okay so i feel like lately my account has been getting sooo boring and i really want to fix that so what do y’all think?? should i post better pics, make edits, more interaction type things, etc., pleaseee comment


I have 2 jobs and 2 tests this week and I'm almost going crazy

So I got a scholarship to play college softball but i broke a bone in my hand, and couldn’t play senior year. So now, i gotta practice like crazy before school starts up // @hayesgrier #hayesgrier

What I tell yall😂 He really does love dirt bike riding😍💛💜💖💗⚘💛
@hayesgrier @hayesgrier @hayesgrier @hayesgrier @hayesgrier @hayesgrier #hayesgrier #hayesfansinceforever #northcarolina #summervibes🌞

I missed these days😩😁♥️ @hayesgrier #hayesgrier #hayesgrierfandom

He’s baccckkkkkk 💕 #hayesgrier @hayesgrier

Can y'all tag Hayes in my last post, It would mean a lot to me if he saw the caption

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