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All my dress dreams have come true thanks to @vintageinspiredbyjackie 💗✨💙

🌸Yesterday was full of fun and pain trying all the different tricks @pakyudan was feelingg🦄 #HaveCourageAndBeKind #BallsOfSteelDay

I spent three hours at Disneyland Paris tonight and I am a happy camper! #disneylandparis #montanatofrance #sleepingbeauty #cinderelladress #havecourageandbekind

Throwback Thursday of a different sort. Lets talk about metal health, the self love peice. Before i get into that lets talk about the past: You see I have always battled my weight. I have been as high at 287 and as low as 135. Before the first photo I had lost 60 pounds and was maintaining that weightloss until I gained it all back and some by age 19 (I'm 26 now). I have journals FILLED with lists, weight, measurements, food intake. I WAS obsessed with that number. I've been to fat camp TWICE as a kid when I was 14 and 15. I worked at a gym from age 16-18. I was obsessed with working out. By 2009 (the year I lost my mother) I binged and binged and I gained close to 100 pounds in a YEAR. At 19 I was 265 pounds heart broken and extremely depressed. I decided I was going to lose this weight once and for all...I lost 130 pounds in 2 years. I maintained that weightloss with starving myself and over exercising. You can see by 2011 I wasn't healthy. By 2012 I was starting to look better not just being "skinny" I was "happy" in a relationship. Then my life changed. That relationship with a man I never thought could hurt me, became hell. I was abused for 4 years physically, emotionally, mentally, I lost myself, became an extremely reclusive and anxious person. I lost friendships, didn't see my family and I started to gain weight rapidly. I escaped that relationship by moving home. I started to regain control on my life, I lived with my sister @bmnelson093 who was a chef and she started to teach me about how food is healing, I began to love this healthy lifestyle and independence. I met my husband in 2014 we became pregnant and had our baby in 2015. During my pregnancy I gained more weight. Swipe to the The last photo and this is me NOW. I am the happiest I have even been. I feel loved and valued. I LOVE MYSELF, my strength, my tenacity to thrive and grow. This body has been through so much, it has carried me through my life and I am BEAUTIFUL. I will ALWAYS be changing. I am not defined by my weight or my past. I have courage and I am kind. I am STRONG. I am CAPABLE and I am WORTHY. I can confidently say I love myself. Never give up in life no matter what. ⬇️

Have courage and be kind and @danggooddisney's shop is open. This shirt from her and @loashheg has one of my favoritest saying on it. This is me a few weeks ago (pre-accident) and this bag is from @dnhandbags. I lovvve it. (Thanks @bibbidibobbidibrooke) All the Cindy vibes. 💙

Happy Mother's Day! 🌹Thank you Molly & Mara for making me a Mommy❤️ so proud of you both! @darin_osborne @toniastrong1 #leadbyexample #havecourageandbekind

"Não desista! O (re)começo é sempre a parte mais difícil!" 🦋🍃#havecourageandbekind


I have a great respect for Cinderella and her never ending kindness. Her step family is so cruel to her but not once does she say something negative or mean about them. I don't know about you but if someone ripped up my mothers gown, I'd be ripping out hair and clawing faces! 😬😂 #havecourageandbekind #onceuponatime #cinderella #disneycosplay #disneyprincess #cosplay #disnerd #bibbidibobbidiboo #happilyeverafter

Keep creating, Travel Often, Love Fully, Give Thanks, DREAM BIG, Work Hard, Take Risks, Stay Humble... And do you!!!!! 🙌
We are going to spend the weekend out of town exploring and at the beach! What are your weekend plans?!?!

🌿One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite movies! ✨ Wreath available in my Etsy shop: Willow Wood Graphics #handdrawn #flowerdrawing #flowerart #cinderella #havecourageandbekind #willowwoodgraphics

I will never be a Size 0 no matter how I try . On this picture I was a Size 10 or Size 12 on a 38-29-40 body stats . I made peace with my curves and I am happy to enjoy my life , have the freedom to eat healthy without counting the calories. But like everything else in life, Moderation is the Key . My point is, every girl can be her own Fashionista, Pin Up Girl , Bombshell or Supermodel. Physical beauty is nice but at the end of the day , what really matters is your sense of style and ur good heart. #feelfabulous #curvesrock #fashionista #havecourageandbekind #goodheart #behealthy #behappy #enjoylife #walkoutside #stayactive #funexercise

Kill 'em with kindness. 🖤
Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead now.

Whitney & Kevin 💚🐍 #snake #havecourageandbekind

Daddy took Emma on a walk to Joe's for Italian Ice for Mama so I could get some work done today....she LOVES her walks to Joe's with Daddy. Especially that Daddy lets her eat ALL of his Italian Ice & share only tiny bites with him. LOL. She's just a doll. I can't get enough of this pic of her. Thank you @noteboom13 for being such a great Daddy & for helping me not just today, but every day! Xoxo

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