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Humpppppp Day Brunch 👅🔥♥️ Two Pieces of Toast + Half an Avooooo 🥑 + 2 Scrambled Eggs Topped on Lean Turkey 🍳 + Fruit 🍉 get in maaaaa tummmyyyyyy #Brunchin #RealFood

4 years ago today, VEGAS DISCOUNT NUTRITION was born. A small 800 square foot store on Eastern Avenue.
4 years later, we now have 8 locations in 3 states, along with 21 sold franchise locations. The picture below is of the original 7 founding members of VDN. They have shown a tremendous amount of commitment to our customers, suppliers, and employees. Their dedication and commitment to what we've built is now a part of them forever.
The VDN BROTHERHOOD and SISTERHOOD is now 60 people STRONG. Our goals are the same now as they were 4 years ago, to give our customers the GREATEST experience with the LARGEST selection and BEST prices anywhere in the USA.
Thank you to the original founding members. THANK YOU to all who have worked at VDN to make it the BEST nutrition chain in the world. THANK YOU to all of our customers and suppliers.

I've posted something similar to this a few months back, but this topic is SO IMPORTANT that I wanted to make this post again in hopes it reaches some new people. Also, this graph perfectly illustrates the issue at hand in GRAPH FORM, for my visual learners 😉👆
It has become EXTREMELY COMMON amongst gym goers to eat "healthy" during the workweek, maybe meal prep or make smarter choices 🥗🍎, and then to let loose and enjoy oneself during the weekends 🍔🍟🍻. NOW- this may work for some people! If you're one of them, consider yourself lucky. HOWEVER, for MOST people, you cannot get away with GOING IN on food 2-3 days out of the week and still make physique progress. 😬
This is where the MAGICAL CONCEPT of the "Tipping Point" comes in... And it is basically quite simple... It reasons that: Id you go that EXTRA MILE, you will yield above average results. This can be thought of in terms of consistency OR accuracy. Apply that concept to nutrition.... SO MANY PEOPLE eat healthy 5 days a week and let loose on weekends and get TRAPPED in this cycle of making little to NO PROGRESS for years. This gets discouraging and ultimately leads to lack of motivation or people falling off.
What if I told you that all you have to do is put in 1-2 EXTRA DAYS OF CONSISTENCY/ACCURACY?!?! 🎯What if I told you that there are methods of dieting that allow for your favorite "weekend foods", you would just have to moderate the quantities!? ⚖️ Would that change things? 🤔 Because it's TRUE! I hate to see how many people make little to NO progress year after year, when the answers were right in front of them. If you're already okay with putting in 5 days of work a week, knowing that that extra 1-2 days of discipline YIELDS EXPONENTIALLY GREATER RESULTS can change everything! I have personally experienced this, and I've worked with many clients who started getting staggering results when all we changed was their consistency! 😉

Hoteldebotel stapeltjes gek op m'n doperwt die vandaag alweer 7 weken is! 💕 Mae en Toeter gaan straks uitgebreid knuffelen met opa en oma en ik ren snel de sportschool binnen. 🏋🏼 Kan ik alvast wennen voor als ik straks weer moet gaan werken. 😅☹️
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Say goodbye to kale 👋🏼and hello 🙋🏼‍♂️to 2017's biggest health food trends via the link in our bio. #goodlifehc #healthfoods

Come out and try our yummy peanut butter and strawberry bowl today! We are open till 7pm! 🍓🥜 📷: @s.a.foodie

When you run out of ideas so you prepare everything you got left im the fridge together with some rice 😁👌
Currently I always prepare my vegetables with some starchbased sauce. This way I got a delicious sauce and the only fat in this meal comes from the avocado... So it's a not too unhealthy one 😋🤓
Will have to go shopping again tomorrow. There is just no food left in the house 😬


back to my health eatting and i got start really push my self at gym start with 2 class tonight #gym #healthfoods

Want a tasty yet healthy snack to get you through the day? These apple and berry tofu muffins will impress. A great source of antioxidants and high in protein, these nourishing muffins are the perfect on-the-go snack! Click the link in the bio and head to our recipe page for details. #jeanhailes #womenshealth

Having been struck down with an infection over the past few days it felt good to get back in the #gym and do a workout 💪🏻 felt even better to finish it off with some protein products from @scitec_uk sampled the raspberry and blueberry smoothie as well as a chocolate #protein bar 🍫
#hydrated #workout #fitness #instagay #muscles #gains💪 #gym #protein #proteinshake
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Le temps est gris ☁️ Alors on vous apporte du ☀️ avec @gaelle.mlrb et son bowl tout coloré !

My daily dose of vitamins... While this superfood contains 95% of water keeping the body hydrated and helping the body eliminates toxins, cucumbers have most of the vitamins the body needs in a single day.
#Health #Food #HealthFoods #Vitamins #Lifestyle #Superfood #Maintenance #Cucumber #Hydration #Snack


hello, yes this is my face when I'm not drenched in sweat and in gym clothes 😋
So I was tagged by the lovely @theproteinsloth (follow her if you don't already, she's such a lovely person and posts brilliant recipes) to post 10 non-fitness related facts about myself. So here goes 😅:
1. I literally wear eyeliner EVERYWHERE. Gym, shopping, you name it and I'll be wearing it. I can't live without it 👀😅
2. I'm quite extroverted outside of Instagram and generally way too chatty 🙈 I try to tone it down a bit on my Instagram though, but trust me - I could talk for hours 😂
3. I say 'literally' and 'honestly' way too much
4. I have yet to reveal my age on my Instagram, so I'll let y'all guess 😉
5. One thing I've always disliked about myself is my baby face - the amount of times I've been mistaken for someone younger is unreal 👶🏻 6. BUT one thing I *do* like about myself is my pale skin! A lot of people in the past have mocked me for being so ghostly-pale but I've learned to love it. I think all skin tones are beautiful and no matter what skin tone you are, you should love it because you are unique. Screw anyone who mocks you for it. You do you 🙏🏻❤️
7. I'm fascinated by psychology and the human mind.
8. When I was inpatient for anorexia, I'm actually grateful for it because other than saving my life, I also met my best friend there who has stayed in contact with me for years even though she lives in another country.☺️
9. My main goal for this account is to build a community - I'd love to get people more involved: answering/asking questions, sharing recipes, helping eachother out, etc. 😊
10. I love food. Surprising, I know 😂
So there you go - y'all got to know a little bit more about the person behind the food pictures 😉 thanks for the tag @theproteinsloth , I had a lot of fun doing this! ❤️

Last night it was this, two spoons and @loveisland🍦#guilty Who else is hooked?!

20% OFF retail in the studio continues - only available until Friday 30th June! Includes clothing, accessories, Misuzi necklaces, teas, candles, Xtend Barre Props & Super Elixir! Non-members are welcome to come shopping in the studio anytime - see our current timetable for our opening hours (link in bio)! xxx⠀
* VIX, Elite & Essential Members receive their further 10% off!⠀
* Excludes Proplenish, Doterra Oils & already reduced items. ⠀
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Skin drink #GreenGoodness

@filmoreandunion fuelling my life (seriously if you get chance try this charcoal latté it's beaut 💚)

C'est le jour J pour la sortie du guide paléo et je suis calme, sereine, prête pour cette journée ...
Mon petit déjeuner :
Thé, omelette lait de coco pommes, raisin
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Did myself a cute little fruit bowl for breakfast, featuring homegrown raspberries.
PS. Finally finished my first year of university🎉

Cabbage/Pineapple/Carrot Coleslaw (ft. Vegannaise)

Hoteldebotel stapeltjes gek op m'n doperwt die vandaag alweer 7 weken is! 💕 Mae en Toeter gaan straks uitgebreid knuffelen met opa en oma en ik ren snel de sportschool binnen. 🏋🏼 Kan ik alvast wennen voor als ik straks weer moet gaan werken. 😅☹️
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Been dying to find out what's inside the July box?! Here's a cheeky sneak peek to keep you on the edge of your seat 🙈🙉🙊 Boxes will be dispatched next week yayay get excited! 💜

Head over and check out @vitalitywholefoods self serve scoop range. It will not disappoint, so much variety and great prices too. 🍃

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