This weekend was filled with healthy + delicious food! If you still feel like healthy food must be gross, then you haven’t tried it right 😆 this delicious homemade taco soup was packed with flavor and vegetarian 🌱 made by my beautiful sis and roasted corn and handcrafted salsa from my bro. They love experimenting with healthy food and impactful flavors. Talk about an amazing way to bring family together and enjoy a meal that’s healthy and delicious!

"A healthy outside, starts from the inside." a lot of people kept on asking why my skin looks so dewy and different, and my answer is very easy: I take good care of my BODY(not just my skin/face). Some people think It's just makeup but the secret is to just exercise, eat healthy, and start drinking proper vitamins and supplements. Yan lang talaga ung secret. It depends on you if you wanna do it or not. Start prioritizing your health, the beauty aspect will just follow 💖
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Do you remember my vitiligo post a few months ago?
Can you see that thin strip of light skin underneath my lower lip?
For those of you that don’t know, I have a condition called vitiligo, a skin disorder in which my immune system decides to kill off my skin pigment cells.
I posted back then that I’ve decided to love the skin that I’m in, while continuing to seek perfect and radiant health.
Well, I’m currently starting my 2nd round of heavy metal chelation therapy, and all of a sudden, I’m noticing a change!
Vitiligo is extremely hard to cure. Treatments are often expensive, and give inconsistent results.
But lo and behold, it’s starting to reverse itself!
Which leads me to think that the underlying cause for my vitiligo was caused by heavy metal toxicity (I tested high for mercury, lead, and thallium)
Anyways, see for yourself! The first pic was taken recently. Swipe left to compare a pic taken a year ago.
Whaddya think?

So many of us have been here - it’s frustrating, and you start to feel dejected. Me too! I thought I’d have a constant struggle for the rest of my life, but I was wrong. I thought I’d go bouncing around to the next best diet or lifestyle, always changing, but I was wrong. I thought I’d never lose the extra weight and bloat if I didn’t run miles a day, but I was wrong. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong, and I can’t wait to help more people learn that we’ve been taught wrong for a long time! Send me a DM and find more info in my bio! 💛 #nutritionstripped #healthylifeny #iwaswrong #healthtalks

It saddens me to see many IG stories and posts where women apologize for their bodies, for anything from head to toe to they way they pose. Don’t apologize ladies! This only feeds insecurities in your mind and teaches your mind not to respect your body and constantly make excuses for it. Besides, chances are people don’t notice the little things that bother you and mentioning them only brings negative attention and distracts from the message you want to share! BODY LOVE 💕! Be gentle with yourself, be kind to your self and teach your mind to follow through with respect and admiration for the beautiful woman you are! DONT APOLOGIZE FOR BEING HUMAN 🙏🏽

People talk about mental health and say anxiety is something you’ll always have to deal with once you have it. I’m here to tell you, anxiety doesn’t have to control your life. I believe, that through discipline, strengthening the mind, removing causative factors, and being selfish (meaning choosing to care for your self and putting your health first) there can be complete relief. What are you thoughts on this? Leave thoughts below:

Whatever you’ve been dreaming of or wanting to let go of, let today be day 1 of starting the process. You have the power to decided AND act on that enough is enough and it’s time to make a change. Gear up because day 1 will make all the difference ✨🙏🏽you got this! Muscle on, whether that be mentally/physically or both💪🏼

We put so much pressure on ourselves to do everything in one day, everything everyone thinks we should do, everything society demands. I say, take the pressure of yourself to do everything and aim to do anything you set your mind to. This mindset takes the stress off our bodies and minds and propels strength and determination into specific things we need/want to achieve! Do you think this perspective will change the way you get things done and what you chose to do? Let’s start a conversation about this!

We are always so busy reaching out grabbing this and that, doing so many things, giving with all we have. Sometimes, we need to stop and take care of our hearts and soul. Remember, we only can truly give and produce when we are fulfilled and care for ourselves first! What are your thoughts on this? Do you think self care and self love is important to your wellbeing and success?

Been worrying so much about the future and the past. But really, it is only in the moment of here and now where we can change our mistakes from the past and set ourselves up for a successful future. It’s the moment where we can forget the past and the future and fully enjoy life and love. What does being present mean to you? ✨ comment below, let’s talk about it!

October is breast cancer awareness month. It is important that every #woman checks their breasts routinely for signs of breast cancer as early detection saves lives. By following this five point breast awareness code, you can increase the chances of an early diagnosis and a more successful treatment.
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I think I like talking 😎, presentation on #mindbodysoul @jaipurrugs , thank u so much for this experience ! Thoroughly enjoyed it ! With support of #nandkishorechaudhary ji and #jaipurrugs we are starting this initiative on conscious living , so glad to be a part of it , more details soon.. #mindfulness #mindandbodyconnection #consciousliving #consciouslifestyle #sustainability #organiclifestyle #cancerawareness #healthtalks

Invest in your health, because someday, you will wish you treated your body more kindly. I workout because it makes me feel and look better. I workout because it slows down the aging process. I workout because I can. I have the ability to move. I have strong arms and legs that help me do what I want. If you can’t find motivation to get to the gym, tell yourself you will 1) feel better once you go and 2) you’re exercising your heart and lungs( which your body is thanking you for). Even if you can’t afford a gym membership, get your body moving!! Movement helps with weight loss, anxiety, depression, lymphatic drainage, metabolism, and posture. How you decide to treat your body is on your own terms. I find if I can prevent disease, sickness and aging now at 22 years old, then hell yea I am doing everything I can.You may not have signs and symptoms of sickness and disease now, but it accumulates over time. If you’re looking for help in this department and don’t know where to begin, let me help you. Let’s stop disease, obesity, anxiety, depression, fatigue, inflammation and sickness NOW. #healthtalks #certifiednutritionist #ancientnutrition #fitness #fitnessmotivation #nutrition #health #holistichealth #girlswholift #gym #workout #foodmatters #organicliving #wholefoods #medicalmedium #liverrescue #cleanliver #gains

Loved these harvest muffins! Recipe coming to stories tomorrow, so look out for it! Fall season always fills the atmosphere with warm spicy flavors and cool air! What is your favorite thing about fall time?

Saturdays are naptime with Auntie Mina! #thebabywhisperer

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