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#HashtagLunchbagBK with @pinchie_price and the @hashtaglunchbagbk team over at @brooklynworks159. Had a ball is a super dope space with some good folks!

7 hearts and 14 hands assembled 150 lunchbags for 3 shelters to feed fellow members of our Brooklyn community. 🤝💫 thank you @hashtaglunchbagbk @hashtaglunchbag @theblackpearlproject @kay_d_cee @fillwithamor @abbie_kaddabbie @sandlikekrystal @virgosister @__justncase donating your time, energy, and love!

Giving is living! I had a wonderful time at #HashtagLunchBagBK this AM with my @theblackpearlproject + @camp.ryan fam! We packed 146 lunches to feed the BK community and spread love across the borough. We hope to see you at our next service event April 2 @therapywinebar from 12-2pm. #GiveOften

Sunday Sept 25th, Camp Ryan and @HashtagLunchbagBK worked together to make 348 lunch bags for the hungry and hopefuls of Brooklyn, New York, while introducing them to Camp Ryan's Hunger Game experience.

Stay tuned for future dates and opportunities so you and your friends can get involved. #CampRyan #HashtagLunchBagBK

#HashtagLunchbagBK WITH @mcroooster and a bunch of good folks from @theblackpearlproject and @camp.ryan We made our sandwiches with a lot of love as you can see!


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