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Guess who was walking around with her pants on backwards!! #hastemakeswaste

Getting the tension right for my #gingerjeans #hastemakeswaste

#slowdown #hastemakeswaste #fivestitches Tomorrow is a new day.............

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" #nopainnogain #hastemakeswaste

How did this happen!!!
On the treadmill and saying to myself, why does one show feel slightly different and look down to find this.
#craycray #hastemakeswaste #headnuhgood #rananyway 💪

Rectifying our error made in haste!!! @shradhasawhney this was the original chat screenshot!😃#error #hastemakeswaste #rectify #blingbasket #blingbasketaccessories

#hastemakeswaste Come in now to use those FSA💰...before you lose them on 12/31. Getting stronger, more mobile, free of injury.
#goals #readyforit #2018goals


Mission complete 😆

1941EL just left to her new home.... for those of you I texted- it took a day and a half from first text to it leaving.... #yousnoozeyoulose #hastemakeswaste #indecisionsucks

I've been struggling with a project that was supposed to be quick. I ended up sewing over a paper template and now I'm using a craft knife to remove little bits of paper from the stitches. Sigh.

In my haste to leave work today, I didn’t notice I dropped my glove until I turned back to look. That was close! .

#hastemakeswaste Come in now to use those FSA💰...before you lose them on 12/31. Getting stronger, more mobile, free of injury.
#goals #readyforit #2018goals

Looks like Christmas gets to come early for me in the form of my 1st #2018 #DemoReel ! 💪🎅 In honor of the holidays and my 3 year anniversary of moving to LA, I'm estatic I get to finally show everyone what I've #created in this #onehorsetown since I rode in on two; thank you to everyone who watches and share this link as much as you want...
Individual Sizzle Reels coming today as well. 🎬

Love, #AidanRoth 💘📢
#actor #comedy #drama #actorlife #set #tv #film #milestones #snl #improv #goldenglobes #dreams #setintentions #hastemakeswaste #AR4BB

We live in busy times and many things are therefore convenient for us. But we are also creatures of habits, and you can try to change your habits, from using disposable stuff, to bring your own reusables. Try it, it will feel better! 😀

#bringyourown #bringyourowncup

#saynotosingleuse #reduceplasticwaste #reduceyourplasticfootprint #reducereuserecycle #hastemakeswaste #waste #trash #cafe #coffeshop #coffebar #coffeaddict #frappuchino #starbuckscoffee #starbuckslover #starbucks #barista #easytogo #takeaway #stuff #convenience #consumersneedtochange #consume #consumerism #coffee #plasticlid #plastic #PlasticPollution

Regranned from @forbymikroplast - @storyofstuff

“Chemicals have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. We have grown to enjoy the convenience of chemically derived products. Plastics, detergents, soaps and aerosols are often disconnected with their hidden price tag - eventually they find their way into water or the ground via landfills, drains, or sewage sludge.’ Guide to Hazardous Household Products,
The Clean Water Action Project >>>
Small steps to reduce our plastic footprint can have a massive collective impact. Simply replacing plastic bags with tote bags - reducing plastic cutlery & straw consumption are all small choices which add up. Follow our journey as we feature non toxic products >>> & make moves to phase out disposable culture. #plasticfreelife #hastemakeswaste #endoftheline #zerowaste #litterless #choosetoreuse

Some days you make magic. Other days, not so much. I painted 2 custom ornaments today. One took 4 tries to get it right. Both were cut smaller than intended and both fell victim to my haste in wanting to assemble them and ended up with fingerprints in the finish. Not to worry! I was able to spray them again and get rid of the prints and they’re just big enough to still make them work! #hastemakeswaste #alcoholink #inkartist #inkoutloudstudio #commission #christmasornaments #nomagictoday #fourthtimesacharm

Never give up on a dream bc of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.💭⏳ #timeisAllwehave #whyrush #hastemakeswaste #livewithquality #taketime #maketime #lovefull #regretnothing #humbleEveryday

I was born 23 years, 5 months, 19 days and a couple of minutes ago at 7:47am to a loving mother and a beautifully endless world full of possibility; I won't say that it's been a cakewalk but I sure do appreciate the warmth that hit my face this morning!

#AidanRoth #actor #bornforgreatness #setintentions #hastemakeswaste #Confident #Loving #Present

The intoxicating aroma of sweet holiday spices, drift lazily on the heat waves radiating from the oven. I close my eyes and breathe deeply and I am transported back in time to my Grandmother’s kitchen for our traditional Christmas pfeffernusse cookie baking party. Handed down by her Mother and her Mother’s Mother, this recipe is pure legacy. My red and white gingham apron encircles me with homemade love, as I learn the importance of properly measuring each ingredient with care. “Haste makes waste” is my Grandmother’s gentle reminder. My favorite part is when we pour the bowl of spices together into the cookie dough and I repeat her words back in a singsong voice, “variety is the spice of life - the very spice of life!” The gift of time together, sprinkled with cookie baking and words of encouraging wisdom through the years, continues to inspire me to choose the sweetness that stands the test of time.
Want to create memories that will last a lifetime? May we suggest keeping your tea caddy stocked for spontaneous teatimes? You are cordially invited to our BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR, December 1st - December 8th. Enjoy up to 25% off! Plus, join our Newsletter to receive an additional 25% off coupon, for that item on the top of your wish list! (Click link in profile)
#intoxicating #aroma #holidaybaking #christmascookies #grandma #pfeffernusse #hastemakeswaste #varietyisthespiceoflife #giftoftime #wisdom #legacy #memories #choose #sweetness #biggestsaleoftheyear #holidaycheer #teagifts #holidaygifts #smallbusiness #livethelittlethings #pursuepretty #flashesofdelight #livebeautifully #thehappynow #womenlivingwell

Take 2! #hastemakeswaste

Is this the most beautiful 360-degree panoramic view in Australia? Comment below. At 88 meters (280 feet) Reabold Hill is the highest viewpoint in the Swan basin. After cycling to the top you're rewarded with 360-degree sweeping views of Perth City and the Indian Ocean!
Bonus Tip: Come just before sunset for the most beautiful sunset in the world!

Tag a friend who loves to travel and I encourage everyone to visit Perth!

Watch this in glorious HD: https://youtu.be/ax4JTnDxv_4

Check out my Freeride video of Reabold Hill: https://youtu.be/MngCUWN1axI

Check out my other Drone videos of Perth: https://goo.gl/ELLZHe

Camera: GoPro Hero 4
Artist:: TMG Jinglepunks.com
Track:  Digital Tundra

Oh no! 🤦‍♂️ I was in a hurry (急ぐ) to make rice between two lessons and ended up spilling a lot of rice on the floor. Well, “Haste makes waste (もったいない),” we always say in English. But on the bright side, I vacuumed the kitchen floor twice today so it is now extra-clean.✨ #富山 #Japan #英語 #英会話 #英語の勉強 #english #everydayenglish #studyenglish #englishlesson #lifelessons #hastemakeswaste #もったいない #rice #ごはん #sayings #proverbs #ことわざ

i know it’s shopping season, and sometimes it makes people go a little crazy. i never understood why the shopping frenzy came immediately after the day of thanks and appreciation. it’s important to think about how much stuff you already have and stuff you throw away every day. even though we may not see the impact we make on our planet, we are still responsible to leave it looking better than it was when we got here.

Today’s motivational message comes from hoopla that is already starting to unfold at work this morning. You ever had someone act like their shortcomings are now your problem? In your mind hit them with the “boy bye”, but realistically, the situation has to get dealt with. So now you’re thinking, “How do I resolve the issue without getting besides myself?” You take a deep breath, and solve the problem on your own time. Don’t let anyone rush you to complete work that’s below average. And always remember, don’t let someone else’s haste disrupt your inner peace! #choosingcharlie #innerpeace #boybye #motivationalmonday #hooplah #eliminatedrama #hastemakeswaste #nottoday #pushthrough #onyourowntime

"Hiding ones light under a bushel." ☝🎖

Fury or force cuts no ice where gentleness does the job. If you want to melt ice, you don’t need a hammer 🔨. The sun 🌞 can melt an entire iceberg 🗻. THINK smart, not tough. Most people don't think! They act on impulse, tit for tat. A frightened dog barks louder. Why “bark” when you can whisper? A whisper gets more attention than a bark. Try it. Don’t engage in name-calling, petty accusations, and empty threats. Trump and Kim Jong-un are the perfect example for "impulsive" behavior which has escalated to the point of no return. Violence begets violence. Why create "resistance" when you can turn things around in your favor? Why use force when calm can do the job better? We need a "miracle worker" to calm these two "loonies” and bring some sense into their heads, if that is ever feasible. Ever since Trump took office, the skies have never witnessed such intense prayers. Keep praying, amigos; our region is NOT in any better shape either. Pray for a miracle. ‎ إذا أردت أن تأخذ شيئاً من أحد ، لا حاجة لك أن تنتزعه بالقوة بل تستطيع أن تجعل ذلك الشخص يتنازل عنه طَوعاً و دون نزاع أو صراع لأن الغلبة للحكمة و الدهاء و ليس للقوة و العنف. مش كل شي بالعضلات 💪🏽. كيف يعني؟ على سبيل المثال لا الحصر ، ترامب و كيم جونغ أون (رئيس كوريا الشمالية) مثال حي لهذه المشكلة حين يستحيل إجراء أي حوار مع أحدهما أو كلاهما إذ هما وجهان لعملة واحدة يهددان العالم بسبب تعنتهما و تهورهما و سلوكهما الصبياني الذي يهدد العالم بدمار شامل. العنف لا يولد إلا العنف. أيهم أقوى ، الرياح 💨 أم الشمس 🌞 ؟ هبوب الرياح يُولد مقاومة أكبر حيث ينشأ صراع. و الرياح مهما عصفت لن يمكنها إذابة الجليد. أما الشمس 🌞 فما عليها إلا أن تنشر الدفء فيذوب أكبر جبل جليدي 🗻 دون جُهْدٍ أو مقاومة. بالحلم و التَرَيُّث بإمكاننا أن نُحَقِق ما لا نستطيع تحقيقه بالعنف و القوة. حبذا لو تَرَيَّثَ أحدهما (أو كلاهما) و إحتكم إلى العقل و الحنكة بدلاً من التهديد و الوعيد و يعودا إلى طاولة الحوار لمنع كارثة تُحدق بالعالم أجمع. طبعاً الكلام إلِك يا جارة لأن الإقليم عندنا قاعد على "قنبلة" موقوتة تهدد بالإنفجار و العِبرة لمن إعتَبَرْ. و ذَكِر فإن الذكرى تنفع المؤمنين. وَتَعَاوَنُوا عَلَى الْبِرِّ وَالتَّقْوَى وَلَا تَعَاوَنُوا عَلَى الْإِثْمِ وَالْعُدْوَانِ. نحن بحاجة إلى معجزة سماوية. أكثروا من الدعاء

Skippity skip 🍊🍐 🍌🍎🥒🌶🥕🍄🌰
It's an absolute shame to see supermarkets throw away perfectly good food. Good thing I was in need of bananas, lemons and tomatoes..
#dontwastefood #dumpsterdiving #foodwaste
#anothershopstrash #garbagefinds #thisisnottrash #zerowaste #hastemakeswaste #donatenotdump #foodliberation #eatseasonally #lovelocally #eatforfree #freefood

A whole plastic container of pre-made salad, tossed away carelessly? Perfectly edible bananas, disposed of with reckless abandon?

These two finds alone are unfortunate. The fossil fuels that were consumed to make the plastic container and package it all is bad enough, let alone the waste of produce and labor that went into production.
Do these many bananas really need to get tossed? Most are not even ripe yet, and would have never gotten a second chance.

These are our supermarkets, in Israel, USA, and all over the world.
#donatenotdump #dumpsterdiving #freegan #foodreclamation #freeganism #hastemakeswaste #bananas #prepackaged #wastedpotential

I don't even understand how somebody could produce something this bad! I feel like I would actually have to try harder to f**k something up this royally. The worst thing about this is that you can see that they actually poured another skinny layer on top to try to fix it last week (darker layer) Don't think it helped much.... I hope the framer actually does a site visit before they bid on this or else they're gonna have quite the surprise. #wow #buildfails #epicfail #notmyparty #hastemakeswaste

Posting on schedule this week! #bakethebookweek38 And this time I really need your (local friends') help. I've made two tasty treats today but I can't eat them alone. Let me know if you'd like to stop by tomorrow, Sunday, for a piece of almond dacquoise (light and crispy almond cake with rich almond buttercream between each layer), or chocolate pots de creme (chocolate custard sans the cute pot.) Both are delicious but too much for my little family. I'll even throw in free adorable infant snuggles. 😘 comment to reserve a helping! (For those of the LDS persuasion, I'm right on your way home after stake conference!) Ps. Some may rememeber how I botched my last batch of rich buttercream. Fret no more. Nailed it this time.

#hastemakeswaste #almonddacquiose #chocolatepotsdecreme #williamssonomatheessentialsofbaking #18eggslater

Don’t let the enemy cheat you out of your blessings!!!! What an irony that the child born by Abraham out of impatience became an enemy of the child of faith!
I come to realize that decisions taken out of impatience is an enemy to your destiny.
Even when you believe God seems to be delaying, you must never lose hope, because He makes all things beautiful in His time.
● God is never slow or late. ● He is always on time with whatever He promises. ● God has not changed, and He will not compromise His standard.

Glad we bought it, to try it. The flavor isn't gamey or off-putting at all. It was seasoned nicely with an herbal, even floral-like, aroma. The texture was light & fluffy [btw it was cooked by steaming] and it had very little fat mixed in.. there were pieces of onions/ shallots for texture and sweetness. Good stuff 🤙
#boudinnoir #bloodsausages #frenchfood #openwide

Boudin noir. [That's pigs blood sausages y'all 😉].
Peel the skin off the potatoes, drizzle with olive oil. Take a bite of blood sausage w-potato & mustard. Yum. Yes, it was delicious! 😋
#boudinnoir #bloodsausages #frenchfood #justdoit

So, yesterday, I learned the power of Loctite glue. I also learned that my ignorance and haste were powerfully at work in me. Here’s the story. I saw my shoe falling apart and in my haste to fix it, I grabbed this super strong glue to solve my problem. Well I didn’t realize the strength of this glue, and was rushing to get it done…ended up with glue on my pants, four of my fingers…oh and for future reference, tissues don’t wipe the glue away (another hasty, foolish move). I created a sticky mess (pun intended). I now need new shoes AND new pants. Thankfully my fingers were spared. The point I am getting at is that I just went head first into trying to solve this small dilemma, and didn’t really think it out. Nor did I reach within and allow the Holy Spirit to help me. My foolishness leads me to want to share this Proverb with you all, because I am sure that from time to time, we have a tendency to rush in to get it done, without knowing what we are doing, just to complete the task. I’m guilty! But, mistakes are how we learn. The Bible teaches us not to allow pressures or intimidation to corrupt our decisions. We have to properly assess each situation, and evaluate the best way to handle it. Rushing into anything is just not wise. When we do this, we usually end up with some degree of regret. My example was a simple one, but the concept is the same. We all want to be successful, and the truth in the proverb is an excellent guide. My prayer for all of us today, is that we do not allow the outside pressures of time and people influence our decisions. Let’s make good solid decisions based on finding out the facts of the matter at hand. Even when we have the facts, we can and should turn inward and ask the Holy Spirit for the guidance and wisdom to do the right thing. Thank You Father, that You are just a thought away from us and my hope is we can all realize this, and seek Your guidance before we make up our minds. #hastemakeswaste #ignoranceisnotbliss #holyspiritleadme #thankyoujesus #thinkbeforeyouact

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