso_australia proprioceptive insoles...and now I even have a proprioceptive mat which I use not only for myself but also for my clients. Check my insta story today for my fave running-specific strengthening exercises using the mat. .
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Erin has hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s Disease and sleep apnea. She took control of her life and lost 90 pounds and the sleep apnea machine!!! In her words, "This is the easiest and only plan I have succeeded with on my journey to lose the weight and get healthy."

Tomorrow Paul and I begin The Happy Body Workout program. Before starting we took our body fat measurements (he’s only 11.5% and I’m 34.5% which means I have over 54 pounds of fat I’m carrying 😬) we also had to do several flexibility tests to see where our starting point is. We did well on some and not so well on others. With good form for this move I can only get to the “Poor” level where I’m striving for Excellent on the right. Can’t wait to see how I progress over the weeks and months. #healthyme #everymomentcounts #gratefulheart #noexcuses🚫 #cancersurvivor #warriornotworrier #63yearsyoung #followyourgut #healthybodyhealthymind #healthierme #believeinyou #beyourbestself #beabetteryou #healyourself #takebackyourhealth #healthjourney #healthgoals #lifeisgreat #enjoyeverymoment #goals❤️ #healthy🥦💪Lifestyle #bewell #geri_healthy🥦💪lifestyle

“Why do they have different labels?” Good news. These bottles contain the exact same oil as the non-vitality-labeled bottles of the same oil. “Vitality” lets you know that these oils are safe to ingest. .
So add a couple drops to your water or hot tea, use them in place of other ingredients in a recipe, add them to a capsule and swallow...the list goes on! .
When you are using truly pure oils like Young Living, they do amazing wonders when you just use them topically on your body. So imagine the power that ignites when you get them INTO your body! .
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SQWAAAD 🗣️🗣️🗣️

Frostiest Start to the day yet! ❄❄❄
But look at us in our tanks and tees!! Best Sweat Session Ever!!
Great job Everyone! I pushed you hard this morning and you stayed up right up there with me! 75 Mins of Dancing, Booty Shaking, Body Isolation, Squatting, Core Strength & Cardio...... #Proudinstructor 😘
#strongmindstrongbody #fitnessgoals #zumbafit #wholebodyworkout #healthybodyhealthymind #dancebodies #zumbawithatwist #iliketobedifferent 😊 #lovetomove 💕

Jaden made himself a "comfortable" seat in a laundry basket. When he came back, he found Sammy had decided it was for him. What a silly puppy! #boxerlove

Hey friends! Ashley here from @glutenfreeocd as the sun sets on my takeover. 🌼

It’s been great being here with you all over the last week & I’m truly honored to have been given this opportunity. A few things before I go 💭
-Don’t be hard on yourself. You’ve got this. 🌼
-Actually, TREAT yourself. Practice self-care. Make yourself some AIP cookies [I absolutely LOVE this recipe from @squirrel_kitchen & meant to make it this week but presumably everyone is out of tigernut flour] -  http://asquirrelinthekitchen.com/aip-paleo-crispy-cinnamon-thin-cookies-coconut-free/ 🌼
-If ever you feel discouraged, know that many have walked the same path before you & have gotten through this. You will too. 🌼
-Don’t let your life revolve around your health. Our health is important, yes, but sometimes when we’re on a healing journey we let that be the thing that consumes us. You will heal whether or not you read ALL THE BOOKS or listen to ALL THE PODCASTS or do ALL THE RESEARCH right now [speaking from experience, here]. All of these resources are wonderful, amazing things, but don’t let them take up all of your free time. Do something you enjoy - chat with a friend, play with a pet, go for a walk, read a book, color [I wish I could do this but the amount of color choices personally stresses me out]. Do something that brings you joy. 🌼
-Be vulnerable. It’s one of the best things you’ll ever do. 🌼
-Above all, love YOU. 🌼

If you’ve enjoyed having me around this week, come party with me over at @glutenfreeocd! I’ve got some fun stuff brewing & I’d love to have you there! 🌼

One last thing - healing isn't linear! Healing is like a hike. You'll go through ups & downs, twists & turns, but eventually you'll arrive at your destination. 🌼

#ashleyaip [ @glutenfreeocd ]

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