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@ashtonnjohnson and my workout today. I'm hating the fuckin gym right now, but it's gotta happen. #10bythebday #hatethegym #upperbody #wednesday 🏋

Sooo I went to the gym Monday night and actually worked out. The thing is, I started feeling like I was getting sick within the first few minutes on the elliptical. Tuesday upon waking I have body aches, sore throat, dizzy feels and icky drainage. I haven’t worked out in forever and the one time I seriously go to the gym and work out in YEARS—I get sick. If that’s not a sign to never go to the gym again then I don’t know what is. 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 #LogicOnPoint #HateTheGym #IRegretGoingToTheGymSaidThisGirlEveryTime

Yucky sweaty gym pic! But proof I actually went! #hatethegym#girlssweat x

Barely squeezed in a workout today with the little one in between us. But we got it done then enjoyed our super foods while watching PJ masks before bed time. It doesn’t matter when it happens as long as you get it done!! #fitasfamily #fitrail #shiftworklife #hatethegym #pregnantpartner #dadof2 #pjmasks

s p r i n g: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be
#springbegins #1stdayofspring

~My body is tired but my mind is refreshed ❤💪. #hatethegym #balibodyresults

Biggest supporter right here!!!🙌🙌the Hubs has never once complained about me taking time everyday for me! He supports me in so many ways..... taking care of the kids, making me make good food choices even when I don’t wanna, the compliments, being handsy😜! Besides myself he is the only other person I care to look good for but no matter what I know he will always be next to me every step of the way! Today we had some preworkout together and crushed the gym together! I really have the best life😍😍 #togethertuesday#fitfam#fitcouple#couplesthatworkoutogether#pedsnurse#firewife#gethealthy#hatethegym#besthubbyever

Happy Monday everyone!
I’m still pretty tired from my long and busy, BUT very fun, filled weekend!
On Friday, my boyfriend and I went to dinner and then saw Cirque du Soleil with our mom’s to celebrate my mom’s birthday. That was just Day 1 of the birthday celebrations!
Next we had Saturday! My boyfriend and I met some friends for a little Duffy ride, but left when things got a little too crazy lol. We weren’t about that life! Later that night we met my mom for dinner with family for Day 2 of the birthday celebrations!
Finally comes Sunday where we continued the birthday celebrations! My brother and his wife and my boyfriend all took my mom to Palm Springs where we rode the tram up the mountain to hike some pretty trails and have a little fun in the snow. It was filled with lots of laughs and some pretty sweet memories that we won’t forget.

Started pole/aerials because I fucking loathe the gym, now considering a membership so I’m strong enough to do the aforementioned. At least there’s a bar, and chandeliers.
#irony #hatethegym #circuseverydamnday #strongnotskinny #aerial #notagymrat

Shout to this guy for tackling this crazy ride called life with me! 💕 [its a poor quality picture but I’m obsessed with it.]
I’m someone who has always been very comfortable where I’m at or living in my little bubble as I always called. But the truth is that was just fear holding me back. I was afraid of doing something different. I was afraid of failing.
After meeting my boyfriend all of that changed. I don’t want to keep going through life being afraid. I want to achieve what I always dreamed of. And this guy has helped me do it.
Without his constant love, support, and motivation I never would have jumped all into Coaching. Putting myself out there, am I crazy?! But I didn’t listen to the voices in my head and I signed up.
When I told my boyfriend that I signed up as a Coach he kind of looked at me funny lol. He had no clue what it meant or why I wanted to do it. After explaining all of it, he was all in too and has been motivating me everyday to do more.
I told him that I wanted to change and how unhappy I was with where I’m at. I want to be able to not have to worry about taking a vacation or traveling the world, like we always talk about. I don’t want to worry about money and I don’t want to be tied down to a job for forever.
With Coaching, I’m able to work when I want, where I want and have the money and the means to do whatever. I’m able to be a better person and help others strive to be their best selves too.
This is the life that I want to have. This is my game changer.
Forever thankful that I took that first step and became a Coach. If you want more information on what Coaching is all about, private message me. I’ll let you know the ins and outs of it all!

Yay no work today 👍🏻. But that means booo gym day. 👎 Did I mention I hated the gym!!! I really do! Before I had my hip done I didn’t ‘have’ to go I ‘needed’ to the guilt of not going is different. Now I ‘have’ to go.... I still hate it😒😠😞😩. . E 💋. #gymday #hatethegym #stupidpose #hipreplacementrecovery #gettingstronger💪 #noplainjaines

Ever wondered if vision boards ACTUALLY work?
I explain how my vision board has helped me achieve some big goals and how it still drives me to keep pushing everyday.

{facing a fear} I use to fear the gym...and made excuses that I couldn’t go, didn’t want to go, didn’t need to go...then I found a reason that was bigger then myself and excuses were no I get good enough. I decided to go and JUST walk on the treadmill...then I decided maybe I could do a little lifting on the machines...then I decided I would try free weights and now...I’m in love with it all!
If you have something your fearful of...find a reason bigger then your excuses and take baby steps! YOU ARE WORTH IT! .
#helpyourself #fears #taketheleap #lovethegym #hatethegym #sweatequity #youareworthit #dumbells #gymrat

[03.14] it’s Pi Day!
The nerd and the number geek in me gets very excited about today! 😂 where are my other nerds at?!
Fun fact: Growing up and in high school, math was my best subject and my only AP class. Friends would always copy my math homework. I’m able to figure out complex equations and even got an A in calculus, but don’t ask me to do basic math 😂. Multiplication is not my forte. Growing up I’d always have to ask my brother what the answer for things like 6 x 7 was, still do lol.

raindy day vibes ☔️

I usually like to talk about the transformations that occur on the inside. Positive mindset, pushing through those negative voices inside our head, saying YES even when it isn’t going to be easy & sticking with something long after the excitement disappears.
Today on this transformation Tuesday, I’m giving a shoutout to a physical change. Most of the time, my physical changes are not anything like those before & after photos that you may see on social media or read in a magazine. I’m ok with that since, most of my life, I’ve tried to stay consistent with living a balanced life. ▪️
53 days ago, I committed to an 80
day program that has challenge me
differently both mentally and physically. I’m well aware of how this program has made me stronger mentally but it’s nice to the physical changes as well. So here’s to a little higher 🍑! #transformationtuesday #highandtight #fitmom #fitover50women #momof4boys
#homeworkouts #hatethegym #getfitathome #iin #iinhealthcoach #sayyestoyou #reachyourgoals

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