Telling someone not to worry is a little bit like telling someone not to get wet in the rain, it almost impossible.
After having a baby there are all sorts of things to worry about, from whether your baby is okay to what others think of you to who you are now and if your partner still finds you attractive.
Prebaby, I was athletic, slim with a good bum, post baby I have the thighs of two people stuck together and the stretch marks to match. My body is not what I know to be me, how can my partner love me like he did before? I don't look like me, I don't have the things he told me he loved. I want to love me again and I want to not worry that he will one day find a shinier model.
One day at a time, I will find the new me.
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Miracle of makeup! Hehehe #makeup #hatemyskin #lipstick💄

Skin update!! 👇🏻 So.... I’ve been using a lot of coping mechanisms recently to tackle my stress levels after speaking to my doctor, which is one of the major factors into my skin breaking out the way it does. One thing that really seems to have helped is writing down how I’m feeling rather than bottling it up and trying to hide when I have ‘down days’. No one reads what I write, as I’m not ready for that yet - however just getting it out seems to have lifted a massive weight off my shoulders and seems to be doing a whole lot of good 🤗 I’ve also been really strict with my facial routine; using the LED mask every other day for 1 hour, as well as hot-steaming my face and my general cleanse/tone/moisturise when I wake up, and before I go to bed. Although in the photos to some it will still look terrible, I actually have noticed how much my skin has changed within a matter of 3 weeks!! The scarring.. for now, will be there for some time, as peels etc are too strong for my skin, however I will definitely find a solution in the future. But for now (touch wood) the red-ness has dramatically reduced, I’m not as hot and itchy and any blemishes that I feel starting to appear - I tackle immediately with the LED mask, to prohibit its growth. I’ve still got a long way to go with my self confidence, as I still feel hideous in my skin - however, it’s so lovely to see from photos actually a slight improvement ☺️ #instalove #instahappy #instahealth #instagram #instagramers #skinupdate #skinjourney #rant #uodate #acne #positivity #positivevibes #happy #bodydysmorphia #hatemyskin

Acne at 26 is not fun. It's simply not just 'spots' its painful. Flare ups are crap. Doubt I'll ever have clear skin. #adultacnesucks #hatemyskin #fedup

Ladies, don’t let your décolletage give away your age. We all love the sun and the sun kissed look but it can cause dull wrinkled skin and ages us. Probably not the look you’re going for. Use Active Hydration Serum once a day to rehydrate for younger smoother looking skin and for a healthy glow without the sun try the essential sunless tanning cream. #loveyourskin #hatemyskin

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Day 1! Hoping this helps my dry ass skin! 😂 thanks @jjnycole_xo With her code I got this whole system for $1.00 👌🏼 ❤️ @nxnbeauty #nxnbeauty #30days #skincare #hatemyskin

Excited to take on this new skincare journey. #pcosmom #hatemyskin

My new addition #hatemyskin #skindisorder #ouch

Wet hair. But ya girl don’t care... 😚 #IStillLoveMySnapchatFilters if it weren’t for them, 😂 I’d be ugly as ugly getsssss. 😫 #Hatemyskin 😭

TEENAGE SKIN BREAKOUTS GIVING YOU PROBLEMS?? If considering medication, best you try our options first!

The Nu Skin Clear Action System focuses on more than just the blemish. It's a comprehensive system that helps to clear the signs of past and present blemishes and ensures the future health of your complexion. 👉Reduces blemishes 👉Decrease oiliness and redness
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When was the last time you looked in the mirror and thought, "Nope, I don't need makeup" and stepped outside with full confidence? 🌼 Although we love make up, we can feel beautiful with or without it. 🧖🏼‍♀️
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Like you learn how to drive, you learn how to read or how to cook food, you need to learn how to keep your acne under control. It’s not your fault you have it, it’s mostly genetics. But you got to know how to keep your skin clear and to prevent acne from formation. I will share few things that are very important. Thing #1 Get rid of your foundation, 99% of them clog your pores, get yourself Glo mineral pressed powder that’s safe for your skin and won’t clog you. Thing #2 Ice inflamed pimples day and night, ice reduces inflammation very well. Thing #3 Stop eating diary, high iodized and androgen food. #facerealityskincare #acnesufferer #backacne #acneproductreview #acneproneskincare #acnetip #acnecure #acne #pimple #blackheads #clearskin #acneskin #hateacne #hatemyskin #acnespecialist #esthetician #

My skin is fucked up 😬... Best products to remove pigmentstions??? #skin #fuckedup #helpme #summer #hatemyskin

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