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School soon sksks

good morning ☀️ @hrvy

goodmorning, harveys so talented wow:,)
i really hope i get to see him live one day 🧡 @hrvy

harvey i love you more than chocolate cake ❤️
actually i’m lying i hate chocolate cake it’s plain up dry i love you more than tres-leches cake if yanno what that is and more than you love your orange chocolate and that’s the tea 💞
@hrvy #hrvy

everyone is dming me this no it’s not a hickey🤣. it looks more like contour😂hickeys are red/purple yuh💀. does anyone have the vid cus i skipped it someone pls send ahah
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damn I wish I won a hoodie but the chances were one-in-3.8 million :’(((
warning; RANT
The winners of the hoodies are people I know to be extremely kind, beautiful and definitely deserve it. Don’t come @ me, but Harvey’s method of picking the winners were completely unfair. I love Harvey a lot but this was something that truly threw me and a lot of people off. I understand it was his decision but the least that could’ve been done was to hold a fair competition for everyone, and not to singularly pick big accounts or people he’s met several times.
This situation I’m sure has created some feelings of unwelcomeness, favoritism, jealousy among the fandom. It may always be there, but this has most probably fueled it even more.
If you still don’t understand, check @cactuscantwell ’s story. She explains it in a much better way, and I hope everyone who reads this keeps an open mind.
P.S. don’t attack me. I’m sure a lot of people has thought/noticed this.

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