Breakfast of a champion 💪 when you have a full day, make sure you eat right so you don't get cravings! Take healthy snacks with you where ever you go, so that when ever you do get cravings you can make the right choices😏
Thursdays I always have a full day of classes at my college and meeting with study groups. It's really easy to eat junk food this day, it's every where around me. But my goals and mindset determines my outcome! 🌹
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What hinders us from taking action right HERE, right NOW?!
That's a reflective question I leave with you to consider over the weekend.
Write below what you think is hindering you or if you are a person who has "unstucked" tgemselves, not sure if this is even a word, share in the comments ways on how you did it. 💜
ليش ما منصنع التغيير هلأ من مكاننا وبالوضع اللي نحنا فيه؟ شو معطلنا؟ شو ناطرين؟ سؤال عم بدور ببالي إلو وقت وقلت بشاركو معكن لتفكروا فيه إنتو كمان بالويك إند.
شاركوا معي شو المعطلات وازا انتو اشخاص تغلبتوا على هالأمر كمان خبروني كيف بالكومنتس للكل يستفيد. 💜
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Always looking over my shoulder for that next opportunity. 👊🏽 #StriveToBeBetter

Today I am off to grow and learn and network. Love getting to expand my mind and be better equipped to help my amazing crew of busy ladies that are on a mission.

Hoping I’ve struck the right note with comfortable but professional. Got my notebook, my snacks, my water and my business cards. Looking forward to the day.

3 days to go!!! Visit us at www.pohenufoods.com on 23rd sept

t’s so frustrating when you try so hard to lose your weight, but end up with no results. The regularity of working out, controlling all the cravings, and making all the changes in your daily lifestyle is just not enough to endeavor the results, then what can be done? These are the weird moments wherein the majority of women give up their moto of losing weight. After all, it’s worthy to relish the fact of being delish and be flabby rather than de-motivating yourself. Agreed? This is a trap all the way. And before you take this seriously, its time to realize the factors which are coming between your main aim. Take a tour:Fat and Mass: Before you begin with anything, you must know the difference between fat and mass on a serious note. Do you know that losing weight is miss-interrupted with building mass and shedding fat? Whenever you say that you want to lose weight, just rephrase it and say that you want to say goodbye to flab. When you start working out and lose your weight, it will make you feel good, but later on when you will start building muscle mass, the more you intake the sources of protein, the more muscle you will build, and the thing will be accordingly. Precisely, prefer looking for body fat percentage just to make sure that you are losing fat or not. Try to calculate this.
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What we’re having for dinner. I’m obsessed with tomato’s which is full of antioxidants. Tofu is great for the skin and pork because I ran out of chicken. Lol😂 I usually cook this dish with chicken but pork will do. Make sure your rice is warm for a better taste. 🌸 Tag me #victoriaher if you decide to make this dish. I would be so happy to see it.

Food exploring in myeongdong.

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Sweet pork. Recipes on my ig. Follow for more cooking made simple.

Because I know first hand what good nutrition and healthy habits did to my body and overall health. I became so passionate about health and wellness, so I studied and got certified by the best nutrition school IIN as a holistic health coach.
Thanks to that I’m able to help my clients reach they’re own health goals, whether it’s weight loss, gut health, or adapting healthy habits.
So if you are ready to make a sustainable change, let me know!
I’d love to talk to you and give you a free consultation‼️
. 🇲🇽 Porque sé de primera mano lo que la buena nutrición y hábitos saludables le hicieron a mi cuerpo y mi salud en general.
Me apasioné tanto por el tema de la salud y el bienestar que decidí estudiar en la mejor escuela de nutrición IIN y obtener la certificación de Health Coach!! Gracias a eso, ayudo a mis clientes a alcanzar sus propias metas de salud, ya sea la pérdida de peso, la salud intestinal o la adaptación de hábitos saludables.
Entonces, si estás listo para hacer un cambio sustentable. ¡házmelo saber!
¡Me encantaría platicar contigo y darte una consulta gratis‼️

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