Happy Friday friends 🙌

Truth?💁‍♀️ after our holiday, I’ve found it REALLY difficult to eat healthily again... I mean REAL difficult.
It’s made me realise how much health is actually a HABIT.
If you too are struggling to love Veg as much as Chocolate, here are a few of my GET BACK TO VEG tips: 🌟WATER! It’ll help flush out the toxins
🌟SIMPLE: choose meals you’re craving (pizza, tacos, ice cream etc) and find ways to make them healthIER. 🌟at least 2 colours on your plate
🌟LET GO OF THE GUILT. there’s no point begrudging yourself for past decisions! Now it’s time to get back into a good habit of water first, veg most
Speaking of:
What’s your fave veg filled (not vegan or vegetarian necessarily) recipe !? ⬇️🙏

Lunch! Home made, browned butter gnocchi (mashed potato, cheese, spices, a little flour), salad slaw (red cabbage, kale, cucumber, lemon juice, chipotle mayo) and a side of ginger kombucha with a lime wedge! This is the first time I’ve made gnocchi and it turned out great!!
Happy Thursday :) .
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I wake up every morning energized and ready to KILL the day!! I have been working super hard on personal development on top of my 3 step experience every day! I have never felt so good & I’m literally glowing because of it! 😍

Experimented with Zucchini, Shrimp and sweet corn patties✌️
Definitely doing it again and I feel the kids would love it too😊💗💚
Used an egg, parmesan and sprouted pancake flour as the binder and they turn out yummy😋😋😋

Abundance is such a huge word. Everyone wants that freedom & that dream life. And if you don’t.. you’re just lying to yourself. Yes, you’re taught you have to work a normal job your whole life... did you know that’s not how life has to be? I have my hands on pure gold and I’m ready to share my secrets. 😍🙌🏻 I’m growing an empire & I want my badass babes to come with me.

Crabmeat Egg mayo sandwich
Usually all my assembly is done in the morning. If you are wondering how I do all my meal prepping in the morning. All ingredients are prepared the night before..this way it really help saves a lot of time in the morning rush hour 😊✌️💗

Nothing like a Complex Tea to start the day. 😁☕🍄
Medicinal Mushrooms are one of natures best kept secrets, shown to contain high levels of bioavailable antioxidant metabolites in the form of #polyphenols (flavanoids), #polysaccharides (β-glucans), and triterpenoids (betulin being one of them). All of these fungi are classified as immunomodulators (immune support) and adaptogens (adapt to stress)! We are #UBER #advocates of Medicinal Mushrooms and have combined the top 3 in our Mushroom #Complex Blend.

CORDYCEPS is a #hostfungus, there are many strains, each with its own host. The one that is the most famous is the Caterpillar 🐛 Fungus (Cordyceps sinensis), said to have been discovered by yak herders.😍 Cordyceps has been revered for 100’s of years within Chinese #herbalism, modern #science also finding that is supports Cognitive and Physical performance, as well as heart and bone health. Research suggesting that Cordyceps can help reduce fatigue, be anti-inflammatory and aid energy production (ATP).😎🤓🤗 REISHI is the great all rounder, earning it the name the "Mushroom of #Immortality; elixir of life”, used throughout history by Emperors, Taoist monks and sages as a #shen (spirit #tonic) to balance spiritual and negative energy, as well as to calm the mind. Studies suggest that Reishi’s potent anti-oxidants may;
> aid athletes #performance lessening fatigue - in conjunction with Cordyceps,
> support sleep,
> aid the immune system, and > help reduce fatigue.

CHAGA (Diamond of the forest), has been used in many different capacities and on many different continents. ‘Chaga tea’ was the most common use historically. Research shows that Chaga contains melanin (responsible for the dark colour) in conjunction with the other bioactive nutrients, may; support immune health, reduce inflammation, nourish DNA, anti-viral, #balance cholesterol, anti-oxidant, brain health, sleep and skin health.
Quite the phenomenal combination.
🍄 Perform Optimally.⠀
🌱 EU / USDA Certified Organic.⠀
🌱 Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, Pure, Fair Trade, No fillers, No processed sugars.⠀
🌱 Know your products 'Seed to Table'.⠀
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A powerful addition to your kitchen. Boost your nutrition with this!
Oats are essential for making heathly eating easy and affordable. How do you like your oats? Sound off in the comments
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I have been working on this a lot lately. Learning to expect nothing. Or get nothing in return. & to appreciate every single thing that comes my way. You have to be grateful for what you have in life if you ever want the universe to give you what you WANT!! 👊🏼

Empowered women - empower women!! 💪🏻 Let’s go ladies!! Aim for the moon!! The sky isn’t the limit!! 😍

Y’all this is sooo powerful!! Don’t let people stay in your life if they’re not EMPOWERING & SUPPORTING you to be your best self! 💋✌🏼

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Here’s to being a little vulnerable 🥂
You see that girl on the left? Fake smile, skin that’s not glowing, sleepy eyes, chain smoker. That girl was me 2 years ago. Before I met Justin, before I found happiness, before I started personal development. Before I had goals for my life.
Tired. Depressed. Angry. Sad. Beaten down. Working a job I hated. Knee deep in debt.
You see that girl on the right? Yeah she found amazing makeup, but that’s not all. She’s happy. She’s glowing. She feels the best she’s ever felt in life. She has goals. Plans. On a personal development journey. Devoting time to an incredible business. Cigarette free for over a year.
Filled with energy. Loved. Happy. Flourishing. Working a job I love. Surrounded by women influential women. Ankle deep in debt (lol). The key is to be open to change, living your best life, working hard for your future, loving yourself. 🗝

Don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone ✌🏼

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