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Somebody asked me why don’t healers work with people for free? :)
1. I’m not a healer. People heal themselves same as they ruin themselves. I just show them where they started the problem and help them to release it. It’s actually pretty easy when you can bypass all the malfunctioning guard that ppl put on.
2. I need to eat, pay rent, dress. I also WANT to travel and have an interesting life.
3. I posses a unique skill for which I payed tons of money and time.
4. When you pay - you PAY attention. Let’s face it: someone gives you a ticket to a musical and on the day of the show you have a tough day at work- you will probably bail on going. But if you payed $300 for it you would definitely make it, no? I would :) and there was a bunch of free good stuff that I didn’t appreciate. I’m a human and humans do that. Bc if I pay I manifest: I am ready to use this and receive the benefits. When ppl tell me “I don’t have money” I just add 2 words: “for this”. You don’t have money for this. But we have money for all the stupid shit that makes us feel good for a moment: restaurants, cars, gadgets, clothes.
I remember my girlfriend was complaining about life and wanted to do a session she said she didn’t have money, I offered her a discount she still wouldn’t take it bc as she said it’s still was too expensive, at that time my session rate was $200. A week after she offers me to buy workout shorts from her that she ordered online but they didn’t fit. She bought them for $250 😂 Wtf? I don’t buy myself such expensive workout shorts, 50 bucks max and let’s go, gym is for sweating. 🤣😅
Then I realize that ppl pay for something they see valuable. If they don’t see my skill valuable - I don’t want to work with them, neither it would be as helpful as with those who really want it.
And I want my clients to shine! I still get letters from people time after we worked on shifting their lives. Their finances got in the place, relationships built, careers thrive. I want all that for them!
It’s not about what they payed, it’s about what they eventually got.
What do you guys think about it?

Bruce Lee is a wealth of knowledge. This is one of my favorite quotes. Qigong helps us to empty our cup of all that doesn’t serve us, leaving room to experience life through a clean and clear lens. #qigong #brucelee #meditation #innerwork #healerwithin

In addition to feeling, a huge part of this grieving process for me has been reflection. I found an email exchange between Scott and I when he was writing his essay for teachers college. As I read his essay now, I am reminded of the importance of curiosity and creativity not just for those of us that work with kids, but for all of us, as a way to connect with life. To connect with each other. To connect to ourselves. Connecting with life through curiosity and imagination allows each of us to connect to the uniqueness of our own being. To our own inner child. Today I am reconnecting to this beautiful reminder from Scott and will create space today, even just for a few minutes, to allow my curiosity, imagination and creativity to lead me. "In order to make the kids experience at camp fun and memorable, while at the same time creating structure and promoting growth, I used my own experiences, humor and creativity to accomplish this task. By using my imagination to create and execute activities I have found that this captures the kid’s attention and evokes their own imagination. I have noticed that when the kids are excited and curious about something they tend to focus, get involved and are eager to learn more.” #create #curious #imagine #play #explore #reflection #feel #grieve #innerstrength #innerpeace #love #laugh #breathelove #healerwithin #findyourmedicine#prayforparkland

People, places, things ... your peace. My peace. Anyone’s serenity. Heal. #activehealing #peace #healerwithin #qi

BODY-BASED. over the years I have come to see that all I ever need to learn to be happy is inside my body. Over 18 years I have been giving bodywork and body based therapy and have seen profound healing, change and even problem solving take place. I am at awe every day of the wisdom we hold inside and when we come back to balance how our life changes. Constantly. .
If you feel you are ready to return to your point of balance email me at snjezanapd@gmail.com .
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My heart has expanded with the amount of love that has been shared from so many people in the last few days. Hearing from some people that I haven’t spoken to in over 10 years. What I am learning is that time doesn’t seem to matter when there is love present. I am feeling the truth of this more deeply with each connect. My heart has expanded with love and also sadness. It has felt overwhelming to be still and quiet with myself and the enormity of this pain. Yet, in the moments when I truly allow myself to be with all that is there. To be with it. To feel it. These are the moments when I feel you. I breathe into my heart and beneath the surface of sadness there is an ocean of peace and calm and you are there. We are there together for that moment. And that is a beautiful place to be.
#peace #feel #grieve #love #friends #gratitude #breathelove #still #compassion #healerwithin #findyourmedicine #energy #support #kindness #prayforparkland
Photo via @cleowade

I caught myself in a total mind funk the past few days. Before the madness of my mind games worsened, I got on a call with a fellow life coach.
She quickly called me out on living in the mind space. She guided me to visualize my heart as a rosebud slowly blossoming open. The love I connected to thereafter was like a magic wand that removed the confines of my mind.

Simone simply helped me return to the love that exists within me, where true peace is found.
The teachers I admire most are the ones that remind me I’m already whole. There’s nothing wrong with me. I don’t have to “heal this or fix that.” I simply have to come home to the heart, the love that I am.

The more I opened to this truth, the safer I felt to release the block I’d created to the love within me.

The greatest teacher I’ve encountered (and will ever encounter) is Jesus. I will never forget the morning I heard him say “seek my ways, learn my ways and teach my ways.” The way of love, the truth that Jesus represented, has been the most potent agent of healing in my own recovery and return to wholeness.
The further I surrendered to this kind of radical love—the love Jesus showed through his ministry—the more I came to know the love I yearned to feel my entire life.
It’s been two years since the idea of Christ consciousness slipped into my own conscious mind and maneuvered into my heart.
Miraculous things became commonplace when I opened my heart to this awareness and let it infiltrate my mind.
Whoever your teacher is, whoever grants you greater access to the love that’s already within you, whoever gives you space to be the true you—the you who no longer has to shy away or hide—hold onto those people. They are placed in your life for a purpose.
We are all here to help one another reveal the love and light we shine from within us. The more we let our light shine and the more we let love in, the more miracles we will experience.
I am grateful for each torchbearer that entered my life for they lit the way when darkness pervaded my being and encouraged me to let this light of mine shine so I can light the way for others.

For each lighthouse including Jesus, I thank you.

A photo from our artist El Bryan's #MergingMyMerkaba exhibition looking at the relationship between physical and mental health and how this influences her artwork... Visit the exhibition yourself until 10th February.

A photo from our artist El Bryan's #MergingMyMerkaba exhibition looking at the relationship between physical and mental health and how this influences her artwork... It's on until Sunday so #dontmissout

Going back to New Zealand was big. Huge. It had been 3 years since I left my life and my home there and moved back to Toronto. And everyday of those 3 years, my thoughts and my heart were still there. I wasn’t able to land back in Toronto. To fully ground here. It wasn’t until I landed back in Wellington that I realized how much of my energy was missing. How many parts of myself I had left there. As soon as I stepped onto the land I felt a sense of wholeness. It felt like I had reclaimed all the parts of myself that I had left there. That feeling of integration and wholeness shifted everything. The trip was amazing and it was also really emotional for me. Having to leave some of the people that hold the most special places in my heart, broke my heart, and yet there has been an undercurrent of feeling deeply grounded within myself. Home is where the heart is. Yes. And home is in our bodies. I am realizing the power, necessity and beauty of embodiment. Of calling back all the parts of me that I have left in places, in my thoughts, experiences, with people. Calling those parts of me back doesn’t mean the memories disappear. It doesn’t mean the relationships end. It doesn’t mean my heart doesn’t expand when I connect with the energy of NZ and my family there. We deserve to be home in ourselves. Always. For so long it was the hardest place to be. I now consciously practice calling my energy back home. I realize how much time I have spent abandoning my beautiful home and it’s time to move back in. I’m now experiencing moments of really wanting to be there. Of deep appreciation and love for my body. For myself. Thank you @erintelford__ for showing me one way to play with this. I have been using my breath to help support this and Erin has added a beautiful layer to this practice for me. Imagining a magnet in my heart space or on my spine and using this magnet to draw in any scattered energy of mine I’ve left behind. I love this visualization. Each inhale drawing MY energy back home to me.
#home #embodiment #worthy #presence #breath #whole #energy #healerwithin #findyourmedicine #sacredspace #innerwisdom #walkinbeauty #selflove #love #aroha #magic #newzealand

Try a little tenderness 〰️
I wanted to give L a tangible experience of what happens when we add self judgement to moments when we are already feeling a lot.
I stacked all the blocks in his hands and asked him to walk to the other side of the room. When he got there I asked him how it felt to hold all the blocks and what he thought of me adding even more to the pile. He responded that it was a lot to hold and adding more would have been too much to hold and he wouldn’t have been able to carry all of them.
L is working with fear. Once the fear surfaces he moves into judging himself for feeling scared and creates a dialogue that leads to shame. Not only is the original experience a lot for him to feel, like the blocks he carried, but he is adding more emotions to an already full load. Just like if we had added more blocks to the pile. We spoke about experimenting with focusing on responding with kindness towards himself.
The practice ... When the fear comes up he is going to try watch what is happening and name how he feels. I’m feeling scared and maybe even add, this is so hard. Then, instead of allowing himself to go off into judgement, he moves into kindness. We experimented with different ways he could show kindness to himself and he chose a few that he liked best to explore. Just the acknowledgement of the feelings and being with them is kindness. A bridge back to love. We don’t need to add more blocks to an experience that already feels like too much. This has been my own practice lately. Bringing myself back when my mind moves into self judgment. To name what I’m feeling and then try a little tenderness. Hold myself and be with the primary emotion instead of adding secondary emotions because of the judgment. What do you say ... let’s try a little tenderness 💚
#kindmind #kindness #love #selflove #worthy #feel #anxietysupport #healerwithin #practice #yogatoronto #yogaeverydamnday #mindfulness #compassion #energy #healing #findyourmedicine #subtleenergy #trysomethingdifferent

I love all my students, you teach me and help me grow in so many different ways! Each workshop and knowledge share is such a humbling experience. Today I really felt like the luckiest woman in the world as I sat in a circle with 8 women who are amazing healers, powerful leaders and visionaries of the new earth. Thank you for trusting me to hold space for you and be a witness to your process. Thank you for showing up for yourselves today and for heeding the call to share more love with the world and to amplify the light. I honor you, I see you, I am here for you. Thank you to @spirithousecollective for being such a special home to this nomadic heart and to @thespiritguidecoach for being a true sister and for always having my back: you inspire me to be a better human, teacher and healer. Until we meet again... I love you. I AM Love with you! 🙌🏽🌈💚🌈💚🌈💚 .
#reiki #chokurei #reiki2 #reikiclass #energyhealing #healingpractice #reikipractitioner #healing #handsonhealing #lightworker #spiritual #thingstodoinLA #healyourself #reikiattunement #reikilove #rainbowwarriors #reikitribe #healingcommunity #spiritualLA #reikiclass #reikimaster #reikiLA #healer #healerwithin #healingpractice #loveheals #lovehealseverybody

Energy on point, selfie skills not so much 🤷🏻‍♀️ Blessed to have spent the day sharing Reiki Level 1 with a group of women that I love 💕. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For your presence. Your love. Your wisdom. 🙌🏼 @shawna_turner @jujujems @sunshadowdancer @jbsmith
#reiki #healing #healerwithin #energy #friends #love #wisdom #magic #embodiment #breathelove #sacredspace #fun #flow #findyourmedicine #yyz

For those 👀 who need that little reminder 👊 #yourewelcome

💚 REIKI 2 💚 Tomorrow, Sunday 2/11 at @spirithousecollective 🌈 Are you feeling the call to expand your understanding of Reiki, improve your practice and step into your role as Healer? In this class we'll go deeper into the wisdom of Reiki and introduce the Reiki symbols and mantras. You'll learn how to do distance healing, absentee healing and healing beyond time: past, present and future. During this class we will also focus on techniques to help heal others and to get your own Reiki practice started. For more information and to RSVP click the link on BIO 🙌🏼✨💚✨ (Art by Joshua Mays)
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💡REIKI 2 💡 ✨ February 11th with @madre.jaguar at @thespirithousecollective

Are you feeling called to deepen your knowledge and understanding of Reiki and taking your practice to the next level? Through this attunement you will be able to provide higher healing energy and go deeper into the wisdom of Reiki. You will receive the Reiki 2 symbols and mantras which will enable you to enhance and increase the power of your healing energy,  heal at an emotional and mental level and send healing long distance through time and space to past and future events! In this class we will also focus on techniques to help heal others and get our own Reiki practice started. Must have been attuned to Level 1 Reiki prior to taking this class. For more information and to RSVP, click link on Bio 🙌🏽✨💚✨💚✨💚✨ (Art by Joshua Mays) .
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Congratulations to @be_ry_ on the launch of her immersive exhibition in our creative space last night! View it yourself until this Sunday.


Opening night
Wed 07.02.18
08.02.18 – 10.02.18


Opening night
Wed 07.02.18
08.02.18 – 10.02.18

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