Some #occupational #hazards for an upcoming project...

Ham & Cheese

Never give up your dreams, just strive to make them your reality #smalltownfire #engine #hazards #tanker #PFD2

Near Miss with the Truckers Load or No⁉️ @camerasemacoes ⚠️

#mondaymotivation Accidents involving improper lockout/tagout processes are deadly serious––and violations have consistently appeared on OSHA’s Top 10 list. Here, we highlight where employers might be going wrong––and how to rectify improper procedures with the right LOTO program. 👉Read more about Lockout/Tagout on our #BetterMRO site  https://www.mscdirect.com/betterMRO/safety👈 #mondaymotivation #safetyfirst #safety #OSHA #oshaviolation #safetyhazards #hazards #lockouttagout #lockout #tagout #machining #machinistlife #manufacturing #metalworking #cnc #cncmachines #msc #mscindustrialsupply #builttomakeyoubetter

Safe + Sound week is here! Throughout the week, participants will host events and undertake activities that showcase the core elements of an effective #safety and #health program: management #leadership, #worker participation, and finding and fixing #workplace #hazards. Tell us how you’re participating! #SafeAndSound2018.#ColoradoSafety #OSHA

An accident at work is a physical or mental injury following an incident or exposure during your employment.
If your injury arose due to your work or working conditions or due to exposure, over a period of time, you have suffered of a disease. If you accidentally get injured in the workplace, you had an accident at work.
In both cases there has to be causality between your work and the cause of the injury, in other words, the injury was caused because your employer was negligent. Your employer has a duty to protect you and inform you about health and safety issues that might affect you.
If an accident happened you have to make sure you report it to your manager straight away and they record it in the accident book. If they don't do this, or if there isn't an accident book, write down details of the accident, any witness and injuries sustained and give it to your manager and keep a copy for yourself. Your employer cannot simply firm action against you, if you report an accident. You should make sure you don’t let anybody to intimidate you when given your version of events and make sure everything you mention is right as based on this information can be decided who is at fault. It is recommended to take picture at the scene of the accident.
If you can't report the accident because you’re too ill, ask someone else to do it for you as this is very important and it will help the further investigations.
You should see a doctor as soon as possible as he can record the medical details of your accident and injuries sustained and you could avoid further complications. You should not return back to work until the doctor doesn’t say it is safe to do so.
If you need time off because of your injury, you should get Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) and you can also get benefits.
Also note your employer cannot dismiss you if you report it.
If you need assistance in respect of any accident , you can book an appointment and we are happy to explain all the procedure. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 07457194222 or emails us at roconslts@outlook.com.
We are also available on skype,whatsapp and facebook on convinent platform for you.

And a few hazards as well. Can anyone see an issue with these photos? I hope that pole doesn’t fall over. And my kids don’t fall into the foot path. #hazards #mindthegap

I Pray the ashes from this burning sky do not fade away so we can still have something to look up to...
How I saw the sky above my city. 11:15PM, 12th August 2018.
Photo taken along Azikoro Road, Ekeki Yenagoa, Bayelsa state.
#night #nightsky #gasflarring #environment #burningsky #shadows #hazards #health #thefuture #stopthepollution #pollution #photography #nightphotography #shadows #photoofthenight #bayelsa #bayelsaisbeautiful #themogaidea

👷🏼‍♂️Safety Guys are always watching 👀 @enigeechtesven 😆

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