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One sleeping, one being thrown around like a sack of spuds 😏😩 I've been knocked down by a killer headache this arvo 😫 thank god for mums who can bring hard drugs (aaaaaaall the panadol 😒 morphine anyone?) When supermarkets are closed 👌 #headachebegone #jkimprettymuchjusthigh #atleastwedidfunstuff #somanygoodphotostoday

A little O2 therapy never hurt nobody. ⚗❄️ #headachebegone

The coolest scarf in town. 📸:@rj4gui4r

People come from all over the country and globe for these Gold mines converted into health mines!! #radontherapy #headachebegone #vacationtime

This is my Pastor @chele_carter She is altogether lovely and because I have a headache she is looking after me with a brew! #servantleader #valleydoescolour #tonightisgoingtobeamazing #headachebegone #toomuchfuntobehad

The beast is currently hibernating so I'm just here chillin hard on the couch #headachebegone


When your last two days in the office have been so intense they end with #panadol an #icepack and #puppylove🐶 instead of a #bottleofwine #shattered #headachebegone #fridaynightbeckons 😕

Good morning Seattle! This blue sky and sunshine is my making my coffee-less morning a little easier to bear.
#seattlesunshine #blueskies #whiteclouds #treesinbloom #cleanse #day3 #nocoffee #headachebegone

Part of improving my health and decreasing headaches has meant I've been able to fulfill some life goals and items on my bucket list. This is one of them. A few months ago I completed my first novel:)
It's a young adult dystopian story about a young girl who grows up in a matriarchal society where men are endangered and kept in cages.
I recently entered it into a writing contest and they are giving away 100 free digital copies of the book!
If this sounds interesting, please see the link in my profile. And if you like it and feel so inclined, I would very much appreciate your review. The more positive feedback I get, the better chance I have of winning :)!
Thanks everyone and happy Wednesday! Hope you're all feeling happy and healthy today!!

When I was thirty-one, I hit a wall. One night, my husband found me lying on the floor in our bedroom crying. At that point in my life, I had suffered from chronic migraines for an entire decade. I was on a bunch of medications that weren't working and I couldn't find a way to get out of pain.
It was the start of a new journey for me. I've started collecting resources and tips for getting out of pain on my website, and if you'd like to hear more of my story and what I did to get out of pain, see the link in my profile. I'm not selling anything- just hoping I can share my experience and help other migraine sufferers get out of pain too!

This is another one of my favs from @meljoulwan in the Wellfed Weeknights cookbook- chicken shawarma bowl. SO good 😊.

After struggling with headaches and migraines for years and more frequently for the past 7 days straight I finally gave in seen a doctor. My own symptoms aside (pulsating pain, head feeling like it will explode, sensitivity to light, dizziness, nauseous, numbness in hands etc), my family history when it comes to brain issues are on the not great side. So cue stress right? Let's make it better got sent for a MRI and MRA - cue claustrophobia. Then became a pin cushion while they took blood (being a die hard vamp fan helps during this) after a full day of driving around having test, my results for my scans came back clear 🙌🏼 yay! But blood results showed my iron levels are mildly low and my B12 levels also, this causing my constant tiredness, numbness in parts of my body and aching joints. Welcome to B12 injections < so much easier then tablets. All of this combined contributing to feeling the most crap I have ever felt. If you have any of these symptoms see a doctor because not being able to do things I live to do because of something potentially so simple sucks! - on a high note with clear scans, back on the bike this weekend is a must! 🤘🏼 #painisfortheweak #ifeltlikeshit #headachebegone #ironisabitch #b12yousuck #nowgivemechocolate

This roller is fast becoming a favourite of mine for my head and neck tension! #pasttense #headachebegone #doterra

Allergies bothering you? Loss of focus? Headaches? No energy? Low immune system? Trouble sleeping?
If you've said to any of the above, you need these! .
#essentialoils #summerready #opportunity #focus #headachebegone #restore #rebuild #renew #revive #favoritethings #sleepbetter #takerest #restforthesoul #alive

Today has been an emotional day for me. I think from all the crying I gave myself a headache.
But thank God I dont leave home without this oil because I applied it and BOOM in 20 minutes I forgot I had a headache.

Im so grateful for these oils!
#headachebegone #peppermint

When you get a #migraine as soon as you #wakeup and your #tiufiance gets you a #Starbucks to help you feel better 💗 #americano #headachebegone #aintnobodygottimeforthat I got #groceries to get and #mealprep to do AND the sun is shining!! Here's hoping I feel better soon #tiugirl #tiuteam #tiubikiniseries #tiucheckin

SO excited to receive this gem in the mail today! I've been wanting to try the ketogenic diet for a while now. I'm always on the hunt for new ideas and strategies to address my chronic headaches. I'll let you know how it goes :).
Has anyone ever tried keto to help with migraines?

when i wake up with a headache, my first hope is that my morning coffee will seep into my head making it happy again, when that doesn't work, a little essential oils and sipping on some water is my next step. still no success? a little food. headache still there? a little movement and fresh air. if it's still there after that then it's all about rest. so that's what i'm about to do!


Don't miss out! 🙃

Get your Chair Massage 💆 today ... Available from 9 am to 2 pm

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