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واصبر لحكم ربك فإنك بأعيننا 💙🚶🏼


Every day for the last 2 months, while doing housekeeping, I watched a mountain that I could see from the bedroom I was cleaning. I knew there was a tiny hut hanging right by the cliff perched just below mount Sefton. Finally getting days off after working 12 days in a row, I had now the perfect occasion to do the hike - but more of a climb- to the hut. Clear sky, light winds and high chances to see an aurora, everything was aligning perfectly for that night. The 3 and half hours climb was not easy, but it was well worth having one of the best astro photography night I've ever experienced. Check out @the5thwatches for the full story of this adventure that will be released soon, I apologies for the lack of vocabulary and clumsiness, it was difficult for me to put the right words on my feeling, but I hope you'll still get the emotion! @the5thwatches have the best mantra "Time is what we make it" which reflects perfectly my philosophy of life. Thank you guys for supporting me and inspiring me to push myself not only that day, but
everyday. How do you make the most of your time? Complete the sentence : " Time is ________" #timeiswhatwemakeit
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