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We are need of prayers around the world for my little buddy Ruben. He's 7 years old and fighting DIPG (same thing Zamora was). As of the other day he was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. It kills me to say that Ruben is in severe pain and is on medication around the clock to manage it. He's been throwing up a lot and is simply confused when he's awake. It hurts me toy core that I am unable to be at his and or his families side at this very moment. Spiderman is Rubens favorite and knowing my little guy is struggling so much just hurts my soul. Dear god please spare him. Send Ruben a miracle. Heal him. Amen. To follow Rubens journey search the following on FB: Prayers For Ruben Contreras. Thank you all and god bless. #PrayersForRuben #DIPG #DIPGawareness #MoreThan4 #PediatricCancerAwareness #ChildhoodCancerAwareness #love #helpuslord #prayers #blessings #heal #miracle #MyFriend #light #liftup #strength #courage #fightlikeakid

24 Heroes of Overwatch: "Mercy"
ARTISTS (on deviantart.com):
• 1st by jellyemily
• 2nd by liang-xing
• 3rd by liang-xing
• 4th by zhonglin
• 5th by themaestronoob
• 6th by maruuneko
• 7th by thececile
• 8th by fullmetalaof
• 9th by jojoploy
• 10th by luxxille
#overwatch #deviantart #art #artist #artwork #fanart #obomercy #mercy #angel #wing #wings #doctor #heal #healing #fly

Me (the kitten sitter): C'mon Chloe, it's time for your acupuncture session! Chloe: What, again?!? Me: gotta work it, baby doll! Come on out from behind that curtain! 💗@kittenxlady #gochloego #teamchloe #love

Love this one by @farrahgray moving on allows you to make way for the new new thats headed your way. #MoveOn

#Repost @jenniferkhowell (@get_repost)
Art salon magic @theartofelysium @elysiumbandini celebrating @smarthouse26 @carterooster and the amazing music of Jenny O! The brilliant artistry of the wizard chef @chriscrary ! #love #art #heal #soul

Bitter sweet feelings during the last weekend of teacher training. I've been so incredibly humbled by this experience. Yoga is so much more than a physical practice, it is a union of the mind, body and soul. Yoga is home 🙏

Reposted from @chloe.meagan "I met @Auggie.Blue during summer of last year,and knew instantly I had to get them out of their situation. @Resilientwitch was...unwell and showed signs of being abusive. Auggie left her the apartment and if they hadn't, she would have been put out on the streets. During the 2 years together, they incurred over 5 grand in debt due to her refusal to work or get help for her disability.
She wanted partial custody of the dogs and we gave her the benefit of the doubt, she lied to us about feeding them and when we came to get them, she then physically assaulted me by throwing a right hook in my face. She also wished Auggie that they would die. Auggie apologized for their behavior about this incident afterwards as they were ashamed for being heated. She then told us and the REST OF THE COMMUNITY that she had a domestic assault case and a restraining order, which is why I limited my outings leading to agoraphobia. However,after calling the police months later, we found out that the case had been dropped less than 24 hours later by the police. She showed up at Auggie`s work and slandered them in front of everyone yelling about this case. If she had a restraining order, why did she go to the place where she knew they worked? She's done this multiple times since then. She also cut up old love letters and glued them to make the word LIAR and posted it on social media, talked about us online and slandered us to Auggie`s friends, on instagram and in the queer community. We thought she was done in April , but since then, we have heard from multiple sources as well as online that she still are talking about us, and oddly copying my insta.

How can you go and talk about female empowerment through art @venusenvyottawa when you just tore another female down? How do you claim PTSD when you seek out your triggers, and the day I was diagnosed with it, you started using PTSD hastags(June 10th)? How is it that you claim abuse when you have constantly seeked us out to the point to the point where I became agoraphobic, and am moving PROVINCES to get away from you? I may never get an apology, but my truth is out. " LINK IN BIO FOR MY POV & Chloe's 🌈

To breath into our edge
Relabel pain into opening
Awaken into the possibility
That our time here is to become our potential
To fight against the odds of the temptation to close our hearts
The constant temptress called distraction
And return to the new present moment of expansion
Come home
Remember again
To practice not a posture
But a way to live
A way to love
A way to give
A way to serve
To tread lightly
On the earth that we walk
Under the stars above
And clean the air we breathe
To give to receive
And let our light shine
As we align
And refine
Yes it will all be just fine


#yeg#happygirlssmilemore#grateful#2017❤️#feelingood#believe#heal#youonlyliveonce I'm lucky to have a man that is so kind and gentle with me ☺

Free Mini Reading for your week
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The beautiful @remy1024 received her #waistbeads I hope you love them ❤️❤️ I appreciate all the love and support 😍😘

Some people want to save 200 #calories in thier diet....and other people like....

"Love & Lust" - #amethyst Waistbeads 💜💖💜 Amethyst is great for ...
💜Enhanced intuition 💜Balance

Hey you! Do you want to try #Plexus and take control of your #health, but you say you can't #afford it?
Get a jar and...
Next time you're tempted to go thru #Starbucks..DON'T and throw $5.00 in your jar.
Next time you're craving something from the vending machine...DON'T and throw $2.00 in the jar.
Next time you want a #soda...GRAB some #water and throw $1.00 in your jar.
You get the point.
THE #CHOICE IS YOURS!!!! Plexus costs less than $4.00 a day. You can keep spending your #money on things that make you #sick and gain more #weight OR on things that can #heal your body, help you #sleep, give you #energy and make you feel #happy!! You're worth it! Invest in YOU! #dontwatch #joinme #mom #momlife #health #healthy #guthealth

Keto collagen chocolate thins
So easy to make! ½ coconut oil melted with 5 tbs cacao powder, ½ tsp vanilla extract and 2 tbs of any nut butter, I used peanut. You can add stevia for sweetness and pinch of Himalayan salt. Mix everything so there are no lumps and pour into a pan lined with parchment paper, chill and cut to squares. Enjoy 😊❤️

Guided Meditation Sundays 10-11am @ Om Yoga Studio. Train yourself to attain peace. 🙏🏼✌🏼
#heart #love #peace #kindness #compassion #heal #freedom #befree #meditation #meditate #teachpeace #yoga #yogalife #yogalove #happiness #happy #therapy #namaste #yogi #yogini

Meet my new character Mage!
He is a lemur that is a wizard, his power is that he can conjure up a healing liquid.
What do you guys think of him?
#lemur #wizard #mage #cool #coolbeans #cooldesign #furryart #furry #furryfandom #furrydrawing #furryart #elixir #heal #markers #notebook #drawing #drawings

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