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Traded in my toast today for a loaded taco 🌮 homemade tortilla filled with roasted cauliflower, carrots + sweet potato, black beans, avocado, arugula, spicy sprouts and a spicy Greek yogurt drizzle 🤤 happy Tuesday, loves! ✨
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น้ำพริกกะปิ สันในไก่ต้ม ผักต้ม
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When you first wake up in the morning, your body is literally eating up it's own muscle mass because you've been fasting all night!
In order to fuel your brain, your body converts amino acids from your muscles into glucose.
The quickest way to interrupt this process is to down either Amino Acids or Whey Protein first thing in the am.
I personally like to go with the amino acids & go right into fasted cardio immediately after. This way my body is no longer in a catabolic state and I can burn fat most effectively first thing in the am without sacrificing muscle mass.
👉Make sure to grab the highest quality aminos by @1upnutrition & keep your muscles growing around the clock 👊🏼 Use code AARON at checkout for up to 40% OFF.

💥Lets talk about fruits 🍌
🍋Note that all fruits are healthy and I encourage you to eat a big variety everyday -
🍎In fact not eating enough fruit is the number 1 dietary risk factor according to the global burden of disease study funded by Bill Gates. It is the largest study ever in the history of humankind on risk factors for disease. -
🍉Here is a list of my favorite fruits:
berries (I always have a couple frozen bags and some fresh as well, like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, red currants etc.) banana
watermelon and other melons
passion fruit
pick the one you like and try other fruits as well -
👤Tag someone who need this 💚 and let me know your favorite fruit if you only could pick one 👇🏼☺️ #fruit ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
🥞Food Channel👉🏼 @vegainsfood
📋DM for customized Training Plan
✨Vegan Nutrition Guide is coming soon
📹YouTube Channels👉🏼 Vegains & Vegains DE

Prepped by @allysongesch
Love this spread!
@mealprepdaily #Mealprepdaily

✨Quando tudo flui, e o Uni se encarrega de trazer as pessoas, significa que você está no seu no seu propósito. ✨
Hoje tive a honra de conhecer pessoalmente esse médico que foi fundamental para minha escolha de vida. @drericslywitch você deveria dar aula do real significado de ser médico. Um médico que te explica o que é "tim tim por tim tim" no resultado de um "check up" com uma tabela e escrevendo no papel ao lado, merece o respeito que tem . Por essas entendemos a posição que tem na classe.
Cada vez mais tenho certeza do caminho que trilho, que os anjos continuem dizendo sim. . 📚 Pra quem quiser conhecer mais sobre esse incrível mundo de alimentação sem carne, comece por aqui. Recomendo demais a leitura dele 🦋✨Ho'oponopono #GoVeggie #PlantBased

'Cause no smoothie bowl is complete without a cookie 🍪😍 starting today off with frozen berries, kale, almond milk, honey, almond butter, collagen powder, coconut flakes, bee pollen, @gr8nola granola, an @emmysorganics vanilla coconut cookie and the cutest baby kiwis 🥝🤗

⚡️NOT A FOOD RELATED POST⚡️(So feel free to read or keep scrolling). I was interviewed this morning on a radio show, about my “story” and if what I do with my life and what I “put out there” is sending the “right message” or not. .
I received my Bachelors degree in Communications and learned a lot about human perception and am amazed by it on a daily basis. I made it clear that everyone defines THEIR OWN message. Granted it can be taken in a million different ways, but I’ve made it known since day one what my message IS (despite the fact that other people attempt to define my message for me).
As someone that’s had (and has also been extremely vocal about) an Eating Disorder for over 7 years now and has also battled depression and anxiety. I can attest to the fact that we live in a world in which we are forced into believing we can achieve unrealistic expectations both of OURSELVES and of OUR BODIES. One thing that I love doing is pushing my body to new levels of strength, I’ve come to accept and realize that I will never have the ever so “aesthetic” physique because of many reasons, but one of the main reasons is that I simply don’t desire it. Because MY message is one that laughs at a society full of people, companies and ideas that try to sell us bullshit so that we can spend countless years and millions of dollars trying to achieve things that aren’t possible. And even IF we get remotely close to those things, we will still never achieve that level of happiness that we think comes along with it. .
TLDR..DEFINE YOUR OWN MESSAGE + I HIT 455lbs FOR A NEW PR TODAY. (Erik’s Happy) ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #TeamElectric

Que tu meta hoy sea ganarle a tu mayor excusa. 💪😉
Martes terminado y x fin en casita descansando!! Q ganas tenía d tumbarme en el sofá 🙊hoy a tocado pierna ... Y creo q no m las siento con la tabla nueva q he empezado 😲 Podré andar mañana? Jajaja Pd: crecerán algún día? Tanto ellas como el 🍑 ? 😧 😤😂 ----------------------
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🍐Продукты от депрессии согласно Аюрведе
Эти продукты перечисленные ниже, содержат в себе позитивные энергии и энергии благости. Все мы знаем, что продукты полезны из-за содержания в них различных витаминов, клетчатки, углеводов, жиров, белков и других полезных элементов. Но аюрведа делает акцент на энергиях, которые содержатся в продуктах. Видов энергий много, например страсти, невежества, благости. Чтобы побороть депрессию, лучше всего употреблять продукты, которые содержат энергию благости.
Это специя, сладковатая на вкус. Она отлично повышает оптимизм, а так же способствует улучшению настроения. Использовать молотый анис можно так же и в напитках.
Эта специя тоже содержит энергии благости. Она повысит Вашу жизнерадостность, а так же устранит депрессию и перенапряжение.
Является одним из самых благостных продуктов. Банан даст Вам оптимизм и спокойствие. Он позитивно повлияет на эмоции и мышление, а так же смягчит жесткий характер.
Однозначно лучшая ягода (одна из лучших), подходящая для излечения депрессивного состояния. Использовать барбарис можно измельченным, добавляя его в различные напитки (например, чай).
Содержит в себе достаточно энергий радости, чтобы повысить оптимизм.
🔅Золотой корень (другое название — Родиола Розовая)
Рекомендовано его использовать в небольших количествах и только утром (измельченный в порошок корень добавить в напиток, либо пожевать небольшой кусочек корешка).
🔅Кардамон зелёный
От черного отличается внешним видом—зернышки внутри светлые, а коробочка зеленая. Эта специя имеет множество лечебных свойств, а так же отлично устраняет депрессивное состояние.
Придает оптимизм, способствует повышению настроения, а так же увеличивает жизнерадостность.
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When a feed is so good you have to go back again the following day 😍😍😍

If I could find a reason it wouldn’t suffice...so it’s time to get to work 💪🏾.

Pretty lucky to have my work support my diet 😍😏
Fresh salmon salad
Cheers Oolaa ❤️
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Pretty hot here at Southern Cross today... daydreaming about tucking into one of our delicious vegan booja ice creams 😋 @boojabooja #icecream #boojabooja #nicecream #vegan #vegansofaus #plantbased #desert #organic #healthfood #dairyfree #glutenfree #summer #southerncross #melbourne #australia #govita #melbournevegan

# Petit-déjeuner au travail . 🥛

So stoked to try these beautiful babies 😍😍😍#healthfood #tropeaka
@sarahs_day ur a babe

Soulful's range of dried fruit, makes for the perfect smoothie bowl topping 👌🏻What's your favourite topping?

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TurmeriX gives you the choice to use food not drugs to fight inflammation the all-natural way. Click the link in our bio to visit our website and learn more.

У меня появились свободные места только на вечерние группы 🤗. Поэтому пожалуйста , кто хотел придти на занятия, но я вам отказывала из-за отсутствия мест отпишите пожалуйста 🍂. @ave_ajar

Eating organic foods isn't a trend or fad, it's a return to tradition 🌿

Hands down, best looking plate of goodness, our soul is drooling over this. 🌈
Can't wait to head over to @thecleantreatsfactory for a tasty visit. Have you been? 🤤
#mayhavelickedthescreen #breathe
📷 @thecleantreatsfactory

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