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Goodbye, old Instagram icon! Yes, I held out on upgrading just because I liked that icon. The desire for the latest features has finally won out. It is time to let it go. Anyone else hate changes like this? Please tell me it isn't just me! #havegearwilltravel

Well worth the detour to check out this rock ! #A3 #havegearwilltravel #roadtrip

Så var den glada påsken slut, lämnar det bakomflutna framför mig och styr åter kosan norröver med glatt humör! En Pripps 7,2:a och en lindrig packning bidrar alltid till bra resfeelinki. #roligtalladagar #vemspappaärdudå #feelinki #havegearwilltravel

@cjfrazier and I are spending the day videoing some volleyball. We don't just do weddings!! Lol if it moves we can capture it! #pacecarproductions #pacecarforlife #volleyball #HaveGearWillTravel

I just got the email from #minicooper congratulating me on my most recent Mini, Claira, turning 1 today! We've already had some grand adventures - driving from Houston to the eastern-most point in the USA, the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Maine last fall! Then all the way down to Florida, before coming home again. I love my Mini! #havegearwilltravel #laptoplife #ladyboss

This moment took my breathe away. I was driving across Montana - winding roads, curving hills, up and down, when suddenly I spotted them out of the corner of my eye. A herd of horses, grazing up on the hill. The giant clouds and big sky so perfectly behind them. I stopped immediately and took so many photographs. I wanted to never forget how it made me feel, and this photo brings it all flooding back to me. Are you spending your days treasuring the incredible moments? #HaveGearWillTravel #BusinessBrilliantly


Being in business can be hard when you're a solo entrepreneur. I get it. There are all these personal feelings of self-worth mixed in with trying to run a business - and we aren't talking about it. (We are all running around trying really hard to look like we have it all together.) When a potential client reaches out to you via phone or email, do you realize that they are HOPING to give you money?
They are hoping that you're the one. The person that they want to hire and work with. They are opening the door because they like you.
Most of us respond this by thinking that we still have to convince them to like us, to want to work with us, that they don't like us already.
Instead we feel gross because we think we have to "sell" them on working with us, and all those deeply seated fears come up.
Will they like me?
Will they think I'm a fake? A fraud?
Will they see right through me, know that I work in my pajamas until noon, be aware that half the time I'm not entirely sure if what I'm doing is right but it works so I'll keep doing it?
Will they care that I don't have that degree, that certification, I haven't taken that class, I don't have 10,000 followers on Instagram?
I'm here to tell you, they aren't thinking any of those things.
They felt a connection, an attraction, a reason to pick up the phone and call you or to send that email off to you.
They WANT to work with you. More than anything, they are hoping that you are THE ONE. That their search is over.
Now take a deep breath, do a power pose if you need to (the Wonder Woman is my personal favorite, of course), and talk to them. Allow them to pay you.
You're not some smarmy salesman - you are providing them with a product or service that they want. They are asking you for the ability to buy it. There is no snake oil involved here.

Today's "office": doing a 50th anniversary party at a ski resort. HUGE thanks to @tomhackworthy and @dellwoodcountryclub for the referral!

Summer is full of travel! We love seeing our RUN/SUP hat pop up at Dodger Stadium! Be sure to tag us where you are sporting your R/S gear this summer! #letyourworkouttakeyousomewhere

Hello, sweetie! Meet my new Mini Countryman! 😍Thank you, @miniofthewoodlands - you're the BEST! Wondering where our first adventure should be. Time for a road trip! (I still need to get to Alaska, after all...) #minicoopercountryman #minicooper #havegearwilltravel

Evening session rained out. What else does this girl do? Have a glass and clean my gear!

Great action shots from Saturday's paddle to the beach campsite in high winds and choppy waters with @superieadventures; but still wearing smiles as big as the sky!

#supgirl #supcampingadventures #lakeerielove #unsaltedlife #surfthegreats #paddlewithfriends #wetsuitweather #drybagsareawesome #nalusupandsurf #i❤️ny #smilemore #joy #havegearwilltravel #gettingthereishalfthefun

I finally did a beach camping trip by SUP. It's been on the list for a while, and was absolutely amazing! The paddle there was a sloppy windy mess, but I managed to keep me and my gear from falling in. Caught a couple little waves, and had an amazing night with new friends!
#lakeerielove #supgirl #supexploring #supcampingadventures #beachcamping #westernny #superieadventures #paddlewithfriends #exploremore #nalusupandsurf #drybagsareawesome #havegearwilltravel #icantbelieveitallfitonmyboard #viewfrommytent

We just got back from a shoot in #London and we're still daydreaming about all the amazing locations we worked in...waiting for the film to come home is agonizing! Who's ready for a London #location shoot? 🙋 We are! // #destinationphotographer #travelgram #bigben #letsgo #havegearwilltravel #destinationwedding

Another vineyard favorite from this lifestyle shoot at @thevbbtx Wishing I was back there sipping wine with my feet up right about now! #bednbreakfast #hillcountry #lifestylesession #vineyard

Well worth the detour to check out this rock ! #A3 #havegearwilltravel #roadtrip

Heading out of Providence #havegearwilltravel #remoterecording

In addition to posting about your most recent client work, post on your blog (for SEO!) and your social media accounts about places you like to go and things you like to do. Being photographed is intimidating; liking the person that is holding the camera makes it less terrifying. You can also share date night ideas, your favorite places to dine, your favorite meals to cook. This beautiful dish is the spring radishes at @presidiohtx - so delicious! I believe in supporting local restaurants & eating locally grown foods as much as possible, so aligning my brand with theirs shows potential clients that I hold these values. It allows them to say, "Me too!" When they are down to two photographers to choose from, who do you think they will pick?! 😍 #HappyStomping #thelifeboss #bloggingbrilliantly

Hey you guys! Chip here, breaking in on @christinebpc's take over this week. In the past 24 hours I've received no fewer than eight text messages just like the one above.

If you've been wondering the same thing, make a plan to join us tomorrow afternoon at 3 PM (Central US time)when Christine and I sit down and talk about the importance of using the most powerful tool in your kit - your story. And maybe if we're lucky we'll hear the answer to the question above!

Check back here tomorrow morning for the link and plan to join us after lunch tomorrow!


One of the biggest challenges when it comes to blogging & social media is putting yourself out there. We all battle the voice in our head telling us no one will care, no one will listen, no one will notice. The one that says your life is boring? We all have it. That is the secret - every single one of us feels that way at some point or another. If your boss told you that you MUST go talk about the company to 10 people before you were handed your paycheck, you'd do it. Your business is your boss; if you're not talking about it? No one else will. You are your marketing department. You're more interesting than you give yourself credit for; it is time we stop considering talking about ourselves as boastful. There is no shame in doing the work of getting your message out there! #HappyStomping #YouAreEnough #thelifeboss #businessbrilliantly #communityovercompetition

Repost from @stompsoftware -- Have you ever lived in an apartment? It can be nice having neighbors, people to talk to, someone else to do the property maintenance. However, you're stuck living with someone else's rules, design choices you'd never make, and they can sell the building, kick you out, and tear it down any time they want.

Blogging is like owning your own home. You choose the experience your guests have when they walk in the door. Every design decision, entirely your own. You make the rules, and while it is a bit more work? You have complete control. No one can shut it down. No algorithm is going to keep people from seeing it. You won't have to pay to play or spend money on ads.

Social media is important. It is where you go to meet people. Your blog? That is where friends are at. No distractions. Getting to know you better. Building the very important know, like, and trust factor. People see your social media posts for seconds. Blog posts? If they are interested in you, they will spend time going through your archives. Which are you spending all your time working on? Your blog, or social media? Are you building on the land that you own?
PS - we are in the middle of house renovations right now! We chose white subway tile in a herringbone pattern, Colonial White granite, brushed nickel pulls, and now we just have to finalize our paint choice! - @ChristineBPC

#HappyStomping #thelifeboss #bloggingbrilliantly #communityovercompetition

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