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BACK ATTACK! Back is my absolute favourite to train these days 💪🏼💪🏼 Some of my staples! TRY THEM OUT! 3sets//12reps!

You deserve appreciation ...

300g flour
150g sugar 
1 tsp baking powder 
1 tsp cinnamon 
pinch of salt 
150ml coconut milk
150ml soy vanilla milk
vanilla extract
100g peanut butter
30g cacao
Choc chips
1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl.
2. Preheat the oven to 185°C. 
3. Let the dough sit for a few minutes. 
4. Pour the dough into muffin forms.
5. Bake them for 25 minutes. 
6. Enjoy #letscookvegan

Everyone bloats ! It's normal ✅ tag a friend to show them!
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Po tylu godzinach na słońcu wkońcu złapałem troszkę opalenizny. Najlepszy sposób za zarysowanie mięśni 😂😂
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What makes my transformation different as Now vs Then? I have experienced both sides and I all I can say is 📣📣"ACCOUNTABILITY". I GAINED 100 pound during my first pregnancy and post-partum period, tipping the scale at 340 lbs. I was in a vicious cycle of no exercise and yo-yo dieting.

In 2010 I broke that cycle🙌, started my first home workout program, losing weight and feeling great. FOUND out I was expecting my second child in July 2011. I exercised all through my pregnancy and came out with that Beyoncé bounce back😊.
But doing it alone with no accountability was hard it lead to inconsistencies and like most weight loss stories - the after-after had me bouncing between 160lbs and 230lbs.
It wasn't until I found the fifth element "accountability" that my effort turned into a healthy lifestyle journey. My workouts and nutrition have been more consistent. The support and accountability makes this journey of good habits and regular exercise a LIFESTYLE and not a FAD.

If you are inspired by story, want more nutrition, fitness and acccountability tips follow @Vanessa_vr_Ross
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Tudo bem que já estou de pijama , mas hj já treinei e tomei @flattummytea , o meu chá de manhã e á noite !
Aproveitei p/ reabastecer meu estoque , pois o site está com 20% de desconto!
|| flattumytea.com ☕️ .
Check it outtttt, I’m def coming in HOT this summer! Don’t worry babes, because you can too - @flattummytea has just kicked off their 20% Sale! Winter’s gone so that means hibernation is over - goodbye baggy hoodies and hello crop tops! I’m getting my confidence all the way back up, keeping my tummy on flat flat and LOVING IT! Who’s coming in HOT with me and getting summer-ready? Turn up the heat at flattummytea.com!
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Zdjęcie z wczoraj, bo dzisiaj... pochłonęła mnie praca 😱 ale, ale! Zbieram tyłek o robie szybka tabate i szykuje pyszna kolacje, kładę się z książka i odpoczywam, bo jutro znowu od 5 na nogach 🙄😍 ale jutro już piątek 😍🔝 czy tylko mi ten tydzień minął tak szybko? 🙈🙄🤔


Found a new friend at the park this morning.

I've prepped everything for tomorrow! A GIANT bowl of fruit for breakfast, hearty miso soup and a large salad for lunch, and I haven't taken a picture of dinner but it'll be just as delicious! 🍏🥝🍓🍐🥕🥒🥗🍲 oh and my midday snack is chia seed pudding with raspberries! I'm loving it so much! ☺️

Had ALL the coffee today and mixed some yoga in too! Peep the insta story for our fun day before it disappears! (Or just check out my next post - that's right, double posting tonight!)
Pro tip to living in the moment - take pics and videos on your phone while enjoying your day, then upload them to insta while you're chillin' on the subway 😜
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How can a little brown box change a life????
Here's what it has done for my friend and teammate Jennifer! I'm ready to coach you to your own transformation. "Two Years ago I took a chance. I put aside all of my fears and all of my excuses. Two years ago, I made a choice...and never looked back. June 22nd of 2015, I ordered my first brown box, not having a clue on what it would bring into my life. Two years later, that brown box has changed my life...my physical health has never been better, I feel incredible, and my dreams are showing up in ways I never imagined. I am so incredibly grateful to this company!! My dreams are big...but my passion to serve others is bigger. Thank you to my company for showing me how to have both!! I'm in it for life!! 💪😉👊"
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..เหงื่อออกแล้ว ทำสมาธิต่อแปปนึง😌..#workout💪🏼#bodyweight#yoga#healthybody#strongwomen#happydays#lifestyle😘

#tbt to our last Mom & Baby class this week. Thank you to all incredible & strong women and their little cupcakes for joining us! You rocked! 💪 We will miss you all! ❤ We still have plenty of group classes suitable for all ages and fitness levels happening Monday to Sunday! Sign up online (link in Bio). See you in class! 😘
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What do you 🍹 Drink in 120 degrees?🔥
A Coconut 🌴 Berry Smoothie☀️
This Power 🥛Shake is the perfect 🌴 Tropical and Refreshing 🌈treat for those hot ☀️summer days.... cools ya down while keeping that summer body!👙 😎
This is the perfect macro balance ⚖️of PCF and 😋deliciousness! Give it a try!
📌1 Coconut @lightandfit yogurt
📌50g Blueberries
📌5g Coconut Flakes
📌1/3 cup Unsweet Almond Milk
📌1Tbs Chia Seeds
📌2.5g @truvia Nectar
📌 3oz Ice
📌 1 Scoop @silverfernbrand Vanilla protein
Mix all ingredients, Blend and enjoy!
#macromini #macrofit #macros #flexibledieting #iifym #nutrition #summerbody #smoothie #fit #food #foodblogger #fitfood #healthybody #nutrition #blueberries #coconut

I'm done feeling like I need to feel guilty for working out or making you feel better because you're not. I've never pushed, hounded, or even asked. I choose to workout and pursue health because it makes ME feel better and look better. Working out has helped me gain patience, grow in self-confidence, and learn dedication and perseverance. I spent too much time unhappy and crabby, and I wasted too much time caring about what others thought. Enough was enough. But the decision is YOURS. YOU need to decide you're ready. YOU need to be at a place of wanting change. So don't expect me to make you feel better for where you're at. If you're not happy, YOU make the change. I'm here to help, encourage, uplift, and motivate. But not make excuses for you, and NOT downplay the hard work I've put in. Don't compare, don't judge, just get moving.
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🔥This lady is on fire🔥 "Today marks 3 months on program and I want to share my results with you all! When I started this journey, I knew it was time to lose some weight. What I didn't know, was what I could gain. Here is what's happened:
40.2 pounds GONE!
Night sweats, GONE
Cholesterol: 269 down to 187 in 6 weeks!
Have not had a migraine!
Not wanting naps!
* Results not typical, but they are POSSIBLE!!What I've GAINED...
My childhood energy!
Healthy mindful habits I will carry for life!
My self esteem is through the roof!
Better relationships with my family! "Me" time!
Financial stability by helping others
Friendships that enhance my life
And so much more....!" If you need a change, physically, mentally or financially, DON'T WAIT! Please let me be a guide to a future you have always wanted. #healthcoach #beforeandafter #HealthyBody #healthymind #fitmom

Post accident I gained close to 20kgs (photo was taken back in 2013), had severe self hate towards myself which made me spiral into depression. Once I got to the point when I could exercise again..... that I did - something within my mindset shifted and it was like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, I was ready to embrace the journey and to feel better about myself! I got rid of those kilos and found the best routine for me which worked and kept my training smart which didn't aggravate my injuries from the accident. I am showing you that it can be done, because I have been there and I have walked that tough path 💪🏼 you too can achieve your goals you just have to be ready to take that jump into the unknown and chase after those dreams ✨🙂

As a GI nurse I've decided to also use this IG account to talk gut health...there are sooo many myths out there and I'm here to help set things straight. Let's start with diverticulosis vs diverticulitis. Sooo many patients get them confused and there's a big difference! 1. Diverticulosis is the natural aging of the colon. They are little dimples in the wall of the colon. Weak spots in the wall of the colon. They are caused when the smooth muscle becomes weak. It's totally benign. But why does the colon get weak? Well, age for one. Also, You know How back in the day we humans use to squat to poo? That's how our bodies are actually made to poo! Now that we sit upright on the toilet, it strains the muscles putting extra pressure on the colon to "make." If we do 100 colonoscopies, 99 of them will have diverticulosis. Now 2. Diverticulitis is an infection of one of those "dimples." What causes a diverticuli to become infected? Nuts? Seeds? No. Old wives tales! Truth is constipation causes poo to get impacted in the dimples, causing an infection. Is diverticulitis dangerous? It can be! So please please don't neglect your gut health. Stay regular by eating your fiber and drinking plenty of fluids! Any questions? #girn #gihealth #guthealth #colontalk #healthylife #healthybody #nurselife #healthymom #momlife #myjobaintpretty #butiloveit #endonurse #npstudent

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