Paryankasana transformation Tuesday! I have grown in so many ways since that first image 2 years ago. There is never perfection in yoga, strength isn’t just physical, and there is always something to work on, whether it’s a pose or yourself.
Note* If you do not feel comfortable in Kapotasana then this pose should only be practiced with props and assistance. The main difference in this progression has to be my shoulders and upper back 💪 I always thought backbends were about back flexibility only, but I was wrong. It takes a lot of shoulder opening and hip opening as well. If you have tight quads you might not feel the hips sit on heels all the way. If you have tight shoulders then bringing the elbows down and reaching for the toes can be impossible. But practice, practice, practice. Even if I never got the full pose, I definitely felt the progress either way 🙏 The other thing I learned is it takes a lot of active strength in most flexibility poses. Without strength, the back is just noodling around and the bones, tendons and ligaments are not protected! With gaining strength also means losing some flexibility, so it’s like double the work to find that balance every time 🙈
I know the first one is already quite bendy, but this is MY progress - everyone has progress and transformations. Maybe next time I post this Paryankasana progress, my hands will be fully wrapped around my heels… or maybe not! And that’s ok 🙃💕

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Inspired by the beautiful images from yesterday’s International Yoga Day? 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️ We have two upcoming Yoga & Hiking Retreats for you to join, or sign up to our March 2019 Yoga & Snow adventure....
25th July-1st Aug: Yoga/Hiking Retreat with @carmesine
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TBC Mach ‘19: Yoga/Snow Retreat.
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It’s international Yoga day!?!? Oh rlly.... 🧘🏽‍♀️Well that’s my favorite thing to do 😸✨ How bout y’all?! Y’all fucks w the yoga babes 🤸🏽‍♀️ #nationalyogaday #headstandsfordays#yogababes#internationalyogaday#2018yogagoals My yoga inspo @findingmorgantyler

Thanks to those who helped me get inspired to start my yoga journey and create positivity in my life !!! :)

Happy International Yoga Day!! If you haven't noticed , I've been killing it in #yoga lately !! #namaslay 🙏

Isn't it just awesome to hang out with yourself 💗...I wasn't this flexible and I could never do a #headstand or even some of the asanas... I tried and fell down many times but I was determined to get it right because I loved doing this and it made me happy... Thank you @veerbhadrakhadka for helping me get there ... .
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So I have a bit a progress to go still but I’m happy with where I’m at so far
So I’m going to start video headstand and handstands in different place of the city in cool spot so watch for them 👌
#quoteoftheday Go to the beat of your own drum don’t follow another persons it makes for a boring beat 🎶

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Feliz día Internacional del Yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ Patrimonio inmaterial de la humanidad 🕉✨💜
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Запрос на создание первого урока выполнен и в воскресенье его можно увидеть на ютуб канале. Честно, это был самый запрашиваемый урок). Остальные будут выходить уже в своем порядке. Думаю, уже догадываетесь, что будет.
А сегодня в эфире просто стоечка на предплечьях 😘🙌.
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So excited to announce that the winner of my @avedamiddleeast give away isssss... 🥁 🥁 🥁 @vibewithnounzi ! The Aveda team will be contacting you shortly to arrange the delivery of your prize! I want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who participated, keep your eyes peeled for some more exciting giveaways coming your way very sooon! I’ll be showing you all of my favorite ways to use the @avedamiddleeast Invati range on my stories later today so stay tuned! 👀
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How do talk to yourself in the silent moments? 🤔
Are you sweet and forgiving? 🤗
Or are you harsh and judgmental? 😠
Are you encouraging? 🙌🏻
Or are you a naysayer? 😼
Do you compliment? 😍
Or do you critique? 🧐
Of all the people on this planet, you spend more time with yourself than anyone else. 👋🏻
How are you spending it? 🤔
New goal: Talk to myself like I talk to someone I love. Forgive myself like I forgive someone I love. Comfort myself like I comfort someone I love. Encourage myself like I encourage someone I love. Accept myself like I accept someone I love. ❤️
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You all are nama-slaying the #NamaStayForeverYoung challenge!! Today is Day 8 and it's all about the inversions! And no - that doesn't mean only headstands, forearm stands, or handstands: Not all inversion poses require that one is completely upside down. A yoga inversion is any posture when the heart is at a higher level than the head i.e. dolphin plank, downward dog, viparita karani, shoulderstand...So have fun!! It's about your level of comfort! Get as creative or slothy as you want!

Only 2 days left in this challenge which also means that also be 30 in 2 days 😬
There have been a lot feels floating around as I reflect and think about the past 3 decades and the many milestones that occurred - both good and bad - positive and negative.
On the plus side, I feel stronger than I thought I would be and am excited to be going into my 30s with all the right people by my side near and far.

I'm even more pumped about teaching the #glowwiththeflow blacklight yoga class Friday night at @cherryblossomyoga! Swipe left for more details! 👖: @buddha_pants 🐾: @yogapaws #wearyourmat

Selamatpagi...pulangkampung ke tempat bapak liat dinding nggak tahan untuk latihan#armbalance

Real life, real time, forearm flow. Have I mentioned that I LOVE being upside down?! 🙃
And @patrickwatsonofficial you amazing creature, can you please just come to my house and play piano music for me all day every day thanks a lot bye 😍😘!

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