I think Universal might be winning this battle! #havingfunishardwork #happybirthdayZoe #lovethisgirl #mynieceisthecutest

When you’re tired and all that will do is a mama cuddle 💛

Took a “day off” in Rapid City today to fill up with diesel, wash the mud off the truck, get groceries, high five some presidents, see some street art, have a local beer (and local root-beer!), buy the first five books in the Little House on the Prairie set at a cool used bookshop and ride some dinosaurs. 🦕 #rapidcity #firehousebrewingco #havingfunishardwork #momneedsanap #skylinedrive #familyroadtrip #familytravel #bombsaweigh

Boys getting in more sightseeing at Empire State Building. Chrysler building pic with 59th street bridge that I walked home on 9-11. Last pic pretty much sums up the trip. Cooper annoyed by Morgan. 😠 😝#ithinktheystilllikeeachother #havingfunishardwork

This is THE definition of exhausted. #havingfunishardwork

Day 2 of celebrating. She’s loved every minute, the constant flow of presents and her fav money 😂 thank you for all her birthday wishes. My apron and rolling pin have been put away and my party planning skills to rest 😘 #havingfunishardwork #happybirthdayprincess👑

Sometimes Christmas gets the best of you.... #christmasparty #wipedout #havingfunishardwork

Those happy little toes 😆😍Happy Birthday baby G 🌟🎉
#havingfunishardwork #fun
#childhoodmagic #birthdaytreats #happybirthday #somuchlove #sisters

Didn't actually post it like @tori721 thought BUT I feel ya, Hannah!
#imold #havingfunishardwork #halloweenafter30 #herefortheboos

Bye #summer2017 you were one for the books! Highlights included going to Vegas with my bff 🎲🎰to see #bsbvegasresidency among many other things, @j3ss_0316 u were a great travel buddy and like to be a tourist as much as I do! Worked a pink carpet event 💃🏻and as a PA on a movie set 🎥 saw #nkotb front and center, fun times in #fireisland 🌊with @fabuloushairbyamanda, General Admission pit for #lukebryan 👢with @pandamanderrr, a few vineyard visits 🍷oh and a crapload of running!!! 🏃🏻‍♀️Looking forward to a new, cooler but still very BUSY season! #havingfunishardwork #doyou #lifeisshorttakethetrip #nonosebleedseats #happyfallyall

I won't post the pic of the peepee on the car seat or the ones of the moments when all 3 Littles were crying (Shrieking? Squawking?) at the same time...in the car. I won't post the pic of the 3yo peeing on the side of road or the one of the goldfish caked into the cracks of the van floor or the baby milk bottle spilling on Grandma and the front seat. Nope! I won't post the pic of my partner and I bickering about driving less aggressively or of the frenzied grocery shopping trip right at dinner time. Not the one of the bedtime antics or the bath time antics or the she-took-my-thing-that-I-never-ever-play-with-but-now-I-want-it-because-I-don't-want-you-to-think-this-whole-parenting-thing-could-ever-be-smooth antics.
No, I'll just post this peaceful pic of my toes and the ocean at sunset, filtered with Instagram Gingham (my fav) cuz sometimes, as one of my favorite Aunts liked to say "Having fun is hard work" and cuz even though life doesn't NEED filters, a little kind humor and pretty color hues sometimes help
#BeachVibes #VitaminSea #VacationsWithKids #ToesWithAView #HavingFunIsHardWork #BuckEyeBeachCornerOIB

The rooms are getting more and more empty and as we are bringing stuff down to prepare and load it in the next 2 days, the kids are finding past treasures that they've outgrown! My babies used to fit in this!!!! 😍😭 She passed out from exhaustion about 3 minutes after this picture was taken! 😂 #HavingFunIsHardWork #SoIsPacking #Memories

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