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What do you think about this Transformation? 😱 Tag a Friend To Show What's Possible!
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"Here you is a snippet of my story: After high school I ate and drank all the things I wasn't allowed to have as an athlete and stopped exercising all together. I let this go on for 4 years until I saw a picture of myself, this picture, and I knew I had to make a change for good. For those of you who struggle with your weight I have been there too, there are many ups and downs but if you stay focused and hungry the outcome is well worth it. Never give up on yourself!"

I remember when I first started bringing up the fact to people that I wanted to switch over to powerlifting like a year or more ago, people would question me or say things like "omg why, you're going to get fat because that's what powerlifters do." Aside from the fact of mind your own fkin business.. if I wanna get fat thats my choice and no one else's .. But more so, just because you powerlift or strength train doesn't mean it's a free for all eat everything in site buffet. While yes I do enjoy my burgers and donuts, that is not the majority of what I eat. I am very mindful of my food intake and try to keep my food as nutrient dense as possible. When you see my food posts in my Insta story you catch me on my more lax days- but I'm still mindful of HOW MUCH I'm consuming- and this is why I'm able to keep my weight in a specific range permanently. And I say all of this confidently because writing diets is what I do for a living. I write diets for a wide range of different people- from the general population to people with eating disorders to bodybuilders (and all categories of bodybuilders), and most recently I've picked up powerlifting and strongman clients as well. It all boils down to portion control and obviously tracking your food intake. You eat to fuel your training, you eat to get stronger, and you eat to recover/rebuild. You don't eat to the point of gluttony unless that is something that makes you happy, which is not any of my business anyway, but if I am working with someone I will never feed them so much that they become internally unhealthy or externally "sloppy& #34; for a lack of better terms. So please don't get it twisted and stereotype powerlifters as "fat& #34; and "out of shape." It's up to that individual and that individual alone if they want to put on excessive amounts of body fat. Not to mention all of the unhealthy side effects that come with putting on excessive amounts of body fat-- higher blood pressure, high cholesterol, the potential of diabetes, obesity etc etc, the list goes on. I promise you, you will never see me become unhealthy because I'm a powerlifter now! 😉🤓🙌🏽 #TuesdayThoughts 📝 #chicksinchucks

Whether you think you can or think you can't . You're probably right.
Put the work in, complain all you want, stomp your feet but results will come over time as long as you don't give up on your journey. Give yourself some credit and don't listen to the whys, cant's , don'ts , and do nots. Keep your feet on the ground and move forward. Every. Damn. Day.
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Because i'm trying to muster up some midweek motivation to get myself through the rest of the week... These were taken two days out from the @arnoldclassicasia where I won my class in a huge line up of bikini gals from all over the globe 🌎 I'm confident in saying this was my best package to date. I've competed in two Arnold events now, hopefully one day I'll be able to make that three by standing on an Arnold stage as a pro! To do that would be accomplishing a huge goal of mine 💕💪 #goals #motivation #nevergiveup #dream

Meal prep is hell 😞😞😞. . . Tag your diet buddy
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That face you make when you're finally lean enough to peep the croissant roll tricep coming in.
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Arrived home today to the most beautiful bunch of flowers 🌸 Totally spoilt by one of our clients who we recently coached to help give their biz a healthy kickstart ✨
Together, we planned out a banging social media strategy that is already seeing great results 💫
Love what we do, & love it even more when those we help, are loving it too 💛 #thankyou #worklife 📷 @shes_a_wildflower 💕

Saw this today when i was jogging.
Today on MTV's Pimp my pool: The beautiful White Lake in Berlin! Xzibit: Yo dawg, i heard you like swimming, so we put a pool in your lake. Now you can have a swim while you're swimming. Poolception!
Ba dum tssss.

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Огромное количество клетчатки, витаминов и минералов с минимальным количеством калорий ☝🏻 сочетание свежей цветной капусты и тыквы дают насыщение и удовольствие надолго ☝🏻

YogaLife readers we have a good news for you! 😊😊 You get a chance to tone your body at the barre.
Come tomorrow and participate in a complimentary barre class by @lululemon with @yogalaviedubai in the beautiful Japanese gardens of @kyorestaurant Lounge, on The Palm.

The class will be taught by Palm based, Yoga la Vie famous teacher Alexis Morales and will be an hour-long barre class, followed by green tea and healthy Japanese snacks from KYO.

To register your place, please email to info@yogalaviedubai.com. Spaces are limited and are on a first come, first served basis.

Registration on the morning is from 08.30am, with the barre class starting at 9am.

Time: 8:30 am
Date: Thursday, 30th of March
Location: KYO Restaurant and lounge, Golden Mile, The Palms
Parking: Available!
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Morning starbs run. My socks match my coat 🤦‍♀️ @starbucks #starbucks

A 'six pack' is not necessarily an indication of a strong core. WHY? 👇
1. Your core is made up of three layers of muscle. That six pack you see posted all over social media is called the rectus abdominis and is the most superficial layer, yet it is the one everyone wants to work. You can see your six pack when you have low levels of body fat, not because your core is strong.
2. A strong core actually comes from strengthening the deeper abdominal muscles - your internal and external obliques, and transverse abdominis. These are the muscles responsible for rotation and stabilisation of your spine, and you can strengthen these muscles through plank holds and heavy compound exercises including the squat and deadlift.
There is nothing wrong with wanting to see that six pack, but don't forget where your strength actually comes from. 😘💪
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