We are officially welcoming that sweet summertime sunshine today! Here’s some important things to remember about using oils safely in the sun ☀️
Did you know that several essential oils are considered “phototoxic”? This basically means that they react with UV rays (whether that’s from sunlight or artificial light, like you find in a tanning bed) and can cause adverse reactions with our skin that can sometimes last for months. Sometimes it can show up as a rash, blisters, or even permanent darkening wherever the oil was applied and exposed. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Does that mean you have to put your beloved grapefruit and bergamot away for the summer? NO WAY! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Just apply to areas that won’t be exposed to the sun for at least 24 hours (basically under your clothes...roll down spine or on the bottoms of feet!). And of course, they are always safe to diffuse!
Most of the oils on the list below are in the citrus family, but there are a few others, and several blends that might not come immediately to mind. Young Living has labeled all of these oils very clearly, so please always check before applying to you or a loved one!
Oils that shouldn’t see the sun:
Lemon Verbena
Citrus Fresh
Jade Lemon
German Chamomile
Christmas Spirit
Deep Relief
Dragon Time
Dream Catcher
Gentle Baby
Inner Child
Into the Future
Live with Passion
Stress Away
Trauma Life
White Angelica

One of my all-time favorite scents. I love everything about eucalyptus! I love how the plant looks and smells. I love how the plant looks when you dry it out and put it basically everywhere in your house. I love how these oils open your airways and helps you get a deep breath in while meditating. And no surprise here, but I LOVE the way these oils smell. They're like heaven in a bottle. Did you know that there are over 700 different species of eucalyptus? Here are some benefits of eucalyptus:
+ opens your airways
+ helps heal cuts/wounds quicker
+ helps boost our immune system
+ helps with focus and mental awareness
+ can be used as an insect repellent
+ promotes dental health
And SO much more! If you haven't seen it, I use eucalyptus globulus in my favorite sleep blend!

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I love making my daughter fresh homemade food & snacks , I can critique it to my liking for her and I know EXACTLY what I put in it. ❤ #healthylifestyle #healthybabies

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This is how Mochi & Loki get the nutrients they need.
1 hard boiled egg,
almond milk,
10 grapes,
3 strawberries,
1/2 banana,
150ml of calcium,
handful of blueberries,
broccoli/ just the flower top,
egg shell,
plain yogurt
and wooooolaa! Opossums dream dish. Now I don’t always use the exact same ingredients everyday. That would be boring right. Mochi and Loki think so too! So I get creative with their foods. Try it, it’s a lot better for Opossums than any store bought products Bc it’s all raw natural organic products I use. Being as I’m a vegetarian/ converting to vegan. I feed them like I eat. All organic. People say to me, well it’s too expensive or it takes too much time, I say your animals health is just as important as our health. Wouldn’t you agree. After all it’s not that much more expensive and as you see here it takes literally a few minutes in the am to blend all ingredients and you have at least 3 days if not more of Opossum servings all in minutes. All natural, heart healthy food. That’s how I do it, what’s your secret? Please do share and try it. #opossumstyle #opossumhealth #healthybabies #opossumsofinstagram #rescuesaveslives❤️ #educateyourself #educatedontdescriminate #opossummom #opossumrescuelife #rescuesaveslives❤️ #bekindalways #kindnessrocks #bethecurenotthecause #beopenminded #educationalopossum #educationiskey🔑 #thisishowiroll #Opossumorganicfood #buyorganic #blendingfood #opossumsmoothie

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No flashy gimmicks here. Just wholesome, happy snacks for your kiddos. #kidapproved #luv2nosh

Awesome pun courtesy of @karirae.
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A girl and her kitten.

Orchid petals & Frankincense, could be more luxurious than that?
The ART Skincare line has drastically changed my dull, dry skin. This mask has a rich texture that goes on light and smooth. Just 20 minutes on and a quick rinse (or rub it all in) and you will notice a huge difference.

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i just went through the psk on my ig stories ✨ and there just may be a surprise at the end for this last day that the premium starter kit is on sale. 💕💕

I put on make up!!! I know, crazy, I barely ever used to! But since switching to savvy minerals I wear make up almost every time i leave the house!
This is my 5 minute savvy face! Literally just foundation, eyeliner and mascara.
Some of you may have seen me say this time and time again but the cosmetics industry is DISGUSTING!! If you don’t believe me look up the banned substance list for the cosmetics industry.
But with savvy there’s not only none of those chemicals the cosmetics industry allows to be snuck past us but it’s enhanced with essential oils and just natural minerals(bare minerals, not just minerals y’all!) and my face is literally clearer when i remove my make up than when i put it on!
I know tons of people have reservations about mineral make up, come let me show you how amazing it is!
And right now young living is having a special on their make up starter kits! Today only until midnight they are 10% off!
Who’s ready to make the switch?

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