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I'm always intrigued when people tell me I'm different to how I look when they meet me. I always wonder what people expect. I make the assumption most people think I look like a thug or a violent man. I find it even stranger when people are shocked to meet @courtneylloydtattoos. She is hands down one of the sweetest, kindest and most caring people you could ever wish to meet. In my lifetime I've met few who compare to her. She is such a sweetheart and won't judge anyone until she knows them. People should stop and think before they say or do things. People should consider their actions before they take them. It's human nature apparently to make assumption, yet I was brought up to believe assuming makes an arse of you and me. Ugly and narrow minded opinion makes for unattractive persona. Don't be a bellend. Think before you speak. #thinkbeforeyouspeak #haverespect #smallmindedmorons #dontjudgeme

Someone else took this photo of me but it still counts as a selfie since it's a photo of myself, right? Either way, at least I'm not standing near a deceased animal I shot with a huge smile on my face, using this frame as a "hilarious" joke like some others. The point of this frame is to support @peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) not bash and make fun of the importance of what it stands for. I am proud to say I shoot selfies, not animals; because how would you like it if you were hiking in the woods and someone decided to shoot you? Some of those animals don't die for a while after being shot; if not shot in the right area, they lie there and suffer slowly until they take their last breath. Imagine if that was you, put yourself in their body. I know individuals who hunt could care less about what I say but I just wanted to state my thoughts towards this. #ShootSelfiesNotAnimals -
Lately on facebook people have been posting photos of themselves with an animal they have shot while hunting with this frame added to it which was not the intent of the frame to be used for. To me it is highly disrespectful and offensive to the PETA organization itself. -
I understand the reason we have hunting season is to maintain the ideal population of certain animals. I also realize people kill these animals to feed their families but even then it's sick to take a photo next to the deceased animal with a huge smile on your face like "look at this, I won big" and even more sick to add the PETA frame to your photo with the deceased animal. Adding this frame to a photo like that just makes it look like you support animal cruelty because you're making fun and bashing the importance of what PETA actually stands for. There is a photo frame that reads "Proud to be a sportsman" maybe you should try using that frame instead, even though your photo is still sick. #EndAnimalCruelty #HaveRespect

Okay. Here's the deal. I'm usually a pretty understanding gal, but when you steal MY pictures and don't give ME credit, I tend to get a little feisty. #fedupwithit #haverespect 😡💔

I came up from the Villages to the Townships, from the Townships to Bloemfontein 🇿🇦 I've learnt alot in life and I'm still learning.

You don't need a rich family or sophisticated background to Succeed 💡

Today I'm a Bachelor of Accounting Sciences Graduate 🎓Look at me now, I'm starting to flourish now 🌱#StayHumble #HaveRespect #Pray #Believe #ufsgrad17

Attended 'Kursus Induksi Khusus(KIK) Siri 3/2017' at Intan Sarawak, Kota Samarahan from 14th-16th August 2017 with the Enforcement Unit. This is not my first time attending this course. Different places, different posts and different people with different characters and level of thinking. No matter how educated or how high your position is, at the end of the day, your personality and how you treat others matters the most. So, treat others the way you want to be treated. Be humble,be respectful. What you say reflects who you are. Thank you from us 'The Colourful Team'. 🙌
#throwback #spreadpositivity #haverespect

Shawn outside his condo rn in Toronto and there's a lot of fans. Let him celebrate his day ❤️ #haverespect

Overcoming fear and making me proudest man alive! @alexprout #iloveyou #happiestman #sheisthebest #yougotit #justdoit #HaveRespect


Friendship is such a beautiful thing to have, and I am very blessed to have some that I truly treasure. Mostly they're the unconventional types, where we don't meet often and sometimes don't even talk that often, but when we do it's as if we just met yesterday. It's the type that is genuine and honest, filled with respect, not pretentious, not demanding. There are however those who builds friendships based on lies and hatred and laying fitnah on others. These are the unforgiving type, the ones who judges, the ones who points fingers and have no empathy in their hearts. These are the ones who falls to the whispers of evil. Their whole existence is based on being fake and telling lies. Islam taught us to be with those that bring us closer to Allaah, not the ones that teaches us to be cruel and heartless and say horrible things about others and tell lies and lay fitnah! For indeed, these are definitely the ones that will slowly drag us to Jahannam and not Jannah! May we choose our companions wisely and may we be protected from all evil.
#friendship #islam #alittlerant #banyaksangatbendamerepek #growup #janganbuatjahat #janganmulutjahat #haveempathy #havepatience #haverespect

Next time before you go to spread a rumour about someone stop and think just how much this nonsense may affect them! #Closeyourmouth #useyourbrain#haverespect #actyourage

Almost made me want to get on twitter and live tweet lol 😂 loved the block party theme the unnecessary 🐝shade though lol when you gotta record shows to watch and just getting to it . And the fact my girl teyana hurt herself during fashion week and was dancing with a broken foot ! Regina did great too #hiphop #90s #90 #growth #dreams #reality #real #dontletthelifefoolyou #changethegame #haverespect #makeaway #brownsugar #love #loved #vh1 #honors #hiphophonors #hiphophonors2017

When you doubt your power.
💪You give power to your doubt✊
Self-confidence is the foundation of allgreat success and achhievement #watchwatch #selfconfidence #importen #to #success #study #readgoodbooks #respektyourself #becool #haverespect #give #love #sharing #knowledge #knowledgeispower #lifeisshort #but #magic #lovetoyouall

I Don't Know That They Hate God's Team They Suck & Trashy. But Oh No You Y'all Gonna Get In A Lot Of Trouble For Saying All That To Him...
God Is The Star Of Light That Shines The Moon On Earth In Tell It Gets Dark Of Night. But You're Making God Mad And He Has A Lot Of Anger In Him. ------------------------------
Have Respect For Him And Are Cowboys. He Knows That He Can Hear You What You Are Saying To Him And Watching You. At Night He Created That Star In Heaven And Placed There & Earth. He Said Let There Be Football Called It Dallas Cowboys. What You Say About This In Life Experience Which Is Good. How Do You Y'all Feel Like This Huh.?? Huh.?? Huh.?? It Hurts In Are Hearts But That Is More Important. #GodLovesCowboys #HaveRespect #GodLovesUsAll #GodBlessTexas #GodsFavoriteTeamCalledDallasCowboys #NFL #RealLife #RespectGodsTeam #RespectThatStar⭐ #Amen

Am session went well today and looking forward to the pm session. Always remember to brush the chalk of the bar after finish training:) #atletikaweightlifting

Don't you just hate when you get to the gym at around 7pm and there are no weighs and you have to go around the entire fucking gym looking for them because PEOPLE don't re-rack them !! It's fucking annoying as fuck !!! ( yes I always re-rack my weighs !) This is amazing !!! When I saw this I was like DING DING DING !! This is the greatest thing ever !! Yes this is reall !! I saw this yesterday at a gym and oh man I wish they did this in every single GYM !!! #rerackyourweights#please#bemoreconsiderate#haverespect#haverespectforothers#lafitness#xtremefitness#signaturefitness#gym#

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