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Every 3 minutes, another Canadian will be diagnosed with diabetes. Can fitness be a potential solution?
I will be speaking at the South Asian Diabetes Expo on Saturday, November 25th located at North Park secondary school (410 & Williams) in Brampton. The expo runs from 12-5. .
We all know somebody who has been affected by diabetes. What we may not know is that type 2 diabetes is preventable!
Come learn how to take control of this disease and support a growing cause.
Happy #motivationmonday !!

We finished our 7 day @amrita_easydetox cleanse yesterday & are both feeling thoroughly cleansed 💚 Here are some of the great meals we enjoyed during the week. It's an easy to follow program with 3 herbal shakes per day & 3 delicious easy to prep meals. I lost 5 pounds which I wasn't expecting! The herbal shakes were really cleansing to the gastrointestinal tract!! Our energy increased during the week & I have been able to put a lot more energy into the day & into exercise routines so much so that we have given up coffee ☕️ It's a great plan to kick start weight loss & cleanse, reboot & energise the body. Too find out more email me at hannah@naturalhealthforever.com 💚with any questions .
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"This is overwhelming. How am I going to get through today? I don't even have time to breathe!" All of us have had days like this. They can be emotionally draining and taxing on our physical bodies, as well as our emotional state.
Don't let the excuse of your schedule be the reason you neglect your health. That's exactly the reason we need to train; to destress, to disengage with the mayhem and to remain healthy on many fields. Don't let your reason why, become your excuse. Hope you had a productive Monday y'all!

I don’t surround myself with “bad girls”. I surround myself with women with vision, career goals, and positivity! 💥I am LOOKING and ready to add 5 women to the team who want to make extra income by helping others around them look, feel and become better. 🌻🌺🌸Flowers that grow in bunches grow faster! If you’re looking to surround yourself with women who WANT you to succeed and are looking to give you the tools 💡💎Message me! •

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When your day ends and it feels just as good as getting a bouquet of flowers. ~
During my New Moon Ritual this weekend I really sat down and thought about where I can be embracing even more of myself in all aspects of my life. ~
Who is Monica? Wellness obsessed, fashion lover, jet setter, messy, quirky, silly, ambitious, curious
My expertise: helping women uncover their potential and see THEIR expertise, cutting out the BS to do list items and getting down to business, holding Boss babes accountable to making their lifestyle dreams a reality.
PS if you’re ready to nail down your expertise, niche and create a course or program for your blog - my new course is officially open (price goes up Wednesday) check it out in the link in bio
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i always have goals. I’m setting myself up for the DOPEST year ever. that means, the work happens NOW. the seeds get planted NOW! The better habits are implemented NOW. i have been on my #herbalife nutrition plan 5 years ago and i am so grateful to be at a place of COMPLETE self love and confidence. i show up in the world differently ever since i invested in bettering myself in all areas. there is nothing like good health, a healed heart, a flourishing spirit and positive mind!! i am accepting new clients right now who are committed to total life success...starting with their physical! email or DM me with your goals! #herbalife #healthAndWellnessCoach #internationalherbalifedistributor

♦Such a great interview this morning, thank you @hemasramkissoon_ and The Morning Brew team for having me on your program.
#MediaProfessional #MotivationalSpeaker #HealthandWellnessCoach

Turned in my last assignment for the year! 🙌🏼Creighton, you've been good to me. Until next year! #mastersdegree #healthandwellnesscoach #creighton #bluejays

So happy where my body is at right now & it’s only going to get better! Working on these hammies hard! Thank you @sergio_malmborg for kicking my a$$ & pushing me past my comfort zone 🙌🏼 #fitmom #healthandwellnesscoach #itsalifestyle #onlygettingbetter #womaninprogress


It has been 7 years since I went through a McDonalds Drive thru!
Here’s to Tatum’s Science Fair experiment. She is comparing fast food to whole food. This should be interesting😁
I guess the Apple does not fall to far from the tree when it comes to the interest in Health and Wellness🍎 Tay has learned so much, and once again my Kitchen counter has become a science lab😂

#ourhomeschooljourney #wholefoodavocate #healthandwellnesscoach #ChallengeA #ClassicalConversations #seventhgrade

I am still at the beginning of this awesome journey of health and wellness, but in the short time I've been here, I can see little differences in my appearance already. I used to be all about trying to count calories. I tried all different diet fads and never saw a difference. Now, even though I am pregnant, I see a difference in muscle tone, strength and mentality. I no longer count calories. I no longer follow a fruitless diet trend. I AM getting stronger and more fit and healthy. Are you ready to stop trying the millions of diet fads that fail? Are you ready to get fit and healthy without counting calories? My health and fitness support group WILL help you succeed! DON'T let the fear of failure keep you from following your dreams. I am here to help you make your fitness and wellness dreams come true. Are you ready? Message me today! #fitmomof4 #fitfamily #healthandwellnesscoach

Hearty lentil and bean soup!! Very filling, with lots of fibre and protein! Vegan friendly! TLS friendly! So many great recipes from my website and from my own creativity 😁😁😁 #bossbabe #healthandwellnesscoach #healthyfood #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #foodporn #foodgasm #holistichealth #holisticnutrition #holisticwellness #tlsweightlosssolution #tlsslim #nurse #lovewhatyoudo #lovetocook #lovetoeat #nomeat #nodairy

d e l i c a t a s q u a s h

I hadn't heard of it either until one day I stumbled upon this recipe on my Netflix of Workouts!

That's right, my workout app has its own blog filled with fitness tips and healthy recipes that will get me closer to my goals 💯 I love trying new foods and recipes so this is kind of amazing! 😉

Prepped in 5 minutes and done in 28 (I didn't even have to peel it cause the skin is edible 😋). Here's what you'll need:

1 Delicata Squash
Olive oil
Sea Salt
Ground Pepper

1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F.
2. Wash off squash.
3. Cut in half lengthwise and remove seeds. Then cut into 1/2 inch wedges.
4. Coat with olive oil, rosemary, salt, and pepper.
5. Bake and turn it once.
6. Enjoy 🍴

My curious mind wants to know... Which liquid Luminizer makes you want to "shine bright like a diamond”?! 🤔 💎Pearly- Rich Copper 💎Benevolent- Golden Frost 💎Iridescent- Prismatic White 💎Opaline- Deep Bronze
💎Lustrous- Rose Gold

Ahh I can't choose!😂 I want them all!😂😘 #luminizer #highlighter #makeup #mua #cosmetics #beautyblogger #styleblogger #healthandwellnesscoach #lifestyleblogger #business #businesswoman #entrepreneur #pureallureuk #followonfacebook #linkinbio

Gorgeous @naomifindlaydart working the cameras for @headnorthfilms and I in Byron last week.

Sometimes the most difficult thing is allowing yourself the time to actually create some long term change.

Have patience

Trust the process

See it through

It took you a lifetime to get to where you are now

Its unlikely to take you a fortnight to get to where you want to be in the future.

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You are not a shrink, psychologist or therapist. You can only represent the best version of yourself during your time here
You cannot change the thoughts or actions of others. Everyone is own their journey and will learn the lessons of life at their own pace .
You always have the choice to react in a manner that is in alignment of your core values. Never give someone the satisfaction to take you out of character
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Edamame, tempeh and organic tofu are healthy foods to eat. The key to making soy a healthy part of your diet is to include organic, non processed (think ‘soy protein isolate for the processed source) simple additions a few times a week. This is a simple coriander and cumin baked extra firm tofu with edamame tossed on leafy greens. How simple is that? For more information on soy visit www.furhman.com and check out the article “ Don’t Fall for the Myths About Soy”. #healthcoach #tofu #integrativehealthcoach #drfurhman #healthandwellness #healthandwellnesscoach #wellness

It's Try This Tuesday!!!
This move really challenges your core strength, balance and stability!
Form tips:
↗️ Keep your bootie down and squeeze those muscles ↗️ To prevent your hips from rotating or dropping take a wide stance with your feet ↗️ Keep your head in neutral position so your alignment is in check

Food pushers...We all know one. We all get annoyed by one. And chances are, you’ve probably been one! (Read: Stop that.)⠀
“Just one more bite isn’t going to hurt you.”⠀
“Here, have another scoop.”⠀
“But I made this pie just for YOU.”⠀
Bottom line: It doesn’t matter how solid your plan is going into Thanksgiving if you are going to let Grandma Betty push you around!⠀
JK. But seriously, check out my tips and tricks for handling food pushers both at Thanksgiving and beyond. Link in bio ☝⠀

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What’s stopping you from reaching your health goals today?
Does not have to be a massive leap, just small incremental steps. Whether you choose to up your water intake, get more sleep, eat slightly cleaner, meditate, stretch it all adds up!
Make it part of your daily routine do it so it becomes a habitual habit and part of your daily routine!!
Get it!! #healthandwellnesscoach #health #healthspo #inspo #inspiration #motivation #healthmotivation #healthychoices #healthyeating #healthygirl #women #fitness #fit #marliewiley #goals #instahealth #instafitness #focus #energy #feelgood #discipline #routine #remotecoaching

That moment after you and your mini me get your nails done and you realize how am I️ going to get my contacts out!?!?!😳🤓 Just maybe I️ should’ve worn my 👓 glasses....... #healthandwellnesscoach #fitmom #manicure #proudmommaofroyalprincess #spaday

I so love the T O U C H B L E N D S! These are great for your whole family from the littles to yourself!
I love to use the peace daily just so I can not want to lash out at some people! ED nurse problems what can I say! 😬 I am sure you mommies out there can relate though, and who doesn’t need a little peace in their life! Roll it on the spine, over the heart and on your pulse points! Fussy little one do the same and watch the pure magic of these oils!🙏🏻
Motivate OMG what timing! I am working 5 in a row right now! These are 15 hour days for me people at least! And tomorrow I will be baptizing myself with motivate! Roll on pulse points, neck and bottoms of feet!😘 .
Comment below to get yours today! Order goes in at 8pm PST! Xo

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