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I love these beautifully strong women so much. And I love this place for being the home for our family to live and love in🙏🏽 #firstfridaysatharvestcafe #harvestfamily #eatlocalandorganic #whatsasmorgas

Dad's last service @ Harvest was awesome, thank you church. Your love & support for my family is overwhelming #Harvestfamily

It was a chilly market on Saturday. We would like to say a massive thank you to our volunteers who came out when it was -3 to set up the market.
Our volunteers are an essential part of the community and the @harvest_launceston family, thank you, we couldn't do it without you.
#volunteer #community #harvestfamily #lovelaunceston #discovertasmania

The Harvest Family send our biggest love and congratulations to Kassia & Tristan, as they welcomed the newest addition to the Grier Tribe yesterday. A little brother for Orlando. Both doing well!

#harvestfamily #itsaboy
#harvestnewrybar #byronbay #hinterlandway

Coolest uber driver I ever did meet! lol
Love this dude - @henry_amador is the true definition of willing.
#HarvestFamily #WILLING

S/o @acehood wearing his "3-Striped Tee" 🔥 Now Available!
Shop now www.harvestofficial.com
#TheHarvest #HarvestFamily

In a New York State of mind. Hug fest and we are off. ✈️ No one captures the holiday spirit like NYC! ❤️🎄‼️ #harvestfamily

After Elaine slayed last night 😊💕 #ladiesnight #bdayweekend #HarvestFamily

The holiday spirit consumed us all last night.... #harvestfilms #harvest #newdigs #harvestfamily #thisishowweroll


Tonight is one of my favorite nights of each month, which is Team Night!!!

This is where all campuses, OKC and Edmond Campus get together to learn and grow more in our areas of service from Kids, Youth, First Impressions, Creative and Prayer Teams.

If you are involved in either one of these teams or you want to be, be there tonight!!! And definitely come early for food!!!

It all starts tonight at 6pm at the OKC Campus.

See you there!!!!


Harvest Family! Don’t miss tomorrow at 11 as continue our #genuine series with the power of #prayer! #youbelong in this family! #harvestfamily

Thank you for praying for your pastors today! #harvestfamily #youbelong #prayer #familygoals #church⛪

High five to the fabulous 15 that came out and got one of our buildings ready for service today! See you at 11 tomorrow #harvestfamily #youbelong #teamwork #family

Getting through the hard times by remembering the good times. I can’t stop watching these videos and playing all of the songs from last weekend on repeat. I will never forget the amazing crowd of instant friends singing every single song together at the top of their lungs. It has been 7 days since the best weekend instantly turned into the worst, and my biggest fear in life became a reality. Not a second goes by that I am not thinking about how lucky I am to be here, and how sad I am for the people who were injured or lost their lives. I still don’t know exactly how to put the way I feel into words.. but I can tell you that the bond created between thousands of strangers that night is unbreakable.. and no amount of hate will ever overshadow the amount of love we all felt and witnessed before, during and after what happened.
#vegasstrong #route91harvest #harvestfamily #prayforvegas #route91 #love #countrystrong

Route 91 Harvest Festival became the site of tragedy on Sunday, as a gunman opened fire on thousands of concertgoers at the Las Vegas venue, killing at least 59 and injuring over 500 more. On Monday, the festival's organizer, Brian O’Connell, released an emotional statement on Route 91 Harvest’s website and social media accounts. "On behalf of the entire Route 91 Harvest Family, we are completely devastated by the event that occurred last night.

Read the full statement on djanemag.com! #LasVegas #prayforLasVegas #lasvegasshooting #route91 #harvestfamily

Pastor brought the 🔥Sunday with his message "Fan the Flame!" Don't miss a single week of our #genuine series! Invite a friend and let them know- #youbelong in this family! #harvestfamily

This song tonight...
And the atmosphere...
And the choir...
And the presence of it all...

Thank you @hillsongunited.


So tired, so sticky, so satisfied #harvestfamily #v17 #AMAZING!

If you are a part of a team or you want to be, tonight is for you!!!! Both campuses together!!!
OKC and Edmond!!!
A night to remember!!!

Team Night
OKC Campus


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