Gave the garage it’s first proper sort out since the move, car goes off to paint again next week so I can touch up the floor paint. Just want this thing on the road 🙃

@dsag_auto_body_paint get at them 🔥 also get at the link in my bio for 10% off all @autofinesse products 🕵🏻‍♂️

#tbt little man @harleyjayblissett getting on the prep @dsag_auto_body_paint 💙

Nice afternoon taking a walk round the London Classic Car Show with @clairefreeeman so many unreal cars on display 😍

In a month it will be in a garage in my garden and I can finish it up quick. I’ve now accumulated every part bar the exhaust. It’s been a journey and it’s nearly at an end @autofinesse @hcs_motorworks

A year of ups and downs and the car had to go on the back burner. A new year approaching and a house with a garage in the garden in a few weeks if all goes to plan so the project will be back on track and on the road for show season. Better late than never I guess

Time to get cracking @autofinesse

Care package 🙏🏻 @autofinesse much needed seeing as my garage is like a sieve for the next 2 weeks 🙃

☃️❄️🎩 live on the site today @autofinesse

Have little #frontendfriday transformation @autofinesse @hcs_motorworks

The last time I took it out on the road, the head gave out the day after. Around August 2015 I think. My co pilot @harleyjayblissett ❤️

Glassy 💎paint by @hcs_motorworks with @autofinesse glisten

Needs a good clean #frontendfriday @autofinesse

Dusted her off and started to put the chrome trims on today 💎 @autofinesse @zeoriginals

Almost there, busy few weeks ahead @autofinesse @zeoriginals

🦄 💩 @autofinesse Mercury polish doing the job 💎

Big progress this next few weeks...about time. @autofinesse

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