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Aight fam
*clears throat*
So like
We reached 1k
For the second time
How cool is that??
Pls no one unfollow right now I love being all heartfelt but I don't wanna write two speeches today and I already looked for the original one and I couldn't find it and try to use it so oh well
ANYWAYS like followers isn't a big deal to me bc the main reason I came back to IG was my friends
And since I've come back I've met so many more friends
I'm in group chats with neat names and I have friends who send heart spams and some of you actually reply to my stories and watch my live shows
Some of you may have met me this year
Some of you may have been here since August 24, 2013
Some of you may have met me somewhere in between
But thank you all so much
I've had so much fun here and I can't wait to talk more with you all and get to know more people
And apparently change my theme 12 times
Love y'all lots!
- Katie
(Aka Jester)
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I've spent like all day reading about how women and children and minorities are often treated in their local comic book shops and while I haven't had a bad experience I just feel really uncomfortable in my local shop and ugghhg I really wanna support local shops but...they...really creep me out? And I wasn't allowed to touch anything?? And I felt like I was an inconvenience to the employees and they never offered any help to us or greeted us or anything and idk I've never been really impressed with or felt welcome in my local shop :/
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