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Real life vs tattoo 🐙😍 what an epic shot! Would you do this? @travelzlist would 🤗
📸 @musashi671 📸@mermaidlovehi .
.#octopus #tattoo #ocean #beach #tako #sand #animals #wildlife #wild #nature #marine #model

Lanikai was so vibrant this morning😍🏝

📸 @taniokas - Thinking of lunch yet? Stop by for some spicy ahi on sushi rice!
#taniokas #spicyahi #spicytuna #taniokasexpress #Lunch #poke #hawaiisbestkitchens #hawaii

It is weird how little we think about our eyes and how insanely intricate and fragile they are. No camera or device could ever process light the way evolution has allowed our eyes to. The best part is that if we are lucky they open up everyday to make it possible for moments like this. 👀

✨H A P P Y F R I D A Y✨ This week has been full of waterfalls, pretty sunsets, scenic hikes and a lot of time on my laptop working to make this lifestyle happen!! For those that don't know, I'm a graphic designer!!😊 I love getting to be creative every day, and my travels and adventures inspire me every single day!💻🌎 What is it you all do for a living?! Please share!!🙌🏻
📷 @lukebarrow7

💙 Weekend! The begining of new life for another week ahead [#LanaiLookout]


Adventuring with my keikis in-tow is 4 times the work, 3 times slower and twice the anxiety... but the experiences we share are priceless

You can't take them anywhere! However, the chocolate soufflé was just that good. #fsmaui #hawaiianairlines

Happy #AlohaFriday

I could get used to this 😏

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