Despite the fact that we always were a tiny nation, not very powerful, didn't spread our territory, didn't conquer, never forced anyone to be like us. Despite all this the whole world follows a Jewish week. A month is calculated by the moon, a day by the sun and a year by the time the world moves around in orbit. But a week? Why does a week have 7 days? Not 10, 6, 26? Well, somehow the whole world ended up following the Torah. Well, I guess Hashem made it that way, so that we are able to celebrate Shabbat without inconvenience for all time onward from the first time, bringing a testimony that yes Hashem did rest on the seventh day, that's why we rest. ✡️❤️ Time in Judaism is not linear btw, so every week, every shabbat the world has THE SAME energy as on the 7th day of creation. Let's tap into that energy today and greet the shabbes Kallah into our homes 💞 Shabbat shalom 🗺 painting: Chagall, the praying Jew #shabbatshalom #torah #judaism #jewish #emet #hashem #shabbes #shabbat #jewishmother

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Tehillim 13:6

If a woman is accused of adultery by her husband, and there are serious grounds for suspicion, she is given a choice: accept a divorce or stand up to a strange test. The test, if she opts for it, requires her to drink "bitter waters" into which the name of God had been dissolved. If she is guilty, she dies a gruesome death on the spot. 
Bibity Bobit Boo children thats how Sotah works!!! if you want the full story check out my main mans Dvar Torah of the week!!!

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