İnfinity War haftası başladı.
Cuma günü vizyona girecek olan Marvel filmi Avengers: İnfinity War 27 Nisan cuma günü vizyonda. Bu haftaki gündemimiz İnfinity War #İnfinityWar ve ayrıca bu haftanın bir diğer gündemi Suudi Arabistan da yapılacak olan WWE Greatest Royal Rumble #WWEGRR .
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Weekly Fact :
Marvel Studios’ most anticipated MCU installment of all time - Avengers Infinity War - is hitting theaters in 5 days, so let’s dedicate ourselves to a Weekly Marvel Fact. .
Roughly 450 separate pieces make up the Iron Man suit.
Did you know that ?
Fact published by : @filmshaq

#NEW Family! 💞💗

Lmao same Tony, same.. 😂 Thank you @axgntofmarvel for helping me choose😅❤
Yes it took me three days to choose which AU to post :,)
Still 2 days till my death ..and I'm lookimg forward to it XD
Hope y'all have/had a wonderful day ❤

an underrated friendship
Movie: Captain America, Civil War

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