Some people never understand what you bring to the table, until they watch you in action at another table.

Why you gotta keep me hypnotised 👀
Song: hypnotised @akon

I'm so good at forgiveness, cause I found it for you so many times.
When I thought I've hit my limit, you pushed a bit further and I drew the line.

Show me your stickers!! Take a pic of your stickers...be creative...and tag me or use hashtag #montut for a chance to have your pic reposted here on my instagram feed! Works with Monster Tutorials merch too 😉

#ObjectProject_Coffee Winner | So many amazing stop-motions and images were created for this week’s project, so @xantheb definitely had her work cut out choosing the winner. Luckily, she managed to whittle it down to this cute and quirky creation by @thetwinklediaries. ☕️
Caro and 9 others have each won an annual subscription from @workshopcoffee, so check out our Stories to see the other winners! And remember to keep a look out for next week’s theme, coming to you with the help of the lovely @monalogue!

Meeting you was like listening to a song for the first time and knowing it would be my favourite 🎶

Spring soccer has started which means ice cream on the face & freckles on the cheeks! 🍦
This is our second year in soccer and Marley is itching to get out there too. Hopefully my kids will be much more athletically inclined than I ever was 😆 Does your little one do any sports?

"Always love me some vegan buddha bowls"
Nearly one year since I started eating plant-based and I can honestly say that it has been the best decision ever!
I am so much more in contact with my body, hardly get or feel sick, enjoy eating and having such a healthy relationship with food again.
Even though it became far more than just "eating plants". It became a passion to me, since finding out that becoming vegan could change our whole planet for the better. Saving animals, solving the issue of world hunger and global warming, etc. .
A blog post with my tips and how I became vegan (and was able to stick to it) is coming soon on my website 🌷🐝🍉

#ObjectProject_Coffee | Led by @xantheb, in collaboration with @workshopcoffee, this week’s #ObjectProject challenges you to think outside the box.
As usual, @xantheb will be sharing the overall winner, but @workshopcoffee will also be choosing 10 extra entires who’ll each win an annual coffee subscription!
Coffee may be one of the most frequently Instagrammed items, but we want to see you put your own spin on it; whether you create an eye-catching animation like @xantheb, or tell a story through a more lifestyle based shot.
We can’t wait to see your creations, so make sure you pop over to our Stories to see this week’s Campus video, and read the full project brief.
Deadline for entries Tuesday 15th May, 12pm GMT

Golden hour ☀️

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