If Stetson University had senior superlatives: Voted most likely to wave a Terrible Towel at graduation #HatterNation #SteelerNation #hattergrad

i’m leaving for england, it’s my birthday, and i am just missing this boy while eating bad chinese takeout at the airport (also just realized i could get lit on the plane if i wanted to) // #hattergrad

Congratulations to our faculty members who were presented with awards over the commencement weekend 🎩 John Hague Award - Mayhill Fowler (Assist. Prof. of History/Director of SPREES), Hand Award for Community Impact - Pamela Cappas-Toro (Assist. Prof. of World Languages & Cultures), William Hugh McEniry Award for Excellence in Teaching - Megan O’Neill (Assoc. Prof. of English) and not pictured Hand Award for Research, Creative and Professional Activity - Terence Farrell (Prof. of Biology) #StetsonUniversity #HatterGrad

In school, I formed so many fond memories while lying beneath the trees in palm court, laughing with friends or reading for class (or both). Upon watching now-fellow alumni graduate this past weekend, I became nostalgic and was inspired to create these sweet and simple little guys. I really love them, just as I love the way the sun paints the clouds above the palms at Stetson U 🌞 #gohatters

That was the quickest and slowest 100 day countdown to graduation, but in the end it still came too quickly. My best friend has officially left me (for now) and my heart hurts. I’m proud of us, Ian. We did it! Congratulations to us both. Now hurry home. 😉😭❤️#stetsongraduates #happyday #sadday #imissyou #bestfriend #lovehim #hattergrad #wemadeit #bachelorsdegreeholder #bittersweet #offtotherealworldnow #comehome #proud #mixedemotions #congratulations #iloveyou #wedidit #favoriteperson #blessed

Had an awesome time yesterday even though they messed up my name still after I spelled it out😭 #hattergrad #classdec2017🎓 #stetsonuniversity #family

My very best friend graduated college today. My sister is one of the most kind, genuine, hard-working, and determined people I know. For the last 22 years, I have watched her grow from a girl who liked to plant sunflowers and burn slugs (with my encouragement, of course), to a woman on a mission to make the environment better- one step at a time. Words cannot describe how proud I am of you, Lee Lee! 💚✨ #classof2018 #hattergrad

“THE GREATEST ADVENTURE IS WHAT LIES AHEAD.” Today I have graduated from Stetson University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and a minor in Business Law! I am also pleased to announce that I have landed a job with the Bank of New York Mellon! I’d like to thank my incredible family for their continuous love and support! I am so grateful and blessed for my experience at Stetson. Stetson will always be a second home to me. As I close on this chapter in my life, I’m thrilled to start the next! I feel prepared to take on the world! 👩‍🎓🎓🙏 👒♥️🎉 🌎#hattergrad #classof2018 #foreverconnected

One of my favorite days of the year... #hatters #hattergrad #graduation #foreverconnected #stetson #gohatters

You mean B.A. doesn’t stand for bad ass? Blessed with the people who supported my dreams along this wild journey. College graduate?✅👩🏼‍🎓

Saying hello to alumni status🎓💚 #hattergrad #gradcap #edclasvegas #edclv2018 ✨5 MORE DAYS✨

I’ve had my diploma since January #hattergrad

he did that!!! that’s my boy!!! #hattergrad

Thank you for being there for me and being a real friend. I appreciate you so much 💖 From high school graduation to college graduation.
#hattergrad #stetsonuniversity #collegegraduation

Momma, I made it. *God’s Plan starts playing* *hasn’t secured a job yet* *God’s Plan stops playing* ...Album dropping soon.
Thank you to everyone for everything. It’s been one incredible ride. Bachelor’s of Business in International Business ✅ 👨🏻‍🎓 #hattergrad 📸: @camilayg__

So apparently I graduated or something??

So many of my closest friends and brothers graduated today. I’m going to miss you all so much!! Best of wishes on your journey to the future~ #stetsonuniversity #hattergrad #ΛΧΑ

#Repost @stetsonu
YOU did it, #hattergrad! 🎓💚🎉 Congratulations to each of you! Head over to the Stetson U Facebook page for links to the Flickr album, Stetson Today story and Stetson Broadcast’s live stream!
#gohatters #foreverconnected

YOU did it, #hattergrad! 🎓💚🎉 Congratulations to each of you! • Head over to our Facebook page for links to our Flickr album, our Stetson Today story and Stetson Broadcast’s live stream! • #gohatters #foreverconnected #classof2018

We did it! #hattergrad

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