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Just trying to get a head start over here... Go go go! πŸ˜‚ #SwimmingPro #LifeJacketSwag

my lil bugger's first day of school!!! look at her gross foot stance 😭😭😭 i love her she's so cute #headstart
πŸ“·: her daddeh

Lincoln James' first day of Headstart! He's excited & happy to be reunited with all his old friends from the 'baby school.' Have a great first day, my son!! #Headstart #SmartStart #GoodVibesOnly πŸ€™

My Papi! My heart couldn't take it. You were so excited this morning. Once we got inside you were shy & did not let go of Mami's & Papi's hand. You are so brave, social and meet some new friends today. We're so proud of you & love you very much.

2 Diplomas down 2 more to goπŸ™ŒπŸΎ my baby on her way to 7th grade! #ProudDad #HeadStart #Kinergarten #MiddleSchool #HighSchool

Congratulations to all 2017 Chickasaw Nation graduates! Visit our Facebook page for full photo galleries of our Head Start and Early Childhood Center graduations. #ChickasawNation #HeadStart #Graduation

The university may be ready for me but I'm not ready for itπŸ€“ #HeadStart

First day success! #headstart

All-Staff with some of my most favorite people. These ladies make work fun and I wouldn't trade them for anything! ❀ U @johnsgirl514 @vee_gee_bee @whit_beauty and Mama Linda!


#mindshiftmonday: hell yes! Happy solar eclipse peeps... how did you feel today? What a spectacular solar show we witnessed here in the United States. It was interesting for me to observe how nature was responding to the event. While us humans were putting on our glasses to witness the eclipse, dogs were barking, the weather was changing, and energy as a whole was dipping (if you have solar panels you may have seen that dip). Astrologically, eclipse season offers a powerful time and space to set intentions for manifestation... I've had some amazing things come into my life as of late without asking it's been humbling to experience. At the same time I realized I have personal responsibility in all of these manifestations. My dear friend and soon to be mentor @patbailey told me today to feel into my desires and ask - what do I really want? Or better yet - do I want this? If the answer isn't hell yes then it's a no... move on because there is something far more important that the universe is setting you up for... and the only way to discover it is through these two words - yes and no. Get clear on them in the next 24 hours and make shift happen! #mindshiftmantra #makeshifthappen #becomingmindful

Me struggling thru the week be like πŸ˜‚#tb to extreme enduro lika 2016 only 17 days to go for this years edition πŸ™ˆ #907racing #sherco #xgrip #XGRIPTYRE #mxgparts #headstart #dirtbikecustomcollabo

Proud tita here β€βœ‹ My baby boy won 3rd Place in "Tula Buwan ng Wika 2017" #seriousface #youngman #titalove #Headstart

My baby is in such a hurry to grow up. 😒 Today was his first day of school. (It was only a half day though, because of the eclipse.) He seemed to enjoy every moment of it & even wants to ride the bus. 😭😭 #firstdayofschool #groceryshopping #tinybuggy #3yearsold #headstart #prek #lovehim #JacksonAlexanderMeade

My baby boys first day of school #miramonte #headstart

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