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"Somethin' you should know about me, bub.
I heal real fuckin' slow." No #healingfactor

What a difference two days makes. I was jumped walking home Monday night. #healingfactor

So this is my back... Currently in bed with pain, I'm long over due for a massage, it looks discombobulated... And it feels like that too.... Anyone know how to get knots out?
I'm in dire need of a back massage, I don't even know how I was able to dance at UDF last night... Those who were there.. just remember that y'all saw me do everything​ with a air pocket in the left side of my back, by my lungs... I can't even lay correctly.. #wolverinegenetics

“Refrigera a minha alma; guia-me pelas veredas da justiça, por amor do Seu nome.”

Time is the best medicine 😂 #healingfactor

All New Wolverine
by Ben Vasquez @metaworks
#LauraKinney #X23 #AllNewWolverine

Cant wait to draw again! Almost all better! Love you all!! #brokenhandblues #healingfactor #weaponmex


Healing, and coming back even stronger. This is the real me. I can't help but to be my authentic self. Im Valencia, a free spirit, free life, I'm emotional , I love HARD fast, i try to only see the good in everyone, i forgive easily, I have so much Fucking love to give that I can't help but give it . Call me crazy, dramatic, Take it or leave it , call it rushing, make any excuses you want. I am me, I am free and for fucks sake I'm a human being . I'm a ride or die, I'm a lifer, I'm a star and I will shine. I will NEVER beg anyone to stay with me fuck that. I deserve everything and more I've come this far. I am free I am me and I'm finally happy with myself. So imma be a typical Pisces and cry , breathe, hug and love myself to death and KEEP IT MOVING. I think I am fucking amazing. Oh wait, because I AM

"Somethin' you should know about me, bub.
I heal real fuckin' slow." No #healingfactor

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