Congratulations to Tref Jones who raised £1048 for Bronllys Community Hospital League of Friends on Saturday! We had a great turnout and the Talgarth male voice choir and The Eezygeezers sounded fantastic. Well done to all involved. #theswan #theswanathay #swanathay #hayonwye #wales #charity #charitynight #greatjob #livemusic #malevoicechoir

Happy Wednesday to you! I think that’s what they call patina. Made by me in a quiet moment on one of our open warehouse days when tidying tools. You’ll have to wait a little while for another one, we can’t make it for a couple of weeks so Saturday 6th October will be your next one, then not on the following Saturday 13th sorry (it’s my birthday!), then we’ll do as many as possible until the end of October and that’s when they will stop.

I’m so excited to be heading to Hay on Wye, Wales today! Okay, we are not travelling down the Nile like the couple on the book’s cover but our trip to Hay via a taxi, 2 trains and a bus sounds like a familiar movie title! I am so excited to be making this trip and I can’t think of two better friends to travel with to Hay! @kelbah @tedbelton #kingpenguinbooks #hayonwye #roadtrip

Early morning light at the top of the staircase on this blustery morning. Stay safe everyone 🖤..... oh, and, thanks to @catherinewatersantiques (🖤) for starting our fascination with old rimlocks...🙄 #blusteryday #collecting #sunlightstripes #radnorhousehay #visithay #hayonwye

So we massively chickened out of camping! Instead we have come to a truly wonderful B&B in Hay-on-Wye to read all the books, walk all the walks and wake up to perfect breakfast spreads like this, delivered in quant little hampers! Lush👌🏻 #hayonwye #holiday #relax #wales

See more photos and read about our production of #UnicornsAlmost - a play by #OwenSheers www.unicornsalmost.com Photos by @finn

I took a photo of Norbert recently that I liked, so I decided to make a portrait, along with a #letterpress print of Dr Johnson's famous feline quote. I used wallpaper as the background, and Norbert is hand painted. The framed pic is going to @addymanbooks, and the unframed pic into my Etsy shop unless someone would like it direct. The lovely little ornament is by @midoritakaki whose work you will love ❤
#catsofinstagram #blackcatsofinstagram
#loveletterpress #woodtype #petportrait #appliedarts #hayonwye #madeinwales #creativelife #creativecat #studiolife #blackcat #woodtype

Tomorrow is Yom Kippur, the most sacred day in the Jewish Calendar. We spend the day fasting so there will be no #booksellersbreakfast

I will be thinking about the past year and the things I could have done differently or better. We will also be thinking of those we have loved and have lost. This year in Hay, three close friends have died: Eugene Fisk the artist, Rhona Muirhead, one of the founders of the Hay Festival and just about the most creative and generous person I have ever met and lastly Christine Turnbull, who for many years was my closest friend. I miss them and wish I had spent more time with them when they were alive. Though my life often seems busy it is important to remember to share time those you love.
This morning, an aunt of mine died in Indiana. Milly Brichto was a beloved sister-in-law to my much younger father. She helped foster in him a love of poetry and literature which in turn was passed on to me. He often spoke of how Milly told him the story of Oscar Wilde’s Happy Prince. He never forget it and often retold it to us - his children. We in turn have read it to our children. Myths, stories and religion have been created to help us live more fulfilled and less destructive lives. I am lucky to have had family and friends that have enriched my life in the past and I know this will continue. Happy New Year and well over the fast to anyone celebrating but also much love to the many generous and knowledgeable, book-loving friends (of all religions or no religion) that I have met through IG.
#addymanbooks #hayonwye #yomkippur #dayofrepentance #usedbooks #illbebackonthursday

At Hay on Wye, the entire village is just one massive library with unmanned “honesty bookshops” 📚
#HayonWye #travel #honestybookshop #bookstagram

Do you think it's time to move in?
#hayfestival #hayonwye #books

I've visited Hay so many times and it's still so much fun. Maybe it has something to do with the sweets, ice cream and books?
#books #hayonwye #explore

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