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Great panel of athletes and sports administrators speaking athlete wellbeing through athlete and coach eduction. @sportaccord #healthaccord #sportschiro

What a cool event I attended this afternoon as a proud public servant and long-time employee of Health Canada! Former Deputy Minister David Dodge moderated a panel with several former Ministers of Health - Monique Bégin (1977-1984), Jake Epp (1984-1989), Perrin Beatty (1989-1991) and Ujjal Dosanjh (2004-2006). Our current Health Minister Dr. Jane Philpott talked about the history of the Health Portfolio and some of the many key health-related milestones since the Department of Health was created in 1919, including Canada's first Food Guide in 1942, the concept of health promotion and the social determinants of health introduced in the 1970s, the creation of the Canada Health Act in 1984 to facilitate universal access to healthcare, the introduction of smoking-related legislation in the late 1980s to control smoking and introduce stricter labelling on tobacco packaging, lessons learned from the tainted blood tragedy in the early 1980s, the development of vaccines for deadly pathogens such as Ebola... The panel discussed the need to not take risks on issues of public health (everything else is secondary), the involvement of patients in their treatment (e.g., the AIDS community), First Nations and Inuit health as Canada's #1 social issue/challenge and the need to focus on health outcomes (especially by working with mothers and women, who best understand the health indices of children), the importance of the relationship between the federal government and the provinces using a national approach rather than "us vs. them", the need to focus on poverty and early childhood education in relation to health promotion, the fact that there will never be enough money for healthcare so it needs to be spent wisely in order to get the best outcomes, and the importance of having positive effects on lifestyle behaviours which can in turn have a high impact on health (it's more cost-effective to prevent getting ill in the first place). To quote Tommy Douglas, the "Father of Medicare" in Canada - "Courage, my friends; it's not too late to build a better world".
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Could've used a few more journalists today #LASTQUESTION #scrum #health #ottawa #healthaccord #media #chateaulaurier

It would be nice to feel that we’re not alone.

It would be nice to feel that we’re not alone and to have some programs in place to turn to when the need arises. My husband and I are seniors. He is a cancer patient and I have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. I take care of him and the house. We have grown children who help out as well. But, as an example, my husband is, hopefully going to participate in a drug trial for his cancer and we’ll have to go to Montreal at least every two weeks for treatment and follow up. He no longer drives, and I cannot cope with the traffic in a big city that I don't know. It would be really nice to have an agency we could turn to for some kind of travel assistance so we don't have to rely on our children who will have to take time off from work to help. Visit http://stories.demandaplan.ca/ to read more and share your story. #SeniorsPlan #HealthAccord // « Ce serait bien de savoir que nous ne sommes pas seuls » Pour en savoir plus et nous faire part de votre témoignage : http://histoires.exigeonsunplan.ca/ #SoinsAuxAînés

Support for seniors care in the Health Accord is crucial.
"As the founder and one of the leaders of the Prince Albert Seniors’ Advocacy Centre, I believe that new federal support for seniors care in the Health Accord is crucial not only to the wellbeing of our seniors but to the wellbeing of the country. A country that does not take care of its very young and elderly will not take care of the rest." Visit http://stories.demandaplan.ca/ to read more and share your story. #SeniorsPlan #HealthAccord // « Un soutien additionnel au soin des aînés dans l’Accord sur la santé » Pour en savoir plus et nous faire part de votre témoignage : http://histoires.exigeonsunplan.ca/ #SoinsAuxAînés

An opportunity for seniors to make their own decisions. "A new health accord would provide an opportunity for seniors to make a decision as to whether or not she/he wished to be provided various types of care in the environment of his/her choice. It would also ensure that seniors are able to get the prescriptions filled, and not have to make a choice between medication and basic care such as heating their home, buying groceries, etc." Visit http://stories.demandaplan.ca to read more and share your story. #SeniorsPlan #HealthAccord // « Permettrait aux aînés de prendre leurs propres decisions. »

Pour en savoir plus et nous faire part de votre témoignage : http://histoires.exigeonsunplan.ca/ #SoinsAuxAînés

CMA Prez @grangeravery.cma is meeting with parliamentarians this week including Member of Parliament for Vancouver Kingsway @dondaviesmp #HealthAccord #SeniorsCare // Notre président @grangeravery.cma rencontre des parlementaires cette semaine à Ottawa incluant le député de Vancouver Kingsway @dondaviesmp #Accordsurlasanté #Soinsauxaînés

"I recently lost my mother "It would absolutely give me peace of mind. I recently lost my 81 yr old mother who remained on her own home with homecare but it was a very hard thing to navigate as there were too many inconsistencies across the board when it came to her care. Family came last and it felt very scary having to leave her." Visit http://stories.demandaplan.ca/ to read more and share your story. Link to story in our bio. #SeniorsPlan #HealthAccord / « J’ai récemment perdu ma mère. » Rendez-vous à la page http://histoires.exigeonsunplan.ca/ our en savoir plus et nous faire part de votre témoignage. #Soinsauxainés #accordsurlasanté

.@drgbarrette says #HealthAccord is “crucial for provinces” @canada2020. #CDNHealth #SeniorsPlan

A #HealthAccord for Canada’s aging population makes sense. #SeniorsPlan #CDNHealth @can2020

#HealthAccord for Canadians. Canada needs to step up to the plate based on the demographics. #cdnhealth #seniorsplan @can2020

A #healthaccord that makes sense for today’s #Canada. Dr. Granger Avery chats with CBC's The House #SeniorsPlan
/ Un #accordsurlasanté qui répond aux besoins de notre population aujourd’hui. Dr Granger Avery en discute avec CBC's The House #Soinsauxainés

Video shoot today in MTL with CMA Board Member Dr. Laurent Marcoux #mtl #healthaccord #seniorsplan

Why is there a health gap between indigenous health and non-indigenous health.... #cbcnews interviewed Canada's health minister On April 4th and asked her this question... Please watch the link in our biography for some answers. #thoughts #article! #indigenous #news #indigenoushealth #health #cbcnews #jenniferchevalier #healthgap #april #healthminister #Queens #queensuniversity #firstnations #emergency #suicide #healthconditions #quality #housing #budgetbrushoff #government #healthaccord #money

In The Capital with my Public Health Care Activist Posse #healthaccord #publichealthcareplease #unitednursesofalberta

Hanging out with @maudebarlow talking about the proposed P3 hospital in North Battleford. #sask #HealthAccord

My #garden is looking lovely. Look what sprouted up! #HealthAccord #saveourhealthcare #yqr

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