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Promise Me Nothing~Chapter 2-Annie’s POV
It’s been days since Caleb stopped talking to me. It hurts. He’s only two yet acts like a teen. He won’t talk to me or Austin. He now refers me to ‘Annie’ and not ‘mom’ or ‘mommy’ not even ‘mama’. It hurts.
A-Ok, I’ve had enough. Your dad isn’t here!
Caleb stopped. His eyes filled with tears.
He ran outside and next door to my friend Jayden’s house. Jayden was outside with her kids and immediately watched Caleb. He doesn’t even call her Jayden. He calls her Auntie. She looked at me; worried. I just smiled slightly and nodded. She nodded back and they all started to play.
I went back inside and started to cry. Austin rubbed my back to soothe me but nothing worked.
Au-Babe, just tell him the truth.
A-I can’t. He doesn’t understand. *ding dong*
Au-I’ll why it
A-No, I’ll get it. Maybe it’s Jayden hopefully with Caleb.
Au-Fine, but if it’s pizza delivered to the wrong house again. Don’t say no.
I laughed at his joke because last time that happened and I said no to free pizza.
I opened the door and froze. ?-Hey.
Oof! Cliffhanger!!! Love y’all!!💜
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Chapter 11
Jayden: “Listen, Anns. I support you on whatever choices you make, and so do all of your friends. But we all care about you, we don’t want you to get hurt. What if Hayden is a player? Then you will be heartbroken. Even if you love him, don’t show it yet, let’s see how he reacts to what we do all the time, and let’s see if he flirts other girls also. And then you decide whether to be with him or not. Is that ok with you?”
Annie: “I guess.”
Jayden: “Ok good.”
She dragged me out into my room again.
Hayden: “What takes so long?”
Jayden and Annie: “Girl talk.”
I automatically walk to Hayden and sit down next to him, Jayden smirked at me and goes to Connor.
Jayden whisper: “Hannie…”
Hayden and Annie: “We heard that Jayden! How about Cayden?”
Connor and Jayden blushed so hard they actually look like tomatoes.
Connor: “Ok what time is it?”
Hayden: “Shoot! Guys it’s 11 pm.”
Annie: “Sleeping arrangements?”
Jayden: “Sure.”
Annie: “So you guys choose. I have 10 rooms in this house, only as bedrooms. All the rooms are as big as or bigger than my room, each with a bathroom that has a hot tub and a swimming pool in it. Or we can just all sleep in my room.”
Hayden lay down on my bed: “I choose to sleep in your room, with you by my side.”
Annie: “Get off my bed right now!!! You dirty little brat!!!”
Hayden pouts his lips: “But it’s comfy.”
Jayden and Connor: “I’m fine with sleeping in your room.”
Annie: “Ok. My room it is. Connor, you and Hayden take out the air bed; Jayden, you go to my clothes room and find yourself things that fit; I’ll go to Caleb’s clothes room and figure something out for you two boys.”
Hayden: “Yes ma'am!”
Five minutes later, everything is in their place, and we are about to get ready for bed.
Hayden: “What is the air bed for?”
Connor: “For us, duhhhh.”
Hayden: “I thought I’m sleeping on your bed Annie.”
Jayden: “The bed is for Annie and I, dummie.”
Hayden: “Awww… I want to sleep with Annie.”
Annie: “K fine. But don’t try anything Summerall.”
Jayden: “I’ll sleep on the air bed with Connor.”
It’s 11:30 pm now, Jayden and Connor are asleep. Hayden keeps turning around and around on the bed.
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