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Thursday Rise And Rise 🔝: There Is Always More To Learn
“Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.” “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.” “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” “The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.”💯

No-Fail Fat Loss Plan ( in time for summer)

Making Time For Yourself
I hear it over and over from my online coaching clients:
I'm too busy. I don’t have time to eat right.
I get it.
You’re busy. I'm busy too.
When you’re busy, you need to have a plan to get the important stuff done💡
Because getting into shape won't happen by accident❌
Nobody is going to “give” you time. You have to take that time💯
Create time. Carve it out. Grab it.
Defend it like a berserker once you’ve got it.
Because that time is an appointment with the most important person: YOU✔

How to make time and do your habit

Very first habit I work on with clients is making time. For this habit, “make time” means that you do the following.

Decide how much time, realistically, you can spend on your Coaching lessons and habits today, and every day during these first 2 weeks. Even if it’s only 10 or 15 minutes a day, that’s a great start.

Get a calendar. This can be online (we like Google Calendar), on your smartphone, or plain old paper.

Look at your calendar. What’s coming up for you?

Book time. For each day, set aside an appointment with yourself in advance to read a lesson and do your habit.

Set reminders for that appointment — screen pop-ups, text messages, Post-it notes, singing telegrams... whatever it takes to keep yourself on track and ready to deploy when necessary.

When the time comes (and hopefully your reminders will have warned you in advance), do the thing you promised you’d do.

That’s it.
All I want you to do is book some time every day for your own health and fitness, and get in the habit of sticking to it.
Once you’ve done steps 1 through 5, check off your habit as completed✔

I work on building 26 new habits over the course of a year with all my online clients
One Day
Or Day 1
I Believe In You❤

Why Am I Not Making Progress?
I'll just leave this little nugget right here😉
Train Smarter 💡

5 sweets YOU should ditch ❎
Beyond soft drinks🥤
Chicken and veggies on another level ✔

Entertainers entertain/ possibly injur❎
Trainers train- better than the above, but leaves you unsatisfied ❎
Coaches Change People 💯

Instead of asking " How Much?"
The real question is "What Am I Getting?" Choose Wisely 😉
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Lawrence Serrahn for the full article ✔

Thursday's Coaches Corner: Have Vegetables At Breakfast ▪Have scrambled eggs with salsa for a
great start to your day that includes
▪Not only will the salsa boost the
flavor of your eggs but your body can absorb
more lycopene (a nutrient which may reduce
your risk of cancer) from cooked/processed
tomato products like salsa✔
The First Wealth Is Health💯

YOU will never change YOUR life until YOU change something YOU do daily ❎
The secret of YOUR success is found in YOUR daily routine 💡
.... Are YOU Ready To Have YOUR Life Change For The Better?
I'm Your Coach✔
I Believe In YOU 🤗
PN 2 Certified Coach
..... Regrann from @precisionnutrition - So you want to change how much body fat you have, but don't know where to start. Well, let's start by getting a clear idea of where you're currently at.
🤔Consider the following:
1️⃣ Figure out your goals and priorities. If you don’t know what your priorities are, now’s a great time to explore that.
2️⃣ Decide what you’re willing and not willing to do right now in order to serve those goals and priorities. Why?
3️⃣ Decide how often, how consistently, and how precisely, you’re willing to do those things.
💙In the above steps, be brutally honest and realistic yet compassionate with yourself.
💪🏼Now you have your action plan.
👀And if you watched our video earlier this week on "what it takes to be 'super-lean'", you know where you are on the cost-benefit continuum.
🧠This is just a general guide. It’s a start. Something to get you thinking.
👆🏼Once you've asked yourself the above questions and you have your action plan, check out our video for next steps. - #regrann

Sundays Snacks
A Healthy Outside
Starts From The Inside 💡
.... What Are YOU Eating Today?

Saturday Rise And Rise: Refeed Day
What Is A Refeed Day?
..... • Leptin, a hormone that regulates satiety and energy intake, decreases when body-fat levels go down and carbohydrate intake gets reduced. As a result, hunger levels rise and satiety is reduced❎ • Enter the reefed. When you're in a prolonged deficit, your muscle carbohydrate stores are often running close to empty. A properly constructed refeed day will help to replenish these stores, rather than bolstering fat stores✔
☆However, a cheat day containing an abundance of high-fat foods will primarily promote fat gain rather than refilling your carbohydrate stores. Additionally, a high-fat meal has been demonstrated to promote a dip in leptin levels for up to 24 hours.❎
•Excess fat storage and a reduction in leptin are outcomes you are absolutely notseeking during a fat-loss phase!❎
•Ideally, the goal of a refeed day should be to promote a rise in leptin levels to better help adherence to a specific diet✔
•Everything Bagel With Egg And Chicken Sausage, Paleo Style😋✔
How Are You Starting Your Saturday?

Saturday Rise And Rise 🔝
Getting Results And Changing Lives,
That's What Matters💯

Fridays Movement Snacks : Toe Curls
Most people neglect their feet❎
As a result, they exhibit significant weaknesses and imbalances which contribute to a host of issues throughout their body including pain to the hips, knees, and back, lack of mobility, instability, poor balance, and both chronic and acute injuries throughout the body❎
•Wake up the muscles of the toes and feet👣
•Improve toe flexibility, mobility, and activation ✔
How To Do It...
•Curl toes ⬆️ and hold for several seconds. Focus on spreading the toes✔
•Curl toes⬇️ and hold for several seconds. Focus on gripping the floor✔
☆Pro Tip- Make sure you stay on the outside of your feet👍
•5-8 reps lasting about 45-60 seconds ✔
Train Smarter 😉

Thursday's Coaches Corner
Be Committed To The Process Without Being Emotionally Attached To The Results 💡
Success Leaves Clues
So Does Failure😉

Saturday's Fit Tip
• If You're Eating And Behaving Like The General Public, Expect To Look Like Them✔
Don't Let Your Weekend
Be Your Weak End❎
Happy Saturday 🌞🌞

Nutrition Made Simple
▪Step 1- Create a caloric deficit ✔
▪Step 2- Ensure Adequate protein is consumed✔
▪That's It! The rest will take care of itself ✔
Eat Smarter😉
Regrann from @online.fitness.coach - One of the simplest habits you can get into. Protein every meal. Check out my guy Darren’s page @loud_fitness for more like this. He puts out great content daily.
Repost @loud_fitness
Every diet, nutrition plan, lifestyle choice or whatever has a protein requirement. Protein is the core of most diets. I don’t have a problem with anyone’s nutrition choice but at the end of the day I think we all can agree that protein is a dominant factor! If you ever come across a diet that eliminates protein... run 🏃 💪🏾
So just in case your wondering if keto, paleo, iifym or whatever diet or lifestyle choice you make is best for fat loss... just remember these two important factors: adequate protein and a slight calorie deficit will be two crucial factors that will possibly determine how successful your weight loss journey will be.
Hope this helps💪🏾 - #regrann

Friday Rise And Rise 🔝: Make Time

I hear it over and over from my online coaching clients:

I’m a busy guy. I don’t have time to eat right.

I get it.

You’re busy. I'm busy too.

When you’re busy, you need to have a plan to get the important stuff done📋

Because getting into shape won't happen by accident❎


Nobody is going to “give” you time. You have to take that time!💯 Create time. Carve it out. Grab it✔

Defend it✔

Because that time is an appointment with YOU😊
•Making time puts YOU in control✔ •Whatever your reasons for being busy (and rushed), I'm sure they’re good ones. •And whatever your reasons… today is the day you start a new relationship with “busy "✔
•Today, by making time, you start to take control back ✔
Control of your life, and your time 💯

The kind of control that will eventually make you feel more focused, more confident, more in charge, and ultimately… happier🙌
Take Charge Of Your Time ⬇️
Fitness Made Simple ✔


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Sunday Rise And Rise 🔝
•What Are You Doing Today?
•Are You Moving Towards Your Goals?➡️
•There Are No Days Off In Life✔
• You're Either Gaining Ground Or Falling Behind💯

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