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#TeacherCrushThursday meet #VGYF presenter, Carly Benson ✨
✨ About Carly ✨ She is an adventurous yogi offering a unique and inspirational style of teaching. Her vinyasa flow classes are powerful, impactful and always include uplifting messages designed to leave her students feeling refreshed.
✨ Workshop Info ✨ This class will be a potent and playful combination of Baptiste-inspired power vinyasa and self-inquiry. The practice is designed to challenge you to leave things on your mat that are no longer serving you, release emotional stress and create a space for expansion into what is possible. We will we intentionally move through our flow using our breath, focus and core to ignite a transformative inner fire. The class will be paired with deep house music to meditatively guide you on your journey as we learn how find our power on our mats and take it back into the world with us.
☮️ #TeacherCrushThursday meet #VGYF presenter, Ricky Roehr ☮️
☮️ About Ricky ☮️ “There was something in me that always said ‘You’re not good enough to be a teacher.’ Any teacher knows that voice and that was a turning point for me when I realized that most of what I have done in my life was with the intent of healing. Who am I fooling? Oh, ME!”. ☮️ Workshop Info ☮️ In this workshop I will guide you through several experiences. Starting with some relaxation and visualization techniques and then launch you “out there” where you will take yourself deeper – where you will “get in there” all on your own. If you think you can’t meditate, you can! If you think, one cannot and that’s the whole point, right? Really, anyone can meditate! Even the most dedicated have those moments of distraction in meditation. Just as when fall out of a balancing posture, we just get back into it.
I will also introduce you to a concept (or two) which will likely be new concepts for you – one of which revolves around a concept familiar with most yogis, reincarnation. This particular meditation is extremely powerful for understanding relationships with self and others. The last meditation of the workshop will be a special one of healing which is always pertinent but especially so these days.

Being a healer is my most privileged role in this life. Blessed with reiki from ascended masters, living in gratitude for this magical gift 🙏🏻 What beautiful souls I meet along my journey...thank you for your trust and devotion, its overwhelming sometimes witnessing such transitions in people after reiki treatments but what an absolute blessing. Thank you @laurenxdx for such beautiful words 🙏🏻💛Have an amazing Monday eve,,,hot yin flow yoga tonight @absolute__yoga was awesome, full house and great energy well done everybody. Come along tomorrow at 8pm for another flowing yin practise by candlelight. Namaste with love! #reiki#usui#ascendedmasters#love#healing#healera#lightworkers#earthangels#lightbearers#energy#vibration#raiseyourvibration#letgo#relax#heal#positivity#lighyt#reikirays#harmony

The "farmers" market is amazing! Not so sure about all the raw meat and seafood but the veggies, herbs, spices and fruits....(this is sushi) bright, fresh and beautiful. #thaifood #thailand #fresh #health #nutrition #farmersmarket #healera#bonedoc1018

Kokfornøyd med gårdagen! #Skamtinden til #Revbergtinden Sinnsykt artig! #ersfjordtraversen Æ sir bare: Slæng opp hendern! #hustlera #nutbustera #hustlera Så slæng opp hendern #healera #fristilera #dealera #tvilera 🙅 #takkforturen @thomas_nystad @ingridbknu @tordeltoft 👌🏻

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