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Mindfulness is the ability to be fully aware in the moment. While it sounds super easy to do, many times it is not because we let other things control us - like other people - rather than being fully invested and conscious of our thoughts and feelings. We are reactive and just respond quickly rather than stopping and really thinking about how each life experience affects us and how we want to respond in a positive manner. When was the last time you were mindful of your thoughts? Like truly mindful - not just I thought about it and reacted quickly not giving much thought.⠀
I share a ton more tips like this in The Single L.Y.F. Community which is a community of single women all working towards learning to love ourselves first so we can begin to attract the experiences and men into our lives that we deserve. Join us by heading to the link in my bio.⠀

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450 calorie dessert because you have so many macros left — @halotopcreamery #gingerbread ice cream, simply 5 chocolate drizzle, @enjoylifefoods chocolate chunks & half a banana!

Papaya detox smoothies! I love refreshing tropical drinks in the winter time. They help me forget about the cold weather and pretend I'm on a beach somewhere. .
Photo cred 📷@minimalistbaker
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Spaghetti squash with sautéed mushrooms and shaved brussels — top with reduced parmesan with red pepper flakes & served with baby back ribs 🤤 650 calories!

healthy vibes in SoCal 🥗#sprinklesandwine

Those great meatballs we made are now used in a wonderful “hot bowl”. This Asian broth is served piping hot over your chopped vegetables. This cooks them perfectly. Finish with the jalapeños and lime. It’s a Must. #mealprep #hotbowl #cheflife #lovefood #healthfoodporn

Evening guys, I bet you’ve all been wondering where I am and what to have to eat.
Well I’m back with today’s special recipes.
I’ve loaded up this morning with another full English as it’s been pretty full on at work those keys on my keyboard aren’t going to press themselves.
We’ve got the basics of a full English so you know the score there.
Meal 2 a boneless banquet loads of protein 44 baked beans and chips so two of my five a day right there.
Meal 3 a Burger King meal consisting of a chicken royal with cheese onion rings and chips and about 2ltr of coke to keep my sugar levels up so I’ve got two more of my five a day in there. Now perhaps you’re thinking this guy is eating way too much!! My third meal was during my drive home I’ve read that an F1 driver can lose 3kg in a race which is less than two hours my drive was over three hours so I’ve definitely cancelled that meal out. Enjoy!!
Any questions please leave in the comments section as always replies usually after I’ve finished eating. #healthyfood #healthybreakfast #healthylifestyle #newme #instafit #instafun #instafitness #instahappy #instahealthy #instahealth #instagood #instamood #amazing #instadaily #photoftheday #healthfood #healthfoodporn #healthfoods #eatingfit #healthfoodguide #instacooking #instarecipes

There's a NEW "In de koelkast van.." video up on my Youtube channel girlies!🎬This time I visited the Youtube hit @marije who's popular for her extreme "Dit gebeurt er als.." experiments. She has over 75K followers, but the amount of chocolate bars I found in her fridge is MORE shocking!😱🤣👌🏼Wanna know what's been hiding in her fridge? Hit the YouTube link in bio and IG stories for a sneak peek! #foodie_ness #indekoelkastvan #chocoheaven


Have y’all noticed that I haven’t been great at keeping up with my posts this year... annnnd we’re only 3 weeks into it👏🏽😂

I mentioned in my last post that I did get a new job, which is 💯 contributing to my insta-absence –BUT y’all, in times like these convenience RULES my life.

Over the past few years, I have tried A LOT of the recipe/meal delivery services, but NONE of them also offer to deliver raw, cold pressed juice! And it tastes really good too y’all!

While I can’t remember how I stumbled upon @thistleco I am quite happy I found them because they have made my mornings and evenings so much easier. Right now, anything that helps take the stress off #signmeup 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

Leading a 2 day facilitation and today’s lunch was brought in. They brought in PIZZA & a salad. Thankfully, I packed up my mushroom pizza 🍕 and put it overtop the salad 🥗 . I also had a hardboiled egg 🥚 packed, but I ate that before taking the picture – LOL. It was hard to say no to the pizza, but I also know I will not have the carbohydrate crash because I planned and prepped and packed!! 🤓TRIPLE P BABY…. Plan, prep, pack and you will never fail. This lunch was 175 calories!! Yes and I will have a @powercrunch bar and apple sauce for a snack later + a very yummy dinner planned!! Happy TUESDAY!

Harwell business park we are back with @wanderingkitch for 2018!
Are you ready ?? We’ll be flipping burgers from 11.30-2.

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Stage lighting on the iPhone X - on point 💁🏼‍♀️👌🏻 coming into Tuesday doing my best to smile — facilitation for two days straight — we got this! ☕️

We pour our hearts into each cup! #tenrenstea #handwritingday

The people you surround yourself with are your tribe. Your tribe dictates a lot of what you’ll achieve or not achieve. It’s called herd mentality. When your in the herd you’ll more than likely follow what they do. That’s why if you have any dreams or passions you want to achieve, you better find the right tribe 💪🏼
It’s true, when you see a friend group you mostly see people who are doing around the same thing. Similar income levels, lifestyle, health choices, and even religious ideas. Community, is a strong force in your life whether you feel it or not so pay attention!!😬😬-
That’s why when I help coaches or fitness experts create online coaching businesses I do it in a community setting. When your frequency or bandwidth is surrounded by other coaches who just started creating a bigger income online you will rise to the occasion. The community is powerful for this!!! -
If you want to know more about the wealth building community send me a message or fill out the link in my bio. If your tired of not being free or paid what your worth you need this kind of community that is 🙌🏻🙌🏻

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