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Chloe at her acupuncture session yesterday afternoon - assessing her progress. Yeah Chloe! You go little Wonder Kitten!!💗@kittenxlady #gochloego #teamchloe #love

Watch ‘Healing’ (Live) Now:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDHAKFwtiMQ (link in bio)
#Healing #Eid #EidMubarak #samiyusuf #SYDubaiOpera

| HEALING ACNE BLOG POST + RADIO SHOW | Do you suffer with cystic acne? If so, you’ve probably tried a number of topical ointments, creams, scrubs, and other products to try and free yourself from this frustrating condition. It’s often considered normal to be plagued by pimples as a teenager, but many continue to battle this symptom well into adulthood. In both times of life, there is a reason behind the acne, and it’s not just hormones. Why are countless men and women affected by this frustrating skin issue? Like so many other chronic mystery symptoms and conditions, medical science and medical research have yet to figure out the answer. I revealed the underlying cause of cystic acne decades ago and have been able to help people rid themselves of this troubling and painful symptom. Hopefully the truths you learn here will keep you from being mislead by the misinformation found in books, on the internet, and in health-related television shows.
If you do not suffer from acne, you may not realize the frustration and pain this symptom can cause. Many of us live in cultures where a great deal of importance is placed on appearance for both men and women. It makes sense that a person would not only want to feel good, but would want clear skin as well. Especially as a teenager, there is a significant amount of pressure to look a certain way, and suffering from acne can lead someone to experience bullying, isolation, and other social problems. And, as an adult these same appearance-based pressures may still be present. Fortunately, there are numerous things you can bring into your diet and daily routine to help permanently clear up your cystic acne and I’ll share them with you below. First, let’s talk about the real underlying cause of acne. 👇🏻read more below👇🏻or click link in profile for full blog post + radio show👆🏻

Organic pomegranates!
Repost/ 📷 @pomel.lamelagrana
Use #hydrovegan to be featured

Moringa Tea in the Morning Anyone?🌴🍵🏖
When your soul and skin needs some repairing....
You take yourself on a solo journey to another country and unload your baggage
Or maybe just a trip down the street and around the corner
And you burn that shit there too
Make sure you don't bring those nasty heavy bags back with you.
You'll thank yourself for it
In the form of great health, a tan and some bomb ass skin after you endured stress breakouts for the past month.
Happiness looks good on me
I know it will look good on you too
#magic #blackgirlmagic #goodvibes #travel #aruba #sun #tan #nature #smile #healing #tea
#goodmorning #morning

Not meant to bully.
I met @Auggie.Blue during summer of last year,and knew instantly I had to get them out of their situation. @Resilientwitch was...unwell and showed signs of being abusive. Auggie left her the apartment and if they hadn't, she would have been put out on the streets. During the 2 years together, they incurred over 5 grand in debt due to her refusal to work or get help for her disability.
She wanted partial custody of the dogs and we gave her the benefit of the doubt, she lied to us about feeding them and when we came to get them, she then physically assaulted me by throwing a right hook in my face. She also wished Auggie that they would die. Auggie apologized for their behavior about this incident afterwards as they were ashamed for being heated. She then told us and the REST OF THE COMMUNITY that she had a domestic assault case and a restraining order, which is why I limited my outings leading to agoraphobia. However,after calling the police months later, we found out that the case had been dropped less than 24 hours later by the police. She showed up at Auggie`s work and slandered them in front of everyone yelling about this case. If she had a restraining order, why did she go to the place where she knew they worked? She's done this multiple times since then. She also cut up old love letters and glued them to make the word LIAR and posted it on social media, talked about us online and slandered us to Auggie`s friends, on instagram and in the queer community. We thought she was done in April , but since then, we have heard from multiple sources as well as online that she still are talking about us, and oddly copying my insta.

How can you go and talk about female empowerment through art @venusenvyottawa when you just tore another female down? How do you claim PTSD when you seek out your triggers, and the day I was diagnosed with it, you started using PTSD hastags(June 10th)? How is it that you claim abuse when you have constantly seeked us out to the point to the point where I became agoraphobic, and am moving PROVINCES to get away from you? I may never get an apology, but my truth is out. LINK IN BIO FOR FULL STORY WITH PROOF.

The sanctuary is glowing today. #diy #healing #sauna #coldplunge

24 Heroes of Overwatch: "Mercy"
ARTISTS (on deviantart.com):
• 1st by jellyemily
• 2nd by liang-xing
• 3rd by liang-xing
• 4th by zhonglin
• 5th by themaestronoob
• 6th by maruuneko
• 7th by thececile
• 8th by fullmetalaof
• 9th by jojoploy
• 10th by luxxille
#overwatch #deviantart #art #artist #artwork #fanart #obomercy #mercy #angel #wing #wings #doctor #heal #healing #fly


This stunning little #opalite bronze adjustable ring has just been listed in the #shop & there is only ONE available! 🌟 Its flashes of blue & gold are so mesmerizing 😍 Shop link in bio! #crystalhealing #positivevibes #positiveenergy #etsy #etsyshop #TheMysticalForest #jewels #jewelry #handmade #handmadejewelry #princess #love #beauty #opalfire #opal #witchy #gypsy #wildwoman #freespirit #moonchild #healing #psychic #dreamer #moonlight #cute #eyecandy #opalaura #crystalring🌙

아날로그 시절에는 이 사진을 사서 걸어놓기도 하고 디지털 시절에는 저장해 놓고 PC 바탕화면 구글의 대문사진 스마트폰 사진첩에 간직해 온 사진. 왜 좋아하게 됐는지는 나도 잘 모르겠다만...니들이 낭만을 알아? ㅋ

#로맨틱 #romantic #becurator #bnhkorea #healing #kiss #오래된 #사진

I whole heartedly believe this #healing #ichooseme #iloveand #courageouswoman

Coming soon to a body near you. Autographed Supertramp Studio shirts. One of a kind, hand painted tshirts. Wearable, washable art in various sizes to accommodate most everyone. Colors available in this limited run are Black, Purple, Green and Dark Grey. Each one is fingerpainted a different design. You can custom order colors only, not design. I paint what I channel. DM for pricing. #art_of_supertramp #chateauoart #originalart #tshirt #abstractart #fingerpainting #msfighter #healing #arttherapy #wearableart #washable #blackandwhite #oneofakind #love #handpainted #signed #channeledart #owl #owlart

Zen: One Day at a Time 🕉☯☮ #Read #Meditate #Namaste #Happiness

I did these as a donation to some special people that are and were victims to Cancer! They fought their battles each one winning weather they are in remission or earned their Angel Wings! I call them Inspiration, Encouragement and Healing Boards ❤️💕❣️💓💞💗💖💝 #lCancersucks #healing #fightcancer #imafighter #stronger #homewalldecor #decor #wallart #art #interiordesigners #artwork #artist #artistsoninstagram #howsheseesit #howsheseesitecw #howsheseesitecwood #howsheseesit2

Follow @zetaarts for more Luxury Healing Jewelry🔥 Shop at www.zetaarts.com #zetaarts #spiritualmillionaire #natural #stones #crystals #healing #energy #love

This is where I am at this very moment.. thankful and healing . Repost @theselflovemovementgc -#ichooseme #loveyourselffirst #loveyourbodyagain #healing #iloveandacceptmyself #brilliance #supermink

One of our facilitators getting some Selenite love!
Morning movement @gymearetreat on our signature Women's Wellness Retreat.
#energyboost #healing #sanawellnessretreat @elisajhudson

Stunning and magical #allium

The late Iya Deitinha de Xangô taught Iya Bezita d'Oxum how to craft these beautiful representations of Orixá. Creating each doll is a delicate, painstaking process which Iya Bezita has been practicing since 1986!
The Orixá are deities from the Yorùbá pantheon. Initiated priest Awo Fasegun explains that "Òrìṣa are the selected ones [by Olodumare, God] to assist humans on Earth...by manifesting in nature" in his book "Introduction to Ifá: Yorùbá Religion," which you can purchase at www.ifaforall.com

I am taking pre-orders, and you will have to pre-pay, because Iya Bezita needs to buy the material to make your doll. *I am not making any money on any transaction.* PRICES:
1 Orixá doll = 200 Brazilian reais or approximately $60USD
1 Orixá doll + 1 conta (corresponding necklace representing the Orixá) = 250 Brazilian reais or approximately $75 USD

HOW IT WORKS: - Email me at camellia_lee@brown.edu with the number # and kind of dolls you wish to purchase.
- I will send you an invoice with the amount you owe.
- You send me that amount via Paypal. - I send you a receipt.
- I deposit that money through Xoom, an international payment service through which Maria Izabela da Silva can access the funds.
- Maria Izabela da Silva crafts your doll by hand.

Iya Bezita makes these in Salvador, so usually you would have to pay for shipping. However, I will be bringing a large suitcase full of dolls with me to the States in January, so you do not have to pay international shipping costs this time.
In January 2018, I will be in Los Angeles for 2 weeks during which SoCal customers can pick up their dolls. Once the spring semester 2018 begins at Brown University, I will be in Providence, RI where New England customers can pick up their dolls. If you are located outside those two areas, please email me so we can figure out a solution together.
Dolls and contas: Maria Izabela da Silva
Summary images of Orixá: Julio Casey, MD
Paintings: Gil Abelha (Xangô)
Photos: Eric Beauregard
Walt Hug
Graphic design: Craig Simmons
#omolu #ifa #yoruba #candomble #lukumi #lucumi #orisa #orisha #oricha #orixa #healing

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