The gorgeous couple tonight. Sunset shots are so fun! #foreveryoungamen

These two are steppin' into marriage in ALL THE BEST ways! Congratulations Mr & Mrs Walker! 💍👰🤵

The beautiful Utah woods ft. a wandering bride and groom. (Just blogged this session it’s up on my site!)

Hey guys,
So this is Danny & Lisa. Their story is so amazing & goes back to when they were just kids in their local neighborhood ❤️

So they grew up on the same block, playing outside with Lisa & her 4 siblings. Danny was like the 6th child in Lisa’s family, what started as great friends later led to a lifelong love.

From kids to adults, they have grown together & continue to keep each other young! 💍

Always find someone that will hold you down when you get too high, be your foundation of the empire your trying to build & just be by your side if you decide to go to war! If that person makes you happy keep it simple & just make sure to always keep the love in the air! 💞

Tag someone below 🔽 that you love & can’t live without! 😍

Newly Mr. and Mrs. walking away from their ceremony and Whitney turned around and gave me this face! I am so pumped to share more from their stunning, intimate day 😭
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In Maui this week and not checking our emails until Monday because these cuties got married and had the most beautiful wedding last night 💛 #moonrise

Find your seat 💕

Golden // Woman

“ Yassss! You guys are so freakin HOT! Oh my gosh stop! No don’t actually stop, like Staaaap” - me from behind the camera

I think Curt and Kelsey love the ocean almost as much as they love each other.. so that’s a lot of love! 🌊🖤

A proud mama, big sister, and best friends 💕 (cause captions are about stating the obvious, right? In case the photo never loads for you... I’ve got you covered 🤷‍♀️)

The look of complete joy on her face makes me feel something. I like these moments a lot. 🖤

First time in Colorado. Hiked up to pulpit rock and it was awesome. Terrifying, but awesome!

Sneak peak from this mornings shoot with the wonderful @jessica__hefner and @paulhefner72 ♥️

I love exploring with this man. Exploring a new state, embarking on new adventures and just loving and living life side by side and laughing (almost) every step of the way 😉 Colorado is so insanely beautiful.
Plus I get drunk faster in the high altitude #winning 💁🏼‍♀️😂🌲🌎⛰

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