Here is another look into some of the businesses I have been meeting with around district 20 as part of my 47/47 small business initiative. Thank you again for taking time out of your day to talk with me! #SmallBusinessOutreach #hd20

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Here is another look at some of the businesses I’ve visited as part of my 47 in 47 initiative. Thank you everyone for sharing your challenges and successes with me! #SmallBusinessOutreach #HD20

Classic Machines: Allis-Chalmers HD-20 tractor. Photographed in 1979 at the Maori Farm opencast coalmine in Huntly, this HD-20 has obviously had a very hard life. It has a scraper push plate and has undergone some modifications to the air induction system as no factory delivered HD-20 ever used an air cleaner set up like this. Sad to say it has almost certainly gone to the scraper. #allischalmers #hd20 #classictractors #classicmachines #contractormagazine

Classic Machines: Allis-Chalmers HD-20 tractor. An Allis-Chalmers HD-20 fitted with a GarWood 241 cable control and GarWood (S) straight bulldozer. Dual air cleaners on the left side of the machine are an instant recognition feature of an HD-20. All the other big Allis bulldozers of the period (HD-15 and HD-19) had them on the right. #allischalmers #classictractors #hd20 #classicmachines #contractormagazines

Classic Machines: Allis-Chalmers HD-20 tractor. This preserved Allis-Chalmers HD-20 was spotted at the 2008 Historical Construction Machinery show in the USA. It is fitted with a ‘hard nose’ and Baker hydraulic S blade. #allischalmers #classictractors #hd20 #classicmachines #contractormagazine

Classic Machines: Allis-Chalmers HD-20 tractor. Although of marginal quality this shot shows an HD-20 belonging to F.J Bognuda working on top of Moa Point, Wellington, 1955 during the construction of the airport where a good deal of this hill was removed and used as fill for the main runway. It is towing a LeTourneau K30 scraper. #allischalmers #classictractors #hd20 #classicmachines #contractormagazine

Classic Machines: Allis-Chalmers HD-20 tractor. These HD-20s pulling GarEood 624 Scrapers excavate a roadbed near Bowling Green, Kentucky, 1953. The lead two units are fitted with a chassis-mounted push plate for push loading scrapers. A great many HD-20s were delivered with this attachment. The sound of all those 6-110s at full throttle must have been fantastic.. #allischalmers #classictractors #hd20 #classicmachines #contractormagazine

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there..today’s image in our Classic Machines series on Allison-Chalmers HD-20 tractors is an HD-20 with chassis-mounted push plate giving a helping hand to a LaPlant-Choat TS-300 motorscraper. Contractors liked the power and ease of operation of these machines, which was carried over into the HD-21 series. #allischalmers #classictractors #hd20 #classicmachines #contractormagazine #fathersday

Classic Machines: Allis-Chalmers HD-20 tractor. A factory-fresh Allis-Chalmers HD-20 poses for the camera. This machine is yet to be fitted with any attachments. Headlights behind the grille were an Allis-Chalmers feature that was carried through to the early 1970s. #allischalmers #tractors #hd20 #classicmachines #contractormagazine

Accountability, transparency, and responsibility are my three guiding principles for government - and I’ll stand for those in Frankfort. #VoteLawson #HD20 #Commonsenseforthecommonwealth #forwardtogether

I attended the ribbon cutting for Jennings Creek Elementary, which is one of the most impressive schools I’ve seen. Not only is it state of the art, it’s a forward thinking concept in zero energy. It will run $0 a year in energy costs, compared to the average $194,000!
The passion and love for their future students was evident in each teacher I met, and the heart that clearly went into decorating each classroom only reinforced what a great future the students of this school will have. It made me proud to be a product of our public schools, and of what amazing work Warren County Public Schools does.

It was great to see @repguthrie and @sheldonforkentucky; and special thanks to the members of the board, Superintendent Rob Clayton, and every teacher and faculty member that met with me today! #VoteLawson #HD20 #Commonsenseforthecommonwealth #Forwardtogether #ElectBrett #SheldonforKY17

Hours walking out in the sun and heat can be rough, but conversations with voters make it all worth it. I’m in this because I refuse to accept politics as is, and I’m glad that so many people agree.
It’s time to plan long term for growth so we can honor our commitments, invest in education and job training to help Kentucky become a top 10 State, and to make sure Bowling Green has a seat at the table to get the resources we need.
It’s about more than politics as usual. It’s about more than agendas. It’s about the people, our future, and achieving our full potential. If you see me out and about today give me a honk and wave! #votelawson #HD20 #Commonsensefortgecommonwealth #forwardtogether

The sound quality on these are phenomenal #sennheiser #HD20

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