Tanya 😍
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Minimalistisk konsolbord fra @aytmdesign, fremstillet i sort stål med mørke glashylder. Modellen hedder Fumi og findes også som sofabord og sidebord 🙌

Eating alllll the carbs (this Burger King 🍔🍟sesh was followed by an Oreo cheesecake🍰 slice) to keep the blues at bay - a full day of flying and one lost bag (mine: stuck at Heathrow) and we are feeling just a little bit fed up. #traveldiaries

The hardest step she ever took was to blindly trust in who she was. ~ Atticus

Wandering through the garden, canopy of leaves, perched atop the beachside cliff, I rest amongst the trees. 🌲

Music while you allotment/ vineyard? Yay or Nay? 🎧
I’ve been very strict to not use headphones while I’m at the #vineyard A’s it’s about being at one with nature. However as I need to hunker down and just get stuff done I’ve found it so useful!
There’s a tidy tip next to my #allotment and a train line so it’s fairly noisy.
What do you do?
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For when the wind blows 🌬 An 80's 100% cotton Jacket in beige/stone. S/M. I like to think of it as workwear with a safari twist 🐆 £23 UK Postage included - contact me for overseas requests 🦂Link in bio.

Throw back to our first ever Windermere pop up, how the time has flown! We are now in a bigger even more beautiful shop in Windermere & have been for over a year! If you haven’t already visited us we are open until 5pm today 👍🏽 #scottieandrussell

It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be. J.K.Rowling.
I can count on one hand the days of her life that she has not been read to. It was a conscious decision to fill her mind with as many words as possible as language delays are one of many symptoms that go along with her diagnosis of 18p.

Consequently, we now have an avid reader in our home. Whenever she is quiet, I know she is stuck in a book somewhere. Is there anywhere better to be stuck....I think not?


She had a little outfit change and is available in my Etsy store. It's sunny and almost warm in my part of the world, off to get a little vitamin d!

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