Yes! Dr. Joe Dispenza is one of the most brilliant men on this planet and I've learned so much from him. 
If you want to change your life, change your thoughts.
Where do you start? Start by being aware of your thoughts. 💛

I've read/researched a lot about SLEEP! 
Few things are more important for our overall health. The author of Sleep Smarter, Shawn Stevenson @shawnmodel has a wealth of sleep knowledge. 
Here's a few important takeaways from the book.
✔️ Get to bed at the right time! What time is that? 10pm. No later. Between 10pm - 2am is when the body does all its repair work. If you're missing out on these hours you're putting massive amounts of stress on the body. Think you're a night owl? Nope, there's no such thing-- that's just a sign of a goofed up circadian rhythm. ✔️ Chronic insomniac? Fix your gut first. Good sleep has a lot to do with gut health/neurotransmitters in the gut. (More in comments!)👇 Photo cred: @annavancleeve

Lip balm. Just in time for winter/dry lip season!
Carmex is toxic and downright addicting. As it turns out, petroleum (linked to cancer), synthetic fragrance (also linked to cancer), and vanilin do very little to moisturize the lips. In-fact, using Carmex will not only dry the lips out, but it exposes you to toxic chemicals, and keeps you coming back for more lip-drying balm. Ugh! 👎🏻
Don’t worry....@thechocolatesun lip treatment to the rescue! This chap-stick is clean, super effective, and it's full of healing + moisturizing ingredients like hemp, Shea butter, and vitamin E.
I LOVE this lip treatment. It would make a great stocking stuffer too.

This is one of my very favorite quotes! We are not victims of our life — we create it.
In fact, most of the time, we get what we THINK we deserve. We actually create it. We tolerate it.
Well, I’m done tolerating excuses and limiting beliefs. I’m done being a victim of circumstance. I’m done being a victim of negative thoughts that lead to the same outcome. I’m taking my power back. I create my reality.
Any body with me?


What fills you up?
What makes you feel grounded?
What feeds your soul?

Do you know?

For me, it's being outside. It's like hitting the reset button. It almost instantly clears my mind and recharges me. 
It's so important to know what fills you up and then make yourself a promise to do more of whatever that is. In doing so, you're sending yourself the greatest messages of all: I want to take care of you + I love you... Do you know how healing that is? It's even better than kale!
Take care of yourself, because nobody else will.

Photo cred: @annavancleeve

This swap is painless! I can't even tell you how much crap you'll find in conventional candy bars. Loads of disease causing junk!
Thank goodness for companies like @hukitchen that value health and don't sacrifice health for taste. These chocolate bars are so darn good, it's crazy. Guilt free too!

If you're constantly thinking about the future you'll feel anxious, and if you're constantly thinking about the past you'll feel sad/depressed. Very few of us spend much time thinking about the NOW, which is all we really have. The present moment is the only place that can make us truly happy and content. 
You're right where you're supposed to be. Right now. 🖤

My clients will tell you that I'm a total form Nazi! 
I am.
The way we move is so much more important than most realize. There are times that it's painful for me to be in the gym and watch someone workout AKA destroy their joints. 
Here's the thing, poor movement patterns (over time) lead to joints that break down prematurely. But, when/if we move well we prevent our joints from breaking down prematurely-- there's a huge difference!
If you want to avoid injury and preserve your joints (so you're able to be active + pain free) I highly recommend taking the time to learn how to move well. It's so worth it.
Don't know where to start? Start here @foundationtraining!
Photo cred: @hollygannettphotography

I'm so impressed with this company @simplemills. They get it!
They understand that people want quick + tasty food, but don't want to sacrifice their health in the process. And guess what? You don't have to.
These ingredients are clean and all of their pre-made products are absolutely delicious. 
I know these swaps seem small, but I want you to know that they're not... Slowly replacing junk for real food is NOT small, it's huge and will change your life and health in the process. 
Keep swapping away :)


The inner thighs or "anchoring muscles" are a highly neglected area of the body. Most of our neglected areas are also our chronically tight areas. This @foundationtraining exercise (the windmill) addresses both tightness and weakness (the root cause of tightness).
If you have back pain, hip pain, knee pain, etc. I highly suggest addressing the inner thighs as they have a huge influence on the entire body.
My buddy @bengreenfieldfitness knows the value of having strong anchoring muscles. If the inner thighs aren't working well, the pelvis wont be happy and neither will any joint above or below it. 
It's all about the hips baby 👍
Photo cred: @lomagee

I've been on a LONG quest to find the perfect (junk free) clean shampoo. Finally, and with the help of my friend @stephdufordlifestyle, my search has ended. I have fallen in love with Beauty Counters' clarifying shampoo. It's perfect- it moisturizes and creates lift + volume at the same time. 
I'm in love!

This quote is so much more powerful than most will ever realize! Our thoughts create our feelings, which create our emotions, which create our actions.
It all starts with the way we think. Think carefully 🤔

Boo! Happy Halloween! 🎃
You can find these delicious + healthy carrot cupcakes on Health Revolt.
Halloween is the first day of sugar season. If you're hoping to avoid getting sick this cold and flu season, I highly suggest avoiding processed sugar as is suppresses the immune system. 
Today is the perfect day to start.
Who's with me?

It's almost Halloween, which reminds me...
Reese's used to be my favorite treat! What's not to love? Well, as it turns out, a lot! Reese's contain a super nasty preservative/chemical called tBHQ, which has been liked to a suppressed immune system, cancer and neurological diseases. I'll pass!
Justin's are super clean and do the trick! Have you tried?
And Justin's now comes in white chocolate too! Yum! 👌

Most of us spend our life running from ourselves. Or maybe we're running from the parts of ourselves that we don't really like?
It's so important to love the parts of ourselves that we don't like. In fact, if we ever want to change that part of our-self, we must first learn to love it, fully. Even the ugly parts :)

Plastic is no good! In fact, we know that it causes cancer. Unfortunately, plastic is EVERYWHERE!
Stasher bags are a safe alternative and they're reusable too👍 @stasherbag

Any body else love a good Apple Crisp? I sure do!
I created this recipe a few years ago, and it never disappoints. It's free of foods that don't add to your health (sugar, gluten and dairy) and full of ones that do (apples, nuts and spices). Enjoy.
Recipe on Health Revolt.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Bolthouse is PACKED WITH SUGAR! This bottle has 180 grams of sugar 👎 It's one of those "health foods" that isn't healthy at all. Yes, fruit is healthy, but when fruit is juiced and the sugars are stripped from the fiber, it very quickly becomes unhealthy as it raises blood sugar too quickly. Awful for kids too!
Here's a helpful rule to follow, DRINK/juice your veggies and EAT your fruits!

What are YOU doing today to nourish your body?

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